The Best-Cushioned Walking Shoes (Everything You Need to Know!)

Walking doesn’t require any special gym equipment, but for you to avoid potential foot problems and pain you need to wear the right shoes. To get the most out of your walking fitness plan, proper support and padding are important. There is a wide range of benefits to walking which include reduced body fat, strengthening your muscles, improved circulation, improved focus, etc. Walking shoes are more about what they give you underfoot than how they look on your feet. Most walking shoes will not have a trendy or sleek design, but they will ensure that your feet and body are happy by providing great cushioning, comfort, support, and protection for your feet all day.

Things to consider when buying the best-cushioned walking shoes

It can be quite a challenge finding the right walking shoes that fit your needs, that are comfortable, and that meet your price range, but there are a few things you can look at to help narrow down your search. Here are some points you should consider to help you choose the right pair of shoes for your daily walks.


The amount of cushioning you want may vary depending on what your plans are for the shoes. All walking shoes have some sort of padding on the inside and this padding can make a huge difference in your comfort levels. The padding is what usually saves your feet from blisters, bruises, or from your feet getting poked by rocky surfaces. Look for a pair of shoes with soft padding because the amount of cushioning in your shoes will determine how much pressure you will feel on your feet when you’re walking or standing in them. Some of the quality padding materials include memory foam, latex, and EVA foam that conforms to the shape of your feet and is durable.


Instead of purchasing your shoes online, visit a shoe store and try the shoes to find your right fit. This way you will know if the shoes have proper cushioning, ankle and heel support, and the proper length and width. You can also get the accurate feet measurements that will help you find the right pair of shoes that will suit your feet. If you have narrow or flat feet you can’t just get any type of shoes, there are specific features like toe box width, arch support, and others feature that you need to look for in the right shoes for your feet type.

Also, the sizes vary with every shoe brand, which means your normal shoe size for one shoe brand might be a shoe size smaller or bigger in another shoe brand. So you need to find the correct fitting. When it comes to fitting, there are a few tips you should consider:

  • The best time to shop for shoes is late in the day because your feet will most likely be a bit swollen for being on your feet all day. This will help you find a true fit.
  • Always wear socks when fitting the shoes, but if you don’t wear a sock with your shoes, don’t wear them.
  • Try on both shoes because your feet may have a slightly different size.
  • Walk around in the shoes before you decide to buy them because they might feel good but you will only need a few minutes walking in them to know if they’re a good fit, but don’t rush it. Remember, the shoes might be a little bit stiff the first time you wear them, but if they’re too stiff, you will need to try on a different size or brand.
  • Also, check out space in the toe box. Most walking shoes have a rounded toe box for comfort and to avoid causing blisters and calluses. However, too much space in the toe box can cause too much movement of your feet which can lead to instability.
  • Also, consider the length and width of the shoes. Your feet may move around a lot in the shoe if they’re too long, but if they’re too short you could get blisters and calluses or other foot issues. The same issues can occur if they’re not wide enough or too tight that could hinder proper blood flow.

Ankle and heel support

Sometimes you will walk on uneven surfaces during your walk exercises which can cause your feet to bend or twist which can cause excess strain or injuries. That’s why you need shoes that offer ankle and heel support with extra shock absorption that reduces the impact of walking on hard surfaces and makes it easier to walk on different terrains without any strain or stress exerted on your feet.


This is the first thing that wears out in your shoes so if you choose a thick outsole, your shoes will wear out faster. Walking shoes made with a rubber or rubber/synthetic materials are durable and comfortable. Depending on how hard you’re going to abuse your shoes, you might need a heavier outsole, but lightweight walking shoes that are also durable are better.


A comfortable pair of walking shoes should bend easily and match with the flexibility of your feet when you walk. However, you need some resistance to avoid putting undue strain on your feet.

Arch design

Not everyone needs extensive arch support, but this will depend on your arch type. You should buy shoes that fit your arch shape because if you have flat feet or low arches, you need shoes that have motion control and balance to keep your feet stable, but if you have high arches you need walking shoes with cushioned soles with added stability and shock absorption.

Here are the best-cushioned walking shoes

ASICS men’s gel-tech walker neo 4

ASICS Comfort is a very important feature in any pair of shoes whether they’re for walking or otherwise. These Asics shoes will ensure they don’t get beat up or tire your feet thanks to the gel cushioning from heel to toe. They’re lightweight and made with synthetic material with mesh panels that will provide adequate airflow which will also help to keep your feet cool and dry. Also, the breathable mesh upper had been added an ortholite sock liner that offers extra internal comfort and anti-microbial protection to keep away odor-causing bacteria.

You can replace the removable insole with a customized insert if you need more support. Also, if you’re suffering from any foot conditions that might require a special insole, you can get one that will have the proper fit. The rubber sole and the gel cushioning provide superior protection and better shock absorption which improves your stability and ensures your feet don’t sway of slip. They have reflective features which are an advantage if you go walking at night.


  • Great cushioning at the heels and toes
  • Very comfortable shoes
  • Well ventilated shoes that keep your feet cool and dry
  • Provides great arch support


  • Requires some time to break them in


These are very comfortable and cushiony shoes for walking. They have an excellent combination of comfort, durability, and protection without forgetting extra padding so that you avoid blisters and calluses on your feet after your walk.

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Skechers performance men’s go walk 4


These are very popular athletic shoes because they’re quality shoes with a simple and casual look. Although they don’t have a fancy look, these slip-on shoes provide consistent performance and are very comfortable shoes for men. They’re made with a mesh fabric that ensures there is good ventilation for air to circulate throughout the shoes so that your feet remain cool and dry. This means your feet remain comfortable even during warm weather being a lightweight fabric it reduces the strain on your feet, but still maintains its overall durability.

