Asics Gel Excite 4 Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

Asics Gel Excite 4 Review

Finding the best running trainers that best suit your feet and goals can make a huge difference between you pounding the concrete pavement and you feeling easy and free as you float through your running workout. Most running shoes in the market today have a problem of combining a cushioned soft landing with a firm responsive take-off and highly cushioned shoes that is extremely lightweight.

Most distance running shoes are either lightweight, fast, and responsive, or heavier, comfortable, and cushioned. Asics has come up with a versatile, comfortable, and properly-cushioned running shoe that will help you perform better when running.

This is a running shoe that is focused on providing you with comfort over any other feature. They’re cushioned shoes that are great if you’re doing low mileage running. They’re perfect if you’re a runner who is looking for affordable recovery shoes or you prefer plush cushioning.

The upper part of these shoes has been redesigned to make the shoes more breathable than the gel excite 3. It has a mesh upper with perforations that are wider and overlays that have been placed strategically to make the shoes more durable and enhance a snug fit. The gel cushioning system in these shoes provides you with incredible shock absorption for smoother transitions and softer landings.

Features in the Asics Gel Excite 4 running shoes


These shoes have an upper that has been redesigned to give the shoes a better look, more breathability, and a more durable structure. The mesh has wider perforations for better circulation of air in and out of the shoes so that your feet are comfortable and less sweaty. The new design also has overlays to give you a better fit and enhance the comfort and responsiveness of the shoes.

The overlays are stitched with different colors that are more durable than their counterpart the gel excite 3. These shoes also come with a 3M reflective material on the sides and back of the shoes to give you better visibility if you’re running in an area that doesn’t have sufficient lighting. These shoes also come with a removable and very cushioned EVA sock liner to provide better comfort for your feet while you’re on your run.


The midsole comes with an Asics SpEVA midsole that provides excellent comfort and cushioning to your underfoot and it provides more cushioning and durability than your average EVA midsole. The midsole covers the whole shoe which provides your shoes with lightweight protection and durability for the whole shoe.

The gel cushioning system is found in the rearfoot that has a gel made from some silicone material in the heel area to allow for better shock absorption with extra cushioning. The combination of the EVA foam and the gel cushioning in the midsole makes these shoes very comfortable with every stride.


These shoes have a very flat design for the outsole with very shallow lugs that have been uniformly distributed. These features help the outsole to perform better when you’re running on even and flat surfaces. When you’re running on wet and slippery surfaces your shoes don’t give you enough traction as they should.

However, the Asics Gel Excite 4 running shoe has an AHAR+ outsole that is known to be very durable and it covers most of the outsole apart from the forefoot area. The forefoot is covered with blown rubber material that improves cushioning and grip at the same time. The flex grooves also make your shoes flexible at the base of the shoes.

Key features

  • Synthetic nylon mesh
  • Gel cushioning system
  • SpEVA midsole
  • Blown rubber material in the outsole
  • AHAR+ outsole
  • Reflective material on the front and back of the shoe
  • Removable molded EVA sock liner

Why these shoes are great for runners

Asics Gel Excite 4 Features


These shoes are popular with runners because of their plush cushioning and are very comfortable that’s why they’re great recovery shoes. The gel cushioning is a great technology from Asics that gives the shoes excellent shock absorption to generate even softer landings.

The blown rubber material in the outsole together with the molded EVA sock liner and the SpEVA midsole provides excellent cushioning and a very efficient high energy return with every stride. The comfort level of these shoes expands with the different shapes of your feet which means you can get them in different widths from normal to extra wide.


The flex grooves found on the midfoot and forefoot areas of the outsole give these shoes very good flexibility. They also come with extra padding and cushioning which makes the shoes feel less flexible than they are. The SpEVA midsole makes these shoes very flexible so that they can adapt to the movements of your feet when you’re running. The shoes might look and feel a bit bulky, but after a few runs, your feet will feel more flexible.


The plush cushioning of these shoes can provide support for different feet types. These shoes have high arch support that is excellent if you’re a runner with neutral or under pronated feet. Although they will make your runs comfortable, they aren’t orthotic shoes so they can’t help with supination, but the removable EVA sock liners can be replaced with customized orthotic inserts that will provide your feet with better support. These shoes make excellent recovery shoes because of the comfort and support they provide while the durable cushioning makes them perfect even for heavy runners.


The design of these shoes from the upper to the outsole is aimed at providing excellent protection and with the help of the gel cushioning system, you’re assured of great shock absorption every time your feet hit the ground. The silicone material has good cushioning to give you a softer landing which is beneficial to your hips and knees.

The SpEVA midsole cushioning converts the energy from your landings to give you more powerful take-offs. These shoes come with a toe cap that will protect your toes from hitting stones and the hard surface while on the road. The upper has a good fit and together with the heel counter hold your feet securely in the right position which prevents injuries.


A good pair of running shoes should provide good ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry. The Gel excite 4 comes with a breathable mesh with wider perforations to let in more air and moisture can escape easily. By keeping your feet cool and dry for longer you avoid getting blisters and feeling uncomfortable because your feet are sweaty.


The outsole has shallow uniform lugs that make these shoes better in providing excellent traction if you use them on the pavement, asphalt, or track instead of other different running surfaces. The AHAR+ technology used in the outsole increases the shoe’s durability and traction around the heel area. The blown rubber material provided a good grip around the forefoot area which is needed if you’re running on the road. However, these shoes don’t do very well on wet surfaces.


  • The mesh material at the top is very flexible and durable which makes it easier to run in them.
  • They provide you with plush cushioning and comfort thanks to the gel cushioning system, the blown rubber on the outsole, SpEVA midsole, and molded EVA sock liner.
  • These shoes are available in different width sizes from normal to extra-wide depending on your feet type.
  • The outsole id made with AHAR+ technology is perfect for areas with high abrasion while the SpEVA midsole is durable, flexible, and lighter than your average EVA midsole.
  • These are very affordable shoes for versatile use so you can wear them when you’re running or not.
  • They’re designed with reflective material that increases visibility so you’re noticeable when running in an area with low lighting.
  • Have a removable sock liner that you can replace with orthotic inserts to provide better comfort.


  • They don’t provide very good traction when running on wet and slippery surfaces.
  • You might need a bit of time to break them in.

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Conclusion of my Asics gel excite 4 Review

The Asics gel excite 4 are very affordable, versatile, and comfortable shoes that will ensure you have a great experience when you’re running. They provide great cushioning thanks to the gel cushioning system, the EVA sock liner, SpEVA midsole, and the blown rubber that make the shoes comfortable, supportive, and flexible so that you don’t get fatigued after our run. These shoes can work as recovery shoes especially if you use your heels as you run. The upper is designed for better breathability to keep your feet cool and dry for longer.

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