Babolat Pure Drive Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

Experienced tennis players often rely on the power that a racket gives to propel the ball back to the opponent’s court lethally. For a player in any stage of proficiency, having a firm grip and control over the racket sets you on track to deliver powerful hits, not to mention the extra spin power you add to the ball.

While all these features are paramount for an exciting match, finding a racket that offers all these advantages may be difficult. The newest Babolat Pure Drive model released in 2018 made an impressive improvement from previous designs, by adding new technological designs to the frame for a more optimized function.

You will receive an added advantage by choosing it over any older models, thanks to the high-kick match you can deliver with the racket.

What to Expect from the Babolat Pure Drive

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After looking for an ideal racket that will kick-start your tennis ventures as a beginner or an experienced player looking to get back in the scene, the Pure Drive racket will give you some familiar, yet drastically changed feel, thanks to the improved features. Here is what you can look forward to in the matches to come with a Babolat Pure Drive.

The Power

The Babolat Pure Drive’s most outstanding feature is the high power effect you get when making serves and volleys. With the racket, you do not need to overwhelm your arms with intense force to swing the racket. The Pure Drive incorporates the FSI power system in its design to propel your swings to a higher potential.

Primarily, this technology uses the string bed design to reduce the force that regresses your hand swing, to give you a light feel as you hit the ball back to the opponent.

Typically, a racket without the FSI power system would leave the player getting tired faster, or suffering from several muscle strains because of the intense force the tennis ball exerts as it lands on the racket strings.

Additionally, this high-power feature reduces the spin power on the tennis ball from the opponent’s shot, to ensure that it does not subdue your energy when swinging the racket for a return hit.

We, this the addition of the FSI technology, gives the Babolat Pure Drive an edge over most other racket brands because it makes your work easier. However, you still need to work on your skillset and maneuverability on the court. It is also important to note that the high power feature optimizes your performance more when you are playing close to the net.

Volleys and Serves

Apart from the high power optimization that the Babolat Pure Drive provides, it creates a better experience as you make your serves and volleys. As you serve to the opponent, you can make good use of the speed that the racket head provides.

With a 100 square inch dimension, you can cover a larger surface area and hit the ball with the immense power advantage from the racket’s FSI system. The 27 inches of length also play a significant role in balancing out the racket, by evening out the weight to all dimensions of the graphite structure.

The Babolat Pure Drive, you get decent control, especially when ambushed with a fast-approaching power shot from the opponent. However, the stiff frame leaves little flexibility room for making accurate shots with an offensive ball spin.

The chances are that you may be susceptible to some error shots, or even complete misses because of the stiffness index. Nevertheless, the high-speed racket action creates an intense ball acceleration that will still catch some good points against the opponents.

Volleys can also improve with the use of the Pure Drive racket, with the use of the easy-power function that allows you to focus on an excellent tackle. The 10.6 ounces that make up the racket’s weight make it a bit lighter than most others, but it will come in handy in allowing you an aggressive play against the opponent.

You can maneuver quickly and tackle the incoming tennis ball just in time to deliver an impressive volley shot. While the weight is bearable, the stiff racket reduces your backhand finesse as you hit the ball back in a volley.

As a result, you would have to be more deliberate with an accuracy shot, because you could use less energy to hit the ball and lose some points for poor delivery. Therefore, as much as the racket provides high power and speedy spin ball action, you need to be mindful of the force you exert when making a hit, to ensure that you use adequate energy.

The Spin

When you want to make a powerful shot that lands offensively on the opponent’s court, you need to use a racket that gives you excellent ball spin power. With an active racket, you can shoot the ball back at incredible revolutions per minute, delivering an unexpected blow to your opponent.

With the thoughtful inclusion of wider gaps in between the strings, the Babolat Pure Drive allows you to mobilize your energy and give the tennis ball a powerful hit. The high power racket is set to deliver an incredible ball trajectory, thanks to the spin advantage you receive.

You can practice your top spins and backspins and gradually develop exceptional volleys and serves with this racket. Several users also credit their groundstrokes to the spin you get with this tennis racket, because you can still make an aggressive tackle and maneuver the ball to deliver it at a high velocity.

Comfort and Efficiency

It doesn’t hurt that the Babolat Pure Drive racket has merged a decent level of comfort with a highly efficient delivery system, creating the best of both worlds for users. With the cortex system in place, you can enjoy low vibration effects from an incoming high-force tennis ball.

Usually, when a racket has a cortex system, it works to absorb the high landing force of the tennis ball as it hit the racket strings. The reduced vibration of strings enhances your comfort when using the racket and reduced the strain on your arms as they work to subdue the high-velocity tennis ball.

However, some users note that the cortex system is not powerful enough, and the racket still gives you a stiff pingy feel as you bounce the ball back.

Regardless of stiffness, we think the feel of the Babolat Pure Drive will always be different for various users, depending on what they have used in the past. Furthermore, it takes some time to adjust to any new sports equipment, but when you get used to the feel, there is no going back.

Onto the racket’s efficiency, the sixteen mains and nineteen cross string placement are specially designed to ensure that your ball trajectory is high enough to deliver the tennis ball to the opponent’s side lethally. The technology makes use of the generous spaces in between the strings to launch the ball at a higher angle that gives you an incredible advantage over your opponent.

With the perfected technique, you can initiate multiple surprise maneuvers that will assure you of an edge over your opponent. The more extensive string spaces allow the tennis ball to launch with a more powerful spin because it harnesses all the power you engage with the racket.

Intermediate and expert tennis players can make the most of this feature and practice making higher launches, mainly when serving or delivering a volley hit.


Mastering the art of maneuvering your racket to hit a perfect groundstroke is essential, to avoid multiple misses. You need a combination of maximum power and high trajectory shots, which is what the Babolat Pure Drive racket provides.

You will also love the groundbreaking spin advantage you can achieve even with a groundstroke shot because of the FSI high-power potential you can manipulate. Overall, your groundstrokes will improve with continuous practice using this tennis racket.

The Sweet Spot

While the Babolat Pure Drive has an average head size, it still offers a decent sweet spot surface to give you the extra accuracy you need in the game. You will also appreciate the string design that provides adequate forgiveness to any out-of-target hits.

Coupled with the high-power specs in the Pure Drive racket, you can make the most of the sweet spot and deliver the best you’ve got on the court. Its forgiveness is ideal for any error margins you may make, and you do not have to worry about a low-impact shot, as long as you have fully engaged the spin power that the racket offers.

The Merits

  • The racket enables high trajectory shots.
  • The high-power function improves performance.
  • You can make accurate serves.
  • You get a powerful ball spin function.

The Demerits

  • The racket is stiff.
  • You may find it quite unstable.

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The Conclusion

The Babolat Pure Drive is a model that requires some level of experience in playing, for you to benefit from its impressive features fully. While beginners may struggle with the string spacing and smaller head size, intermediate and expert players will enjoy the high-power and spin characteristics.

Overall, the Babolat Pure Drive tennis racket is worth considering, especially if you want to exploit advanced gameplay skills. We recommend it to anyone seeking an intense and aggressive game that will deliver a powerful performance.