These slip-on with an air-cooled memory foam insole that adds to your comfort while the moisture-wicking lining keeps your feet dry while the Goga mat insole provides superior cushioning. The memory foam padded heel cup provides you with a proper fit and the midsole helps to reduce the shock impact on your feet.


  • Lightweight and easy to walk in
  • Has a wide toe box
  • Easy to slip them on and take them off
  • Excellent sole cushioning


  • They have low sides which require profile socks when walking on uneven terrain


This is a well-performing slip-on sneaker that you can easily put on and take off with a roomy toe box and excellent midsole cushioning and sole support for your walking exercises.

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Ryka women’s devotion plus 2

Ryka women’s

A shoe with a sleek and beautiful design that is made to fit the unique shape and functionality of the female foot. Ryka Devotions shoes are known for their bounce and this pair of shoes is no exception. They’re made with multiple layers to offer superior comfort and support. The mesh upper goes all the way to the back and is strengthened by a padded collar and a leather heel counter which helps in improving your comfort and support.

The molded insole easily conforms to your heel and arch to provide immediate support, while the EVA foam midsole provides cushioning against the shock impact when you’re walking on different surfaces. This reduces the strain and pressure on your feet which in turn reduces foot problems. The outsole has a unique design of rubber pods stacked together to give you firmer and more responsive support and traction when you’re walking on terrain where your feet require more push and grip on the ground.


  • Very comfortable shoes you can wear all-day
  • Provides excellent support
  • Very stable at the heel
  • Allows good air circulation
  • Have a wide toe box


  • The quality of the shoes isn’t consistent


A lightweight shoe made for women to provide comfort and support to keep your feet cushioned all day while you’re on your feet. The inside cushioning and supported heel helps to eliminate foot and heel pains while the rubber sole provides good grip and traction on different surfaces.

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Nike Air Monarch IV

best-cushioned walking shoes

These are cross-trainer shoes that you can wear as walking shoes and even for other types of workouts. If you’re looking for comfortable casual shoes that you can wear for sightseeing during your vacation that will make you feel like you’re walking on air, these cross trainers are a great option. These shoes are made with the best of Nike technology to make a great pair of walking shoes.

They have a sleek design that is the same with many Nike running shoes and are perfect for casual and active situations. The leather upper has perforations to provide better air circulation and the overlays for added support and durability. The phylon midsole has a lightweight cushioning for added comfort and supports the air-sole covers the length of the shoes for enhanced traction, support, and overall comfort.


  • Comfortable and sturdy shoes
  • Provides extra support
  • Help to reduce foot pain and fatigue
  • They have a sleek design


  • They produce a squeaky sound


These are great walking shoes you can use for a variety of different activities and still expect to get great comfort, stability, and support.

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Brooks women’s glycerin 17


These shoes are available in both men’s and women’s options although the women are more popular and are available in attractive colors that you will love wearing. These shoes are designed to help you go the distance with their flexibility, responsiveness, and durability with every step you make. The flexible 3D print mesh upper and the interior lining stretch to match your stride and to cuddle your feet with softness.

This reduces the weight of the shoes significantly and the strain on your feet when moving them. The DNA rubber sole provides more cushioning for a more comfortable walk while the pressure zone technology helps to distribute your weight evenly across the entire shoe for easier shock absorption and a smoother glide from heel to toe with every step you make. The DNA loft gives you a cushiony feeling underfoot without losing the shoe’s responsiveness and durability to keep your feet comfortable and protected.


  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Provides ample cushioning
  • Stable and durable shoes
  • Excellent shoes for people with high arches


  • The shoes may run narrow
  • Not available in solid colors


Responsive, cushiony, and durable women’s walking shoes that will leave you feeling like you’re walking on air. Lightweight shoes that have a plush fitting and a rubber sole that provides more cushioning for a more comfortable walk.

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New balance women’s 1080v9

New balance

These are popular high-performance women’s shoes that have a great combination of lushness and cushioning in a single attractive package that will deliver on the ground. They feature a mesh upper with a bootie construction to give you a sock-like fit and feel. The full-size fresh foam has a thick layer of rubber with flex grooves that allow your feet to move naturally and still provide good traction over uneven terrain.

You will feel like you’re walking on air thanks to the cushiony feel of the midsole. The midsole has a wide and stable base for better comfort and traction. Your feet are well supported with better stability so you don’t have to worry about falling or your ankle slipping which can cause serious injuries. The design of the shoes has been altered to ensure that you have a smoother ride when you’re out for your walk.

  • Amazing shoes if you’re active or athletic
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Excellent sneaker for people with plantar fasciitis
  • Has a wide toe box


  • Rubbing at the tongue and back of the heel can cause blisters


An amazingly cushiony and plush pair of sneakers that you can wear on your walks and other athletic activities. They will keep your feet super comfortable with a cushioned midsole and a rubber outsole with flex grooves to ensure a smooth stride with every step.

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Walking just like running gives you a boost of energy early in the morning which is good for your metabolism and uplifting your mood all day. The best part is you don’t require any special gym equipment or special training, but to avoid strain, foot fatigue, and potential foot problems you need to ear the best-cushioned walking shoes. ASICS men’s gel-tech walker neo 4 is excellent walking shoes that will provide you with proper foot support and cushioning which are essential in making the best out of your walks.