Asics Gel Resolution 7 Men’s Tennis Shoe Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

For the reliability value you need to succeed, the Asics Gel Resolution 7 Men’s Tennis shoes promise the freedom and physical flexibility to do shine on the court or track. Its excellent bounce-back and superior design are just some of the new features it comes with.

The Gel Resolution 7 Men’s Tennis Shoe is not only one of the most true-to-size medium, lightweight shoes in Asics popular line, it is also one of the few that offers topmost stability support. This Asics shoe comes stock in white or orange and offers, among other things, optimal mid-foot support while having a sophisticated AHAR+ outsole. Its protection design on the underfoot is magnificent and promises the comfort and agility needed on the court—but how does it compare to its predecessors and other tennis shoes on the market?

What to Expect From the Asics Gel Resolution 7

The Asics Gel Resolution 7s have had 6 predecessors. So, what exactly is fresh with them? First and foremost, the marginally narrow, high-curved feet, fitted with SPEVA 45 technology on the midsole and GEL technology in the rear and forefoot make it an awesome fit. Moreover, this isn’t the only impeccably rare technology that’s been infused in the manufacture of the Asics Gel Resolution 7. Added stability is given by the I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) technology and TRUSSTIC SYSTEM ensure that your foot is guided constantly into its natural gait during high motion. The insides of the Asics Gel Resolution 7s are impressively form-fitting—they are designed to slowly adapt to the shape of your foot like a glove, and this is because of the personal heel fit (P.H.F.) technology. Also, the removable ORTHOLITE™ sock-liner assures the wearer that an extra layer of cushioning is added as well as enduring that ensuing moisture is absorbed and evaporated.

Key Features of the Asics Gel Resolution 7

The Gel Resolution 7 comes with a redone construction throughout its mid-foot and has contains a horizontal support brace to ensure stability. The inner sole makes for an easy and comfortable wear all the while ensuring tight contact between foot and shoe. The outer sole is very durable and is designed for impeccable traction, and the experience of wearing them has consistently been rated high, even for those who seek to use them for long hours involving aerobic tasks. The reinforced vamps in the mid-sole are thick and ensure that the wearer has extra forefoot support to work with.

For a clearer picture of what I’m talking about, here’s the intricate low-down of how it achieves this:


To be honest, the Asics Gel Resolution 7 is not the least weighty shoe out there. Nevertheless, the little grams added here and there are made up for fully in its design. Its size could be said to lie somewhere at the center of the lightness spectrum. Several standardized scientific tests of its weightiness compared to its performance in high speed racing have been done and have found its extra 80g to be statistically insignificant. One word—traction. If you are driving, cruising on the highway, fulfilling the sudden need to slam on the brakes while in the Gel Resolution 7s is remarkably easy. There is no possibility of rolling an ankle, while at the same time you get plenty of grip to restart your drive. The tread pattern that is featured on the under shoe is usually smoothed out, while the upper material is stiff with a strong capability to hold your foot in place when the grip is needed. This is a laudable improvement, we think, for in the previous version, the Gel Resolution 6s, the shoe’s upper was stretched out gradually over time.


The Gel Resolution 7 also features the OLYTE midsole fitting, which is made from far lighter material than the usual EVA and IMEVA midsoles, as well as an AHAR+ outsole fitting, which is strategically placed in vital areas of the outsole. The compound from which is manufactured the AHAR+ is an exceptionally sturdy and stable one that has been found to be 60% more durable than the usual footwear rubber. Also, the APMA Seal of Acceptance ensures is present, meaning that that the Gel Resolution 7 is designated and accredited by the American Podiatric Medical Association. It also means that this shoe can be prescribed to those who have certain chiropractic needs. The PGuard Toe Protector is also designed to prevent pain or sprains and enhance durability.


Like we said earlier, the Asics Gel Resolution 7 comes packed with top of the line ergonomic features. The list here really is endless: The Rear- and Fore-foot Gel-tech system ensures that physical shock between the fabrics of the shoe is attenuated adequately, thus allowing movement of the whole shoe system in multiple planes. The TRUSSIC fitting drastically lowers the weight of the sole unit, all the while maintaining the structural integrity of the shoe. The personal heel fit lining comes with twin layers of memory foam to make sure that the collar is lines that the athlete heel is molded to the appropriate curvature. More attractively, the Gender-Specific Cushioning women’s models come a decreased-density top layer in the midsole.


  • Manufactured with latest, sophisticated ergonomic technology
  • Comes, depending on your vendor, with a 6-month wear and tear warranty
  • Comfortable wearing experience
  • Available in various gender-specific cushioning designs
  • Offers unparalleled traction and grip
  • Built to be long-lasting


  • Inordinately expensive
  • It’s narrow design limits breathability


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Like many physically active individuals, shoes are important. Finding a pair that is perfect for you can be a taxing and trying experience. With great traction, comfort and protection design the Asics Gel Resolution 7 Men’s Shoe not only offers the ultimate comfort for your walk and play, but it also cushions every step you take while delivering optimal performance and ensuring that it’ll last and that you are sufficiently equipped to take on any opponent with confidence.

We tried it, assessed it, worn it, and concluded that there really is no overselling the Asics Gel Resolution 7 Men’s Shoe. We (strongly) recommend it to anyone who desires a supreme quality, stylish shoe whose wearing experience is painless and whose manufacturing has had no cost spared.