Top 6 Best Shoe Inserts For Hammertoes (Everything You Need to Know!)

Different factors can cause hammertoes including having a high foot arch, arthritis, or even something as simple as wearing ill-fitting shoes. Wearing shoes that have the best shoe inserts for hammertoes can bring relief to the pain and help to increase your mobility.

Women mostly experience hammertoe pain because of wearing short and narrow shoes which pushes back your toes causing the muscles and tendons to tighten and eventually become shorter. Children can also develop hammertoes from wearing shoes they’ve outgrown. If you believe you have hammertoes it’s good to first visit a podiatrist to get a confirmed diagnosis before seeking any treatment.

Common symptoms of hammertoes

Hammertoe is a painful condition that affects one or more toes and causes them to bend downwards and become stiff making it difficult to move them. The second toe is mostly affected by calluses and corns forming on the joints. The main cause of hammertoes is wearing ill-fitting shoes or very pointed high heels. Some of the most common signs and symptoms include:

  • Inability to flex or move your toes
  • Toes overlapping one another
  • Trouble walking or stretching your toes
  • Swollen toe joints
  • Calluses and corns at the top of the affected toes
  • Your toes bending downwards
  • Pain in your toes when walking or standing

After you address the problem causing hammertoes like wearing shoes that have a better fit, they usually correct themselves after a while. To help relieve the pain you can use orthotic insoles, toe splints or stretchers, and anti-inflammatory cream.

Common causes of hammertoes

Hammertoes develop when there is an imbalance with the muscles surrounding your toes and this increases the pressure on your toe’s joints and tendons which leads to abnormal bending. If you wear constricting and poorly designed shoes, your toes they get pushed forward and since they don’t have enough room to spread and lie flat they ben downwards. Hammertoes is a common condition in both men and women because of the type of shoes you wear. Some of the common causes include:

  • High arches
  • Damage to the muscles and nerves
  • Pressure from bunions where the big toe points inwards towards the other toes
  • Arthritis
  • Wearing tight shoes that squeeze your toes
  • Foot injuries where your toes get broken or jammed

Another cause of hammertoe can be from a change in your foot anatomy, this means the metatarsal bones in the ball of your foot drop which causes your toes no to touch the shoe surface. So to regain contact with the ground, your toes constrict.

Treatment for hammertoes

It’s better to seek treatment for hammertoes when your joints are still flexible. Exercising and stretching your toes like picking your towel or pebbles with your toes can help to strengthen your tendons and muscles and help prevent the condition from getting worse. If your condition is worse, you can visit a therapist who can prescribe some exercises and stretches that can help relieve the condition. You can also get foot straps, corn pads, cushions, or orthotic insoles to provide extra comfort and especially if you have high arches. If the toe pain is severe, your doctor could prescribe you a cortisone injection or if your toes can’t move, you might require surgery to correct the deformity.

How insoles can help you cope with hammertoes

Since there is no quick fix to hammertoes, it’s important to accommodate it and give it time to heal. The easiest way of doing this is by using the best shoe inserts for hammertoes, wear better-fitting shoes, and use an ointment to reduce the inflammation. Insoles for hammertoes are good at correcting the posture of your feet and alignment of your toes, and it also comes with some other added benefits including:

Increase your comfort: Insoles make a huge difference in improving your comfort level. They also provide enough room to allow you to spread your feet. They ensure that you can’t use them in shoes that don’t fit you properly.

Relieve pain: In most cases, a good pair of orthotic inserts for hammertoes will help reduce the pain you feel when you’re walking or standing on your feet.

Increase mobility: Wearing insoles will allow you to move better and go about your business as usual.

Distribute pressure: The insoles help to evenly distribute the pressure that is applied on your feet reducing the impact and softening your landings. This prevents you from developing other painful feet conditions as a result of hammertoes like plantar fasciitis.

Features of the best shoe inserts for hammertoes

Some of the features in shoe inserts for hammertoes that you should look out for include:

Toe strap

Most foot experts will advise you to use a brace or toe splint that will help in aligning your hammertoe. Some insoles come with a toe strap for the same purpose, but you have to be gentle with your hammertoes. However, before using a toe strap, you should perform some mild toe exercises and stretches.

Adaptive cushioning

This is super comfortable and will help in providing enough padding for your feet which will reduce the pain. Memory foam and cork are some of the best cushioning materials that can conform to the shape of your feet.

Metatarsal support

This comes in the form of a ridge that helps to lift and separate your toes from each other reducing the pressure from your toes and the balls of your feet.

Here are the best shoe inserts for hammertoes

Superfeet insoles orthotic inserts

shoe inserts for hammertoes

These Superfeet green insoles are made with high-density foam to support and cushion your feet providing long-lasting comfort with stabilizer caps at the base to provide support for your rearfoot and to give it structure and stability to the foam layer at the top. It also has a wide and deep heel cap to offer maximum support and help in naturally absorbing shock with every stride. The biomechanical shape ensures that your feet are supported and stable when you’re on your feet throughout which will help reduce the stress on your feet, ankles, and knees.

To ensure that your feet stay fresh and cool, the insoles are made with a natural coating that will keep away any odor-causing bacteria. These insoles are affordable and provide high-quality orthotic support that will help you move without any pain and provide great comfort when wearing your shoes. They’re made with durable materials and are well constructed to ensure they last long while still keeping their shape and delivering reliable comfort and support throughout.


  • Helps to relieve the pressure off your knees
  • Very easy to use
  • Fits perfectly in your shoes
  • Provides firm cushioning for your feet


  • Squeaks when you walk
  • There are many imitations


Very supportive and comfortable shoe insoles that provide superior comfort and cushioning for your feet so that you can be able to move around without feeling pain.

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Physix gear sports orthotic inserts

 shoe inserts

If you want to feel relaxed and not stressed out every day because you know your feet are well taken care of no matter what you’re doing, then these orthotic inserts will put your mind at ease. They’re practical to use and have an ergonomic design for maximum performance and made with quality materials so that they meet all your foot care and orthotic needs.

The durable EVA foam base has dual layers for maximum cushioning and long-lasting comfort and offers a soft and supportive feel to the heels and balls of your feet. This will also help to control overpronation and help re-align your feet to their correct shape. This will improve your balance and stability and reduce your risk of other foot conditions. The insoles are designed with high arch support to help balance the force on your feet which will provide a soothing and convenient solution if you have flat feet, Achilles tendinitis, or hammertoes.

This will help relieve the pain in your heel and metatarsal arch and even lower back pain. These durable double layered EVA foam and PU materials make this inserts super comfortable that you feel like you’re walking on air. The deep heel cradle takes care of your stability while its non-slip heel keeps your feet securely in place at all times. The insert effectively absorbs shock which helps to reduce muscle fatigue in your legs and feet as the antimicrobial fabric at the top keeps away odor-causing bacteria so that your feet stay fresh and clean.


  • Great for flat feet to help align your knees, feet, and ankles
  • Helps to relieve pain on your feet
  • Provide excellent arch support
  • Very affordable


  • Don’t provide a lot of cushioning


Great orthotic inserts that offer great comfort with excellent arch support and shock absorption to help relieve pain in your feet and ensure you remain active throughout the day.

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Easyfeet support insoles

 inserts for hammertoes

These are orthotic inserts that can be used by both men and women in all types of shoes. They’re recommended shoe inserts by podiatrists that help in reducing arch pain and provide excellent comfort for high arches, flat feet, lower back pains, and other foot conditions. You can use these orthotic inserts in tennis, casual, athletic, gym, walking, or work shoes to provide foot pain relief. If you wear the inserts for 3-7 days, you might feel some foot pressure before your feet get used to the arch support. To remedy this, it’s advisable to wear the inserts for 2-3 hours every day and increase the time gradually until your feet become comfortable.

The hard TPU and cushioning layer and PU memory form base provide strong arch support while at the same time offering a soft and cushiony breathable cover that reduces the friction and heat from your feet improving your feet’s comfort. The gel forefoot and air capsules provide a shock absorption effect while the deep heel cradle with a built-in heel support help to align your bones and keep your feet balanced and stable. You can easily trim the inserts so that they fit your shoes and can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent, but don’t dip them in water.


  • Very good orthotic inserts
  • Helps in reducing foot pain
  • Has great cushioning that molds quickly to your feet
  • You can easily adjust the size


  • They might not fit in all shoes because of their thickness


High-quality orthotic shoe inserts that are recommended by podiatrists to help in reducing arch pain to ensure that you stay comfortable while on your feet.

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Walk-hero support orthotic inserts

orthotic inserts

These inserts have been developed with a new insole technology that helps to correct overpronation or flat feet by providing more solid support for your feet. Apart from providing support, the insoles have an added layer of cushioning to help in shock absorption when you’re walking on hard surfaces and this helps to reduce muscle fatigue and keeps you feeling energized all day. The built-in silicone material helps to absorb shock which in turn reduces foot pressure, soreness and provides comfort throughout the day.

The inserts are excellent in controlling pronation and re-aligning your foot position thanks to the deep heel cup, allowing easy and free movement of your feet, and reducing friction while keeping your feet cool all day with the help of the quality EVA material.

These orthotic inserts are designed for everyday use to provide moderate control and support working, causal, or walking shoes and to help ease the pain and stress caused by bunions, arthritis, and flat feet. You’re able to stay on your feet for longer and not worry about having foot pains because of the shoes you’re wearing.


  • Provides a more stable arch support
  • Help to relieve knee, ankle, and lower back pains
  • Keeps your feet comfortable throughout
  • Provides quick relief to foot pain


  • Takes a while to get used to them


Comfortable and supportive insoles that provide ample cushioning for shock absorption and support while still offering maximum comfort all day. This will help in reducing foot pressure, muscle and joint soreness so that you remain comfortable throughout.

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Timberland PRO replacement insole

Timberland PRO

These insoles are made to be durable, protective, and supportive materials that ensure your feet are comfortable and free of any pain. These contoured insoles provide maximum support at your pressure points and impact zones line the balls of your feet and engineered with an anti-fatigue technology that absorbs shock with every step you make and returns that energy back to your feet. This innovative design helps to reduce the impact of the shock on your feet and heels with the help of shock-absorbing cones that compress and return this energy maximizing on your support and reducing foot fatigue.

These are perfects inserts you can use if you work in demanding environments or perform activities that require you to be on your feet for long periods. They will deliver quality comfort, durability, and protection all day long. Your toes and feet will remain happy and pain-free all day whether you wear them at home, to work, or practicing.


  • High-quality insole
  • Provide great support without being overly bulky
  • You can easily cut to fit
  • Very comfortable


  • They’re a bit thick


Comfortable inserts made with anti-fatigue technology that is effective in reducing the impact on your feet each time you take a step while still providing you with maximum support at your pressure points.

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Nazaroo orthotic inserts

best shoe inserts for hammertoes

These are medical-grade orthotic inserts that are designed to help alleviate common foot, arch, ankle, and heel pains. They’re made with a durable EVA foam base multiple layers of cushioning to provide you with long-lasting comfort and support while you’re running, jumping, walking, or standing. It’s also a breathable material so your feet are kept cool and dry all day long. The arch support helps to distribute and reduce the pressure in your feet as the deep heel cradle keeps the joints of your feet aligned and increases your stability.

The built-in silicone padded heel is excellent in absorbing shock and relieving your feet of pain. These are affordable and unique orthotic inserts that are perfect if you want to wear shoes that fit properly and make you feel better.


  • Helps to minimize foot pain
  • Provides a medium for cushioning
  • They fit perfectly


  • Provides an average high arch support


Perfect orthotic inserts that will provide you with great comfort and support if you spend most of your time running, walking, or standing on hard surfaces.

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For people with foot conditions that cause foot pains like hammertoes, you need to wear shoes that offer great comfort, support, and cushioning to help relieve the pain. Finding the best shoe inserts for hammer shoes can be difficult but if you know what to look for it becomes easy. Superfeet insoles orthotic inