Best Running Socks For Morton’s Neuroma (Everything You Need to Know!)

While it might look like it, not all socks are the same nor do they serve similar functions. A good pair of socks made for a specific activity or cause can make a huge difference. Running socks are made to keep your feet dry, comfortable while preventing injury, discomfort and pain while you are on the track. The pain from Morton’s neuroma is enough to cause discomfort, irritation and server pain which is enough to interfere with your running. Finding the best running socks for Morton’s Neuroma can make a huge difference.

What is Morton’s neuroma – What are some of the common causes of Morton neuroma?

what is Morton’s neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a serious condition where one’s plantar digital nerves thicken due to irritation in turn causing pain in your foot and the toes. While Morton neuroma is a very common condition, the main cause of the issue is yet to be known.

The condition is commonly caused by shoes that may be too tight and high heels. The shoes cause compression which can lead to nerve thickness and eventually pain. Some other things associated with Morton’s Neuroma include high arches, flat feet, bunions and hammertoes. Repetitive sports like running, sports that increase pressure on the foot. ad sports that need tight shoes are sometimes also associated with the issue.

What are Some facts about Morton’s neuroma?

  • It is an issue that involves the growth of nerve tissue
  • Morton’s neuroma is not cancerous
  • The exact cause of Morton’s Neuroma is not known
  • Playing sports and wearing high shoes can contribute to Morton’s Neuroma
  • It causes great pain at the ball of the foot
  • Treatment includes exercise and other home remedies but if they fail most people are recommended surgery as the next best thing
  • It is most common in the area between the last two toes for most people

Why are running socks important?

Your choice for running socks can make a huge difference between a painful run and a pain free comfortable run, especially when you have Morton’s neuroma.  Wearing the wrong sock types can lead to discomfort, pain and other issues like corns and blisters while you are running.

Tips for running sock shopping

Running socks come in different designs, material, sizes thickness and more. These factors are important when choosing the perfect socks to keep your feet happy and pain free during your run.

Features that reduce the chances of getting Morton’s Neuroma

The material of the sock

One of the most important factors to consider when you are choosing running socks is the material. When choosing the perfect running sock overall, you should avoid socks that are made out of 100% cotton. When cotton socks get wet due to sweat on your feet, the moisture makes your feet clammy or cold which makes it more uncomfortable for people with Morton’s Neuroma

Smartwool socks are a great choice for winter and breathable socks can work great if you are working in the summer. Polyester and nylon have become very popular for running socks. These fibers are both breathable, sweat-wicking and more durable than most other fabrics.

If you prefer natural fibers, you could go for superior ones like merino wool. Merinos is great for running socks because it is naturally breathable and sweat wicking. One extra benefit of merinos is that it is anti-bacterial which means it will prevent any smell.

The Anatomic shape of the sock

What is Morton’s neuroma

Shapeless tube socks will not do you any good when it comes to running. Socks that have no shape may bunch into the shoes and irritate the skin further adding to the pain and discomfort of the Morton’s neuroma in your foot.

Get running socks that are created to hug the contours of your feet to reduce the chances of getting such discomfort. Socks that are created with an elastic arch lock will keep your feet in place so you do not increase the chances of developing Morton’s neuroma during a run.

Double layering

You can choose to wear brands that make double layered socks to offer extra protection from issues like blisters, Morton’s neuroma and more.


The cushioning level on your socks will depend on your preference and also the type of shoes you wear during running. Some shoes are made with plenty of cushioning to hold the feet in place and prevent injury from external objects. Extra cushioning on the socks also locks the foot in place

Be careful, wearing socks that are super thick may affect how your shoe fits.  on the other hand, socks that are too thin will rub your feet the wrong way and lead to issues like Morton’s Neuroma.

Check for socks that have some padding at points where you stress your feet while running.  This includes Ares that is close to the digital nerves.


There are big differences between normal socks and running socks even though they may look similar. The placement of elastic and cushioning makes running socks very different. Good running socks have spandex placement as specific spots which will keep the runner from slipping during a run. Running socks are also created to stay in place which means they will not slide, expose the back of your feet of cause you to fall during a run.


No matter how much elastic your socks have, the sock has to fit properly for a successful run. The coverage of the sock depends largely on the running shoes you like. Traditional running shoes need socks that cover the ankle while modern minimalists’ shoes will require crew socks. W

What to avoid when buying socks

Compression socks

Compression running sleeves or socks continue to grow more popular with runners every year. This is because they have a very snug fit and some are made of medical grade materials. They are designed to help with blood flow and are perfect for post run recovery. You can also wear them during workout to minimize slipping injury during running.

People with Morton’s neuroma may not necessarily find compression socks to be helpful during running. Compression socks may be too tight and cause the nerves to be irritated and compressed gradually causing thickness and pain.

Final words

You may think that regular socks will do for running just because the shoes promise functionality, comfort and more but that may not be enough. Sometimes, you need that extra cushioning on the foot for extra hold and support. Running socks for Morton’s neuroma will help you prevent the issue or reduce discomfort and pain while running.