Best Places To Buy Tennis Rackets (Everything You Need to Know!)

Tennis can be a great hobby to adopt to keep your mind sharp and focused. It is a great exercise for the mind and body and it’s no surprise more and more people are trying it out. One of the most important elements of this game is the tennis racket. The tennis racket you pick will heavily determine whether or not you enjoy the game especially for first timers. The racket is what will determine how fast you learn the basics of the game such as swinging the bat and striking the ball accurately right in the racket sweet spot. When picking a racket, there are a few things you should always keep in mind.

The first consideration is the head racket size. This refers to the hitting area on the racket that will come into contact with the ball. The head size can be a midsize, mid plus, oversized and super oversized. For a beginner, the best racket would be oversized. A large head means that the sweet spot is large too and therefore will help you practice your accuracy. As you grow in skill and experience, smaller rackets will be preferable. Another consideration should be the weight distribution head heavy (power) vs the headlight (control).

As a beginner, you should go for a powerful tennis racket rather than a headlight one. This is because a beginner you want to first know how to hit the ball first before going on to accuracy. As you progress your skill level, choose a lighter racket with a high headlight value. The third and final consideration is the grip size. This refers to the grip size and the general size of the racket. It is a factor independent of the level of skill of the player.

With those considerations in mind, it is time to look for the places where you can buy a tennis racket

Here are the Best Places to buy tennis rackets


Best Places to buy tennis rackets

In this day and age, there is no need to go to an actual physical shop to buy any sports equipment when you can window shop, compare prices, order and buy goods directly from your phone. Amazon is the largest online store or drop shipping company in the world. All tennis racket manufacturing brands have their products on Amazon meaning you can search for the best deals without compromising on your needs. For payment methods, the store accepts Visa and Paypal methods of payment. There are all types of tennis rackets too from power rackets, tweener rackets to old traditional rackets all on your little device or pc. Amazon also ships directly to your doorstep at a small affordable fee depending on your location. Amazon stands out because it supports worldwide shipping.


Ebay, like Amazon, is an online store with only one major difference. While Amazon does not allow the resale of old products, Ebay allows people to post their old stuff and sell them. Ebay also allows the sellers to bid for an item for a specified period of time. The highest bidder gets the item. If you’re looking for a tennis racket on a budget, Ebay would be a great plus to start. You find them cheaper since they are second hand without compromising on quality because they are almost always in good condition. Ebay also ships worldwide. However, there are a few countries excluded from this list and the shipping rates are usually higher since the seller sets this rate. The seller has to incur shipping charges and this has to be accounted for.

Tennis Warehouse

The tennis world is huge and there is no surprise there is an online store dedicated to only selling tennis sports equipment and gear. This store is known as Tennis Warehouse and stocks everything tennis from rackets, balls, tennis bags to vibration dampeners and more. The site has discounts throughout the year of some of their products and offers free two day shipping for orders above $50. Whether you are looking for a tennis racket or a head tape, Tennis Warehouse has got you covered.

Sports Direct

Sports Direct is another great online store where you can easily get a tennis racket affordably and conveniently. The American store stocks almost everything in the world of sports and not just tennis. They have great discounts especially for first time buyers and sell their products fairly. Everything from tennis rackets to tennis shoes can be found on here. All items are also original from the brands themselves such as Nike, Adidas, Wilson and many more. The prices are in dollars and the site accepts payment methods from Visa and Paypal. The only downside of this store is that their shipping is only limited to the US and Canada.

Racquet Depot

where to purchase tennis rackets

Racquet Depot is another great online store that sells tennis rackets exclusively. It is used in Europe and does not ship outside this continent. Based in the UK, racquet depot is dedicated to taking your tennis to the next level. They sell everything related to net games such as squash, badminton and tennis. The products are priced in Pounds. For payment methods, the store accepts Visa and Paypal methods of payment. They have a 30 days money back guarantee, meaning that if your product does not reach you in a month, they return your money. The store is reliable and efficient and has any type of tennis racket you need.

Pro Direct Tennis

Pro Direct tennis is another dropshipping store that is based in the United Kingdom and is great for people within Europe and Australia. They stock high quality products from original brands such as Asics, Adidas, Wilson and Head. Other than a tennis racket, they sell other tennis products including tennis sneakers, head tape, tennis shorts and tennis caps. They also have offers throughout the year on their rackets which guarantees a good deal. The store is well-arranged and categorized for easy navigation. For payment methods, the store accepts Visa and Pay pal methods of payment.

Do It Tennis

Do It Tennis is an American based online store that sells everything tennis related to tennis rackets, to shoes and accessories. They do this while providing fair and affordable prices. The only downside to this store is that they ship within the Americas and Canada. Outside these continents, the shipping fee becomes very expensive. Do It also has its own products at cheaper prices compared to the bigger brands. They allow for payments through Visa card, Apple Pay, and Pay pal. Their first time offers are great and hard to resist. If you’re within America, we highly recommend shopping here.

Actual Physical Sports Shop

If you love the traditional way of shopping for going around and actually seeing and touch what you’re buying, then visiting an actual sports shop should be a great choice for you. There is no denying that driving home with whatever you have bought feels a tad nicer than ordering and waiting. By going to an actual shop, you reduce the risk of buying a damaged or broken item (items break during transit). You also cut the cost by eliminating shipping fees which can be sometimes expensive. You also get a personal touch and a chance to test and feel whatever you are buying. Sports Gear shops can be found in cities, malls and even small towns.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that when shipping your tennis rackets, a lot of things could go wrong. This section shows the most frequently asked questions regarding shipping small parcels and packages.

What happens when my product arrives with clear damage?

If your shipment arrives and there is clear damage, there is a high chance it broke during transit. All you need to do is make a note on the receipt and request replacement. The shipping company will replace the item provided you have not tampered with it.

Do I need an account to buy products online?

The answer is yes. It would almost impossible to order products online without an account. All websites require you to have an account either with the said company, Gmail or Facebook. By doing this, you can order, add items to cart and pay for the product safely and conveniently.

What should I do if item does not ship to my country?

If you are outside America, then you have probably been bitterly informed that the product you added to your cart does not ship to your country. The best thing to do would be to look for a dropshipping site that ships to your country. If no store ships to your country, the next logical solution would be to go out to sports shops and physically look for the tennis racket you want.

What happens if my package never arrives?

There are two ways to look at this problem. One is that the package may be a delay and be late but still arrive. Sometimes all you need is a bit of patience. If it has a week past the said date of arrival, then you can start worrying and call up the seller. If the package is lost in transit, the seller should either refund you or resend the product depending on their company policy. If it is just a delay, the seller should inform you of this.

With this, we hope that this article will ease the burden of looking for a convenient place to buy tennis racket.