Are Tennis Shoes Good for Walking? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Walking is one of the most popular work-out routines. This exercise gives athletes the same satisfactory benefits as other common exercises such as running. Walking is regarded as one of the best exercise options when you’re enjoying an off day but you would still like to break a sweat.

When it comes to working out and keeping fit, a great pair of shoes is considered one of the most essential apparels in our exercise routine. Just like other sports such as tennis, football, hiking, aerobics, CrossFit training and running, walking demands for a flexible and durable pair of quality shoes that will keep the athlete from injuries and make sure of maximum performance during the exercise routine.

Walking shoes are designed to be very light in weight, durable, easy to wear and quite comfortable. Choosing to wear the wrong kind of walking shoes will expose your legs to additional tension and pressure. In time, it could lead to a consequential injury that could have easily been avoided.

If you like to take part in walking exercises, then it is very important to put money into a good pair of shoes that will help you perform well. Walking and tennis are both sports that really depend on the use of your feet. However, the way the feet are inclined and used in each sport is quite different.

A number of athletes and trainers do not compromise. For every work-out routine they invest money into buying a new pair that will serve the purpose of that specific routine. However, there are a number of people who do not see the need for investing in different pairs of shoes. A lot of trainers simply pace out and enjoy their walking routine with their tennis shoes on. In time, a number of trainers find themselves asking, are tennis shoes good for walking?

As we all know, owning the right pair of shoes improves performance and is the key to a successful work-out routine. In this article, we will go through different factors that will determine if using your tennis shoes for walking is the right choice.

The Features of a Walking Shoe

Walking shoes are very light in weight and porous. The heel of the shoe is manufactured by packing it with a lot of cushioning material that makes it quite stiff. This design contributes to the heel-ball-toe action that your foot uses while walking. A walking shoe is quite durable and does not easily bend when you twist it. Some brands of the walking shoe are designed with unique features such as increased tread material for trails or are designed with waterproof fabric allowing you to enjoy your walk even in wet weather conditions.

Tennis shoes actually offer many of the same features. The shoes are designed for the really fast kind of game. They are light in weight and have a very porous toe box. The sole of the tennis shoe, however, is quite stiff and does not offer any kind of cushioning.

Comparing Walking to Playing Tennis

Walking is an activity that generally requires you to move in a singular plane. With walking your feet simply move in one straight direction and you hardly need to move from one angle to the next. Tennis, however, is a vigorous sporting activity that requires you to move up and down all over the tennis court.

The shoes are designed to help the user to move from one side to the next in different positions and angles. As earlier mentioned, the tennis shoes are designed with less cushioning on the heel. They are also quite flat which makes them quite ideal for the rigorous movement of the tennis game. The tennis shoe is quite steady giving users more stability for the side-to-side gaming activity.

Some of the features of the tennis shoe could lead to an injury or a bruise. This is especially if you frequently take part in walking activities and you use the same pair of tennis shoes too often during your walking routines.

Because of the less cushioning on the heel of your shoe, your foot could end up getting bruised. The bruising often occurs as your feet repeatedly move up and down. The heel pad of your foot is a key spot for bruising. The heel often takes the full force of the impact as your foot lands on the tracks after moving forward.

Different Types of Tennis shoes manufactured specifically for tennis come in different types for different kinds of tennis courts. There are soft tennis court shoes. These kinds of shoes are designed with unique traction to prevent the clay from clumping or stop you from sliding and slipping on the grass. Hardcourt shoes, on the other hand, are designed to be more supportive and durable.

Tennis players who stay back at the backline of the tennis court usually select shoes that are designed with lateral support and a long-lasting sole. A tennis player who gravitates towards the net often selects a shoe with a strong toe box and support in the medial arch area. These features very uniquely designed specifically for tennis players. Walking with such kinds of shoes, however, will not allow you to perform optimally during your walking routine.

The Additional Weight Matters

Tennis shoes are designed with the additional weight that if used while walking, it could make the trainer move slower. When it comes to walking, every ounce of weight really matters. Tennis shoes for walking strive to be very light-weight. They are cushioned and flexible allowing the walker to easily arch their foot and comfortably move their foot from one step to the next. Tennis shoes, however, are designed to be very durable and supportive. Their stiff nature adds to the grip and support that the foot needs when moving from one end of the court to the next. While a number of people casually put on walking shoes because of their comfort, it is quite unusual to spot anyone casually wearing tennis shoes.