ASICS vs. NEW BALANCE (Everything You Need to Know!)

While Asics are huge in Asia and, more generally, with serious athletes, New Balance is regarded mostly as a fashion sneaker. People of most age groups and cultures don them in informal setups as opposed to using them for tennis or other sports. However, New Balance more and more seems to be accruing a decent stock of more sport-oriented footwear.

Purchasing a pair of jogging shoes may be as complex as buying a new vehicle. It is imperative that you feel committed to spending your time and money to get something that you are able to use in the long run. It is quite understandably easy for athletes to become confused due to the information overload on the market when looking for decent shoes. Here, today, we compare the Asics line against the New Balance.


The ASICS firm that has generated tons of versions of sneakers that use a diverse variety of technology, including different kinds of cushioning and modulation. Since ASICS Ltd. It was established as ONITSUKA Co. in 1949, they have made and fulfilled their promise to create shoes specializing in relaxation, comfort, flexibility, durability and performance. They’re created for jogging and are tighter round feet compared to other manufacturers. ASICS versions include complete foot gel and foot Inserts to cushion impacts, and the firm does not incorporate a whole good deal of gear. The ASICS lines really does comprise of many features, and if you are looking, you will surely find shoes that will suit every foot, even for people who have pronation. A lot of Asics ergonomics shoes revolve around minimalism to help individuals achieve rates and concentrate on the sensation of the toes. Their top selling brands include:




New Balance was established in 1906 by an American cobbler who hailed originally from Ireland. His name was William Riley. Since the 10s they have concentrated on creating innovative shoe designs as well as other accessories designed to improve shoe fitting. Around 1960, which is around the time they published the TRACKSTER, this shoe had been the first shoe to incorporate a sole for superior traction. NEW BALANCE sneakers are utilized for years from the Olympics and are a favorite selection for professional and amateur runners. The business specializes in soccer, tennis and running footwear and sells several dozen versions of New Balance tennis shoes for men and women that are distinct. Their version for runners is your FRESH FOAM and their sneakers utilize foam for padding rather than gel and are looser than various other manufacturers. NEW BALANCE concentrates on making designs and rather doesn’t incorporate lots of features. This implies they have slopes that are little. Concerning weight, NEW BALANCEs have a tendency to be heavier than the conventional 10 ounce, and perhaps this is the first blow it gets landed by the ASICS—or is it?



At first glance, NEW BALANCE and also ASICS appear similar. The two brands, while still remaining true to their separate designs philosophies, have made innovations and improvements in the footwear business and continue to innovate. Some differences between the manufacturers may be understood at the toe box level, as well as the incline on the base of the shoe, the cushioning approaches their efficacy in terms of dimensions. Let’s look more in-depth at these differences.

Cushioning & Breathability

The ASICS shoes possess a decent amount of cushioning, particularly beneath the foot’s ball, which makes this brand a suitable choice for those who tend to roll exteriorly when making their lunges. This ample cushioning is also vital in assisting in the absorption of shock and ensuring stability while sprinting, which is uniquely crucial when dealing with grounds that are neither uniform nor soft, and which are a flurry with physical obstacles such as tree branches, spiky roots of trees and such. The case isn’t that much different from the NEW BALANCES, even though with them it isn’t a totally perfect playtest. There have been consistent reports of instances of toe-jamming when you put on the brakes after chasing down drop shots, but these have also been reported to being rather minor with no residual effect. Piggybacking off this also, the NEW BALANCEs can also run a little hot and could maybe use a bit better ventilation.

Use of tough materials

The ASICS are intentionally designed trail runner shoes made of 3-parts synthesized raw materials and 1-parts ventilation mesh. The middle part of the sole is manufactured by use of ACTEVA rubber, while the outer sole is made of All Terrain Tread. It also comes with NB Response 2.0 performance for a more supportive fit, as well as strong, flat laces that are easy to adjust and which do not come undone easily. From a performance standpoint, your lateral movements are assured with zero rollover or imbalance when planting or stopping aggressively. The NEW BALANCES also weigh significantly less which makes its overall form far more subtle. Its outsole establishes firm contact with the ground while stationary without being uncomfortably adhesive, which means that they felt quicker than other shoes, and pulling it that much closer to being the more comfortable option. Moreover, the protection and support it offers allows you to move with more confidence than the ASICS offer, given its compactness with sophistication and ergonomics. (It is also worth mentioning is that the NEW BALANCEs comes with a six-month warranty)

Aesthetics & Design

Where looks matter the NEW BALANCE takes the day. Any glance at the NEW BALANCEs reminds you why these shoes have been so popular for so many years. The New Balance Men’s Running Shoes are very much unlike most of those odd terrain climbing shoes that give off a strangely foreign aesthetic when in use. So of course, they aren’t t simply adaptable to the court and track, they can be used with beach shirts in informal contexts. This makes for an ideal blend of efficiency and trendiness.


This one tenet that holds true throughout the period you’re shopping for sports shoes: you have to purchase what’s comfortable for you to wear. There can be no utility in spending money on something which hurts your feet for the sake of branding or size. That said, based on demands and your lifestyle, both the ASICS and NEW BALANCE can be the right choice for you—but if you’re looking for cushioning and ergonomics, we recommend you go with the ASICS. However, if you are scouring for something sleek and sporty with a quick, light feel, NEW BALANCE is your pick.

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