Asics Gel Resolution 5 Clay Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

ASICS Company is one of the leading shoe brands in making shoes specific to a certain sport. It has been making high quality sports running shoes for many decades now. It was started in 1949 by a Japanese man named Mr. Onitsuka from his living room. He first started with basketball shoes before later diversifying into other sports shoes. Later in 1977, he named his company Asics derived from a popular Latin phrase meaning ‘a sound mind in a sound body.’

The mission of the company has been simple: to create a healthy and happy lifestyle by promoting total health and fitness. Since then, they have been designing and offering a full line of performance athletic shoes ranging from running shoe to baseball cleats.

They have some of the most comfortable sports shoes in the market because they have been creating designs based on comfort rather than stylishness. Asics shoes are designed to help the athlete achieve their very best. They are extremely comfortable and well-fitting for respective shoe sizes. The following section shows what you should expect from the shoe.

What to expect from the Asics Gel Resolution Clay Tennis Shoe

The Asics Gel Resolution Clay Court Tennis Shoe is a high quality men’s tennis shoe equipped with all the nice features a great quality tennis shoe would have. It is a fully (100%) synthetic shoe with a tough rubber sole that can last many years.

Like all other tennis shoes, it is laced to ensure perfect fitting for the athlete. The outsole of this shoe comes with a six month warranty against excessive wear and tear. This is a great plus as not many shoes have a warranty to begin with. Its full length REVlite RC midsole design ensures the foot stays level at all times for maximum comfort.

The Asics Gel Resolution uniquely shapes with a very flat sole design that gives it a simple elegant look. Because of this, it is larger than most of the other tennis shoes. This makes them the perfect fit for people with wide feet, or generally huge feet.

As everything in tennis gets better from the rackets, courts and to the balls, it is important that the shoes also get better. And with the Asics Gel Resolution shoe, everything gets better. The following section shows the shoe’s features that make it an excellent tennis shoe choice.


The Asics Gel Resolution is available in three main colors: pure white, black and red, and a blue and pink combo color. This makes it more stylish, fashionable. The diverse colors also offer versatility to go with any of your tennis shoes.

This tennis shoe also comes in a variety of sizes to feet of all sizes. The sizes are indicated both in UK and US formats since they are imported all over the world.

The Asics Gel Resolution is well cushioned by the rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning systems. These are proprietary cushioning systems that are employed by Asics to attenuate shock during landing impact and allow easy lateral movement.

The exterior design of the shoe is fantastic. There are nicely designed patterns and beautiful computer designed stitches. The sole is also designed with swirls and curves that make it look stylish. Contrary to what many people may think of Asics, the Asics Gel Resolution is fairly priced. Depending on the size, the price varies between $60 and $200 on Amazon. Other than these, the show boasts more features as listed below:

Computer generated stitching pattern

here is no doubt that this is one gorgeous show. What makes it uniquely pretty is the computer generated stitching patterns and designs. These patterns however do not only serve to make the shoe pretty. The patterns on the middle and heel of the shoe aim to optimize containment

Traction Swirls

The swirls are located on the sides of the shoe and molded into the plate and traction wings. This engages with the ground and provides support during intense movements.

Beautiful design

The exterior design of the shoe is fantastic. There are nicely designed patterns and beautiful computer designed stitches. The sole is also designed with swirls and curves that make it look stylish.

Gel Cushioning

Asics is known for utilizing get cushion technology in all their recent shoes. It is one of the most important features in running shoes such as Frantic 6. The Asics frantic 6 does not disappoint. For the perfect run, Asics implemented the use of a rearfoot gel cushioning system. This system as the name suggests uses gel to act as a cushion for impact. This serves two important benefits: the impact force is significantly reduced when landing and it allows a smooth transition to midstance while improving performance.

Toe Protection

Just by the first glance, you will notice that the outsole is sort of extended up to the front part of the shoe where the toes are. This part of the sole is hard and tough to protect the toes from injury. Therefore, when you land on the wrong footing and your toes are on the line, they will be protected by the tough sole extension.


  • The Asics Resolution Clay 5 is made from high quality 100% synthetic material that lasts years
  • It offers great value for money
  • It comes in very many colors – three
  • The cleats are short to provide comfort and stability
  • The high quality laces are easy to fit and don’t wear off over time
  • The shoe has a unique adjustable ankle strap for maximum comfort and to prevent any ankle injuries. Strains or twists.
  • it is huge and perfect for people with wide feet


  • Prolonged wearing may cause a strain due to the compactness and grip it offers
  • It takes a long time to dry after washing

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Final verdict

The Asics Resolution Clay 5 Men’s Tennis Shoe is no doubt one of the most unique tennis shoes. It can even be used in t other field sports. It is also quite affordable and offers amazing value for money. Depending on the size, you can get it anywhere between $60 and $200 which is quite a bargain considering all the amazing features it offers.