Are Adidas NMD Good For Walking? (Everything You Need to Know!)

If you’re big on walking or even working out, then you know how important the right shoe is to your workout. It is important to wear comfortable, well balanced shoes to ensure you are well supported during your walks. Can you trust the ADIDAS NMD to deliver comfort, breathability and all the requirements of a great walking shoe? Take a look at our guide to the Adidas NMD and reasons we think it is a great choice for walking.

The Adidas NMD R1 is an update to the Adidas NMD released in 2015. NMD by the way stands for Nomad. It is still the same shoe; sharing elemental design aspects with the R1 updating other features and incorporating newer features to serve the user better.

Adidas NMD design features

Adidas describes the NDM as a shoe designed exclusively for walking and all-day ups and downs. In fact, it is advertised as the shoe for all urban city explorers. Ideally, this shoe is made for a lightweight but extremely comfortable feel.

Features of the Adidas NMD sole

The outer sole is quite ordinary standard Adidas stuff. The NMD R1 specifically has a pattern on the bottom for extra grip and traction, no accidental slip with these babies. This traction is specifically made to combat dry and wet surfaces. In fact, you may utilize the shoes for walking or running indoors or even outdoors.

Alternatively, the midsole is one of these models highlights with a unique cushioning that absorbs virtually anything you put it through. The sole then releases that energy back into your strike as your foot takes off. These midsoles are not a style addition. Although they contribute to the appeal of the NMD, these soles play a large role in addicting comfort and support properties of this shoe. The intense stability provided by the midsole adds balance to your walk by stabilizing the heel during movement.

Lastly, we have the upper part of the shoe, technically not part of the soles. Adidas utilizes its prime knit for the top design which is a breathable almost sock like material that secures the foot without squeezing it. The fact that this fabric happens to look quite stylish is just another bonus to this shoe.

Breathability on the Adidas NMD R1

One of their features on the Adidas NMD is the shoes performance in both hot and cold weather. Adidas cleverly used a thin other material that effectively allows breathability thus reducing seating and accumulation of heat in the foot environment.

In colder months, the prime knit which allows larger holes to exist within the fabric allows sweat out without allowing overly cold air into your foot environs. Additionally, this shoe has reduced padding and eliminates some shoe elements like the interior tongue to contribute to intense breathability.


Adidas invested a lot into the comfort element of this shoe ensuring maximum comfort. In fact, one of the most common remarks regarding this model is how comfortable the shoe feels. This shoe can handle all sorts of terrain like a champ.

The Adidas prime knit once more helps contribute reduce the heat created during walking aid breathability of these shoes. Additionally, these shoes are significantly lighter thanks to the use of various technologies like prime knit technology to reduce the model’s overall weight. Similarly, the midsole help contributes to this shoe’s near weightlessness.


Are Adidas NMD good for walking

One of the biggest concerns with using knitted material as the upper or top cover for shoes is durability. However, the prime knit technology Adidas uses is the opposite. Instead of being extra vulnerable because it is a woven material, it is extra strong thanks to its strong fibers. The biggest hurdle with this unique fabric is cleaning off dirt, but we are certain you could find several DIY tips and tricks to help guide cleaning the upper fabric on your NMD R1 shoes.

TIP: Using protection spray may help keep dirt off your shoes, temporarily, but this will ease the cleaning issue.


Just because they’re for walking doesn’t mean they can’t be glamorous. Adidas tried to incorporate many stylish elements into the Adidas NMD design. For example, the shoe comes in several colors, making for great variety and choice. In fact, there are two toned styles, tri color packs, and even monochrome options. You could even find the limited-edition style options if you are lucky. The point is, the Adidas NMD R1 are versatile stylish walking shoes even fashionistas appreciate.

Our favorite look for the ADIDAS NMD R1 has to be with matching nude or dark colored yoga pants and training top with a leather jacket on top. Alternatively, you could substitute the top for cool oversize t-shirt and dark colored yoga pants.

Special Adidas NMD R1 features

Webbed outsole design installed to protect midsole intense supportive effect. The sole also comes in glow in the dark option for anyone who fancies any night walking or even running.

Designed to distribute shock and pressure evenly across your foot for maximum support.

Fortified Prime knit used on the upper outer coat of the shoe is both stylish and super functional

Are Adidas NMD good for walking exercises

According to our analysis, the Adidas NMD is great for walking; it even says it in the name. These shoes made for the urban nomad will efficiently support you on long walks on the beach, rocky terrain, name it. They are made for comfort, support and style for everyone who loves to walk.

NMD R1 vs The Ultra boost

Ultra-boosts are a popular line of shoes also manufactured by Adidas. These are considered a holy grail when it comes to walking shoes. However, the NMD R1 does a good job challenging the Ultra Boost released in 2015.  Additionally, the NMD is made with different Adidas technology that adds to their capabilities.

Final word

The Adidas NMD is prime walking shoes developed to not only support and enhance this activity but also make the experience quite comfortable. Plus, you look stylish doing it. We love the various elements incorporated into the design of the NMD to make it a fabulous item worth investing in.