Adidas Approach Tennis Shoes Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

Are you an avid tennis player, or a frequent hiker of hills and such? If any of these describe you, then you probably already understand just how important it is to have form fitting shoes. In this case you ought to look at the Adidas Approach Tennis Shoes.

The Approach Tennis Shoes are a pair of low-top tennis shoes make by Adidas. They are specifically designed for intense outdoor activity, and so they are a decent pick to consider if you are looking for sporty, comfortable, light footwear for just that. Coming in variations of red and black, in multiple sizes, with a synthetic lining and a hefty price tag attached to it, the Adidas Approach Tennis Shoes have proven themselves to be quite a popular pick. For more in-depth information about this tennis shoe, please be sure to read through this entire review making your decision:

What to expect from the Adidas Approach Tennis Shoes

The first thing you instantly realize holding the Adidas Approach Tennis Shoes is just how amazingly light they are. They weigh just slightly over 300 grams. This is the first box that is checked by the Adidas Approach Tennis Shoes. Visually, they are a looker. They have a striking casualness about them that masks its vibrant, sporting abilities, enough even to support wearing them during evening walks or wine soirees.

One thing that sets these shoes apart is its firm resistance to tearing or physical forces. Needless to say, the tennis player who seeks to purchase tennis shoes should consider elevating them on top of his list of priorities.

Key features of the Adidas Approach Tennis Shoes

Beyond their tear-resistant quality, there are several other key things that set the Adidas Approach Tennis Shoes apart from its counterparts. For one, they are great all-around choice for tennis players, or others, whose needs are skewed towards a pair of shoes that are versatile as opposed to specific. They feature a sock-like fit and a lace closure which provides the much-needed stability while you’re on the court or on generally rough terrain. Here are some of the more intricate features of the Adidas Approach Men’s shoes:


Apart from the in, mid and outsole of the Adidas Approach Tennis Shoes, the entire rest shoe is made of synthetic leather. Its footbed is padded with firm synthetic upper to provide a natural fit, while its shaft spans about the length of the low-top from arch to the low top. Also, not only is the design of the laces a self-closing one, but the insole is styled such that the toe is rounded for optimal comfort for the player when in use. The completely synthetic upper in these Adidas sneaks approach provides a healthy airflow at the vital areas around the ankle. Also, an adhesive protruding rubber around the toe makes sure that common abrasions are prevented and ensures that there is sufficient friction on terraced surfaces. The result? A light, synthetically empowered, long lasting shoe that offers the durability you can consistently depend on every day.


Most people simply don’t see the significance of having this feature installed in your tennis shoes. EVA is an acronym for Ethel vinyl acetate, the chemically synthesized material we usually call foam. Well, a strain of it at least. EVA foam happens to be of extreme utility for footwear and footwear manufacturers. However, it is often used for other things like tuxedos and the making of military equipment and fatigues. The part of your shoes in which EVA is useful is the midsole; with it, it gains adequate cushioning which goes a long way towards ensuring that your feet are protected from high impacts from striking the road. What makes EVA an excellent choice for tennis shoes) as well as an important factor to consider, isn’t only that it is a naturally soft and flexible material (and thus comfort aid), but also its low-temperature toughness, its resistance to stress-crack, and its impermeability to water and UV light. Also, for good measure, EVA is an eco-friendly compound. This means that your tennis shoes will not only function well, they will also be harmless to the environment even in the event that you were to discard them.


The material in use in the Adidas Approach Men’s Shoes’ outsole is a Stealth S1 rubber, which is ideal for a clinching grip even when engaging in the most agile and active of sports. They feature a low-top shaft, a lace-up closure made by the aforementioned high-friction rubber, a sock-like construction that hugs the foot, and a climbing zone that is fitted on outsole to ensure maximum friction on rough terrain. Also, its extended toe fills, in conjunction with its perforated synthetic forefoot provide the much-vital muscle to your groundstrokes for fuller strides and enhanced breathability to ensure that you remain comfortable on the court.


  • Possess a decent amount of shock absorbing ability
  • The in and outsoles are precisely designed for ergonomic comfort
  • The inner rubber built is made for pain resistance
  • Excellent for stealth and silence
  • It is imported and comes highly rated on online vendor websites
  • Offers a satisfying sense of room and breathability while fitting well


  • The Adidas Approach Men’s shoes are rather expensive


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The Adidas Approach tennis shoes promises the buyer firmness, lightness, pain-resistant, durability, comfort and ergonomics, long haul lightweight cushioning, synthetic build that proves resilient to anything nature will through its way, shock absorption from its rubber outsole and perforations on the toe area which offer breathability with extended grip and comfort. To active hikers, runners, tennis players, hunters and athletes who are fortunate enough to have the credit line for this shoe, this might just be the shoe for you. To those who are looking for something within a budget, perhaps not. But don’t worry. There is something out there for everyone. Good luck!