Asics Flytefoam Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

Running is a great exercise that you engage in in the gym, track, or just a morning run around the block early in the morning to give you a jolt of energy before a busy schedule. For you to have a productive run you need to wear running shoes that will provide you with great comfort, support, and protection. A running shoe that is lightweight and breathable so that your feet don’t get stinky and soggy from the sweating. They also should provide support for your arches to avoid getting aches and pains after your run.

The soles should give you traction when you’re running on different surfaces and a durable sole that can withstand the wear and tear. Asics is one of the many running shoe brands in the market today that are coming up with innovative ways of designing high-quality running shoes.

Asics DynaFlyte running shoe

Asics developed flytefoam after 3 years and 300 prototypes. It came up with a midsole that is 55% lighter than your average foam and it bounces back to its original form every time you take a step while running. This DynaFlyte running shoe is lightweight with effective responsive cushioning that is well suited for your daily running and serious racing. The soft springy platform ensures you get a comfortable landing and take-off while the flexible fabric in the upper part of the shoe wraps around your foot to ensure a snug fit after tying the laces.

The seamless interior gives you a soft feel with excellent ventilation while the antimicrobial sock liner that protects your feet from bacteria and germs and still protects your feet from debris. The comfortable midsole is made with organic fibers that give you a more responsive and smoother feel with every step you make. The outsole is made with a high-quality rubber compound found in most Asics shoes, gives you a fair amount of traction and resistant to a lot of wear and tear. Asics is a great running shoe to add to your training shoe collection.

Unique features


Asics is very good at providing a very durable sole and this DynaFlyte running shoe is patented with high abrasion rubber resistant technology that helps to protect your underfoot and makes it highly durable. The forefoot has 2 flex grooves that give flexibility to the shoes which are an advantage if you prefer lightweight running shoes and tiny pods that cover the forefoot for grip and traction when running. The major selling point in this shoe is its flytefoam that is designed to provide you with a soft landing and absorb shock better than the normal EVA foam. These organic super fibers make you feel like your feet aren’t touching the ground.


These shoes have the lightest midsole thanks to the flytefoam technology that makes it 55% lighter than your standard EVA foam found in other running shoes. These malleable fibers bend and conform to your feet when under pressure but springs back when you lift your foot off the ground. The midsole also has an impact guidance system that makes it easy and comfortable to make a smooth transition through the gait cycle.


This shoe has a classic upper for a running shoe. The upper is seamless with a wavy shape that you won’t find in many running shoes. This woven upper has a unique design to make it flexible and durable and wraps around your foot nicely without suffocating it. The interwove design adds and gives the shoes a design flair to the toe box area. The seamless design protects you from getting blisters, irritation, or chafing. The comfordry sock liner is made with an antibacterial coating that will keep your feet clean, dry, and protected from bacteria and germs.

These shoes have a standard lacing system with an extra hole at the top to give you a tighter fit and you can wear them without socks as the seamless upper won’t hurt your feet. It has a minimal heel that helps to save on weight with a generously padded wrap-around to support your Achilles and a strong plastic overlay.

Key features

  • An upper with seamless construction that doesn’t irritate or give you blisters when you’re running.
  • The durable Asics high abrasion resistant rubber (AHAR) that protects your feet every time you wear your Asics running shoes.
  • A ComforDry sock liner with an anti-bacterial coating that will keep your feet clean, dry, and protected from germs and bacteria that can make the shoes start to stink.
  • A flytefoam midsole that is 55% lighter than the standard EVA foam that still provides you with excellent cushioning.
  • An impact guidance system that will protect your feet and improve your gait cycle.

What does a flytefoam midsole mean to a runner?

Asics uses Kevlar fibers in the flytefoam instead of air like other shoe companies which not only reinforces the foam but also provides you with more cushioning and doesn’t compromise the durability of the midsole as air does. The shoes can perform better for longer and with a lightweight and more responsive shoe, you’re able to run easily and move faster over greater distances. The Kevlar fibers are super light but that doesn’t mean they will crumble under pressure.

They have an airy structure that protects you from the impact every time your feet hit the ground and immediately springs back into shape. This makes it a resilient cushioning system that will support you for a long time without any added weight. The bounce-back effect means there is the energy returned as your feet leave the ground giving you a bounce in your step.


Very comfortable with well-balanced cushioning. The key element in this DynaFlyte running shoe is the flytefoam midsole with some gel cushioning under your heel to give you a smooth and soft feel under your feet. Every time your feet hit the ground it gives you a natural, light, effortless gliding that is very comfortable. The insole follows the natural shape of your foot providing more support for the arches of your feet.

It has a lighter, thinner, and more breathable upper that consists of a single piece that avoids many seams. It’s more supportive around the insole and your midfoot and more flexible around your toes.

This is a highly durable shoe with its AHAR outsole that can withstand the toughest terrains and not peel or wear down quickly. The upper is flexible and durable so it doesn’t tear or rip while the midsole is made with flytefoam material that is light and durable.

A running shoe you can wear without sock needs to offer protection and this shoe has the Asics impact guidance system, a feature in most Asics shoes, which guides your feet through the gait cycle which prevents your ankles and feet from twisting or rolling. The AHAR on the outsole is a very protective rubber and the antibacterial coating ensure you don’t get blisters or fungus.

This shoe has great flexibility and superior responsiveness since the shoe is built for speed. The flex grooves on the midsole of your forefoot and outsole give you a strong push forward while the flytefoam offers a bounce-back effect from the ground as you run.

The 8mm heel to toe drop of this shoe is designed to provide support if you’re a runner with neutral arches with a very supportive midsole. It will also accommodate runners with underpronation, buy you might not be that comfortable.

The AHAR outsole is durable and the flex grooves in your forefoot make your shoes very flexible for superior surface control. Together with the midsole, these shoes will give you sturdy and reliable traction on the road, tack, or for your daily run.


This is high-quality running shoes that are made with advanced technology to give you exceptional comfort and solid traction. These shoes are a bit expensive.

These shoes are designed to enhance running, but if you’re under pronated the shoes may be acceptable but they will not be as comfortable as you would like.

They have been designed with a bold design that may not be for everyone.

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Asics dynaflyte running shoes are made with the flytefoam technology that makes the shoe lightweight, super comfortable with an incredible amount of traction to ensure you’re protected and supported when running on the road, trails, or on the tracks. The flytefoam makes the shoes 55% lighter than your normal EVA foam which not only provides great cushioning but also arch support and shock absorption every time your feet hit the ground. The bounce-back effect allows you to have a more comfortable forward stride.