Asics Court FF 2 Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

The Asics FF 2 was first launched six years ago as the first tennis shoe with a mono sock construction design. It was also the first tennis shoe by the Asics Company that used a unique tough foam material that they branded FlyteFoam technology, and this is also what the FF stands for. This special foam material made the shoe very soft inside, compact and generally comfortable. It was also used to make the shoe as versatile as possible so that it can be used in high level tennis games as well as other recreational activities such as shopping or cycling. Since its first release, the Asics FF 2 has been evolving with newer releases into a much more mainstream shoe used even by high profile tennis players. In fact in 2018, Novak wore the Asics FF 2 tennis shoes in the Australian Open where he won in them. This made the FF 2 tennis shoe more popular and received a lot of positive reviews by consumers.

What to expect from the Asics Court FF 2 Tennis Shoe

Since the first FF 2 shoe was released, they have been designed with one purpose in mind: to help the athlete get the very best out of them. They are known to be one of the most comfortable and durable mid-range tennis shoes in the market today. They are superbly comfortable and well fitting for any shoe size.

The Asics Court FF 2 comes in both male and female versions. It was designed for tennis players but can be worn in other recreational activities such as cycling. For tennis players, it was built to be light and swift enough for the rapid movements and change in direction in a tennis match. The lightweight also works to improve the stability and balance of the tennis player. The FlyteFoam technology used is what makes this possible as it is a light material that does not compromise on cushioning and comfort. This midsole material is cushioned and provides a spring in your runs and small bursts of acceleration. There is also a GEL cushioning at the back and front of the shoe that soften the blow during impact landings.

These are some of the things you should expect when you buy the Asics Court FF 2 tennis shoe.

The shoe boasts a lot more features that are listed in the section below.

Key Features

Asics is known for making the best tennis shoes in the market today and their recent release – Asics Court FF 2 – does not disappoint. With this tennis shoe, Asics builds on the success of their previous releases by keeping the elements that made their shoes great to begin with such as the GEL cushioning and mono sock construction. In addition to these, the Asics team redesigned the upper part of the tennis shoe with a mix of TPU materials and mesh for breathability.

More key features of the Asics Court FF 2 include the following.

It uses Trusstic System Technology

The Trusstic system technology is a design feature in intense sports such as tennis and running that is meant to reduce the weight of the sole. The material used is created from a mix of light rubber and other light material to ensure the shoe is as light as it can be. The Trusstic system also ensures that although the sole is light, it is still very strong to withstand pressure during games. Because of this it increases stability and in turn also improves the comfort of the shoe.

It has a mono-sock construction design

Asics Court FF 2 Review


The mono sock technology fit system is an elastic sock-like sleeve inside the shoe that serves as the tongue of the shoe. It is a feature mostly found in soccer shoes. The mono sock design replaces the traditional tongue and acts like a sock for your feet to increase comfortability, improve stability and support. It secures and holds your foot in place for maximum balance and stability.

FlyteFoam Midsole Technology

The FF 2 tennis shoe derives its name from one of its best features – the FlyteFoam (FF) technology. The midsole of this shoe is made using a special design that provides a bounce or spring to the athlete. This was done to get the best out of the athlete. The FF technology provides exceptional bounce and responsiveness using the super fibers material used in its construction.

Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL technology

GEL technology is an important feature in any sport shoe. The GEL is used to provide a cushioning and reduce the athlete’s landing impact. GEL technology in this shoe is fitted at the front and end to be completely effective and attenuate shock fully. It allows the athlete movement in multiple planes and angles during movements in the game. GEL technology ensures that both the toes and the foot are protected during foot transitions.

The upper body is made from synthetic mesh

As with many other Asics tennis shoes, the upper body of FF 2 is made from synthetic mesh material for breathability. Since the athlete’s feet sweat a lot when playing, the mesh material allows air in and cools the feet ensuring the athlete is comfortable through the whole game. Your shoes also stay fresher for longer.


  • The Asics is made from high quality 100% synthetic material
  • It is affordable and offers great value for money
  • It comes in very many colors
  • The high quality laces are easy to fit and don’t wear off over time
  • The shoe has GEL cushioning feature that protects the toes and the whole foot in general from sprains and accidents.


  • The shoes take a long time to dry after washing

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Final Verdict

The Asics Court FF 2 Tennis Shoe is no doubt one of the most unique tennis shoes. It can even be used in other field sports. It is also quite affordable and offers amazing value for money. Depending on the size, you can get it anywhere between $60 and $200 which is quite a bargain considering all the amazing features it offers.