Asics Gel Resolution 7 vs. Adidas Barricade (Everything You Need to Know!)

There is a wide array of brands of tennis shoes in the market at the moment. Among them, and at the very top rung are these two beasts. One promises consistency in foot support, and the other stability and performance. Which one takes the day?

Might you be thinking about which one of these two better for you? Don’t fret. We’ve reviewed both of them and come to a well-researched conclusion. Whichever way it goes, both sneakers are strong and they are highly recommended by me. So you may make the best choice for you and your match it is extremely important to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Since ASICS Ltd. It was established as ONITSUKA Co. in 1949, they have made and fulfilled the promise of providing the freedom and physical flexibility necessary to shine on the court or track.

Aside from this, the ASICS GEL RESOLUTION 7, other popular Asics brands are the:

  • SAGA,
  • & the TIGER

The Asics Gel Resolution 7 is a prime example of their delivery of quality. Its excellent bounce-back and superior design are just some of the new features it comes with. The Gel Resolution 7 Men’s Tennis Shoe is not only one of the most true-to-size medium, lightweight shoes in Asics popular line, it is also one of the few that offers topmost stability support. This Asics shoe comes stock in white or orange and offers, among other things, optimal mid-foot support while having a sophisticated AHAR+ outsole. Its protection design on the underfoot is magnificent and promises the comfort and agility needed on the court—but how does it compare to the Adidas Barricade?


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Adidas was founded by Adi Gassler in 1949. It is not as popular as with other brands of tennis shoes, but if there’s one that has earned such a following, it’s the Adidas Barricade. Loyal wearers of the shoe keep coming back for more, trying to recapture the feeling they had for their favorite model. Not to mention that it’s one of the better high-performance lines out there. For me, nothing beat the Barricade II. In fact, we found the next installment such a letdown, much so that we abandoned the shoe since we gravitate more towards lighter options—and missed out on the Barricade V, which holds GOAT status for many players.

The rising upshot to its bulky heel area has a much higher quality shock absorption ability. The ideal testing area of the BARRICADES ought to be in a rigid hard court, which would normally have any feet and ankles barking the following day. Instead, you will feel like you had a quick session on a soft clay court. It’s the type of cushioning that protects, rather than coddles. The shoes are like your best business suit: The BARRICADES are perfect for the big presentation, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to wear them outside the office.

Aside from this, the ADIDAS BARRICADE, other popular Adidas brands are

  • NIZZA,
  • TYPE-O,
  • & the SOUL COURT


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Adidas continues to utilize BOOST in their products to ensure a bit more comfort and consistency to the sportsman. This edition features a new mesh upper brazed without any seams and a GHILLIE which gives you significantly more secure wear. Seeing as how tight this competition is, we were eager to see how it measures up to the supreme footwear sophistication that is the ASICS.

Cushioning & Stability

Firmness is a continued trend with the ADIDAS BARRICADE. Like many of the previous ADIDAS versions, stability is the highlighted feature in this shoe. Moving around the sporting area while stepping on the chassis midsole provides you with a decent amount of stability. Cushioning is still a very high priority in this shoe, though its technology is not as cushioned as the GEL RESOLUTION’s is.


Since the intention with the ASICS Gel Resolution 7 is that it be a durability shoe it should be expected that its cushioning make them a little bit heavy. However, and contrastingly, the ASICS shoes feel far lighter than the Adidas Barricades. Its patented BOOST technology is meant to minimize and fact eliminate any pain or sprains by offering a firm grip to your feet. For more support in the forefoot area, it adopts the ADIPRENE+ design as well.

Breathability & Fit

As is the case with most versions and predecessors of ADIDAS, the Barricades are significantly less wide in the mid-foot cavity meaning that the runner has more wiggle room to breathe. Around the middle part of the sole is marked with a conspicuous difference in terms of comfort and space and this is attributable to the new BARRICADE design and chassis as well as the ergonomic GEOFIT technology. Besides upping the comfort and overall feel and experience of the show, the BOOST technology offers impressive shock absorbing capability and perfects your launches. Comparatively speaking, the ADIDAS do not feel as breathable as the ASICS. True, it offers more breathability than most generic brands out there, but during times of inordinately high temperatures, its interior cushioning has the tendency to retain heat and moisture which counteracts the good that was to be done by the space—this not the case with the ADIDAS.


The ASICS did not disappoint in terms of what it offers in the way of long-lastingness. The outer sole of the GEL RESOLUTION 7s not only gives the impression that they are as tough as they seem and then some, they actually deliver on that promise. Even after a few weeks of heavy play, there was no there is little to no possibility with them of accruing any wear or of dilapidation of the fabric fading. Even though the BARRICADES promise superior durability, the GEL 7s go the extra mile—they are manufactured with latest, sophisticated ergonomic technology, and they come, depending on your vendor, with a 6-month wear and tear warranty.


ADIDAS, with the BARRICADES, has continued its quality streak, but after all is said and done, we have to confess that the GEL RESOLUTION was our favorite shoe. If nothing else, you should get it not only for its perfect fit and design, but for its sophisticated ergonomic technology, comfortable wearing experience, customized specific cushioning designs, and its unparalleled traction and grip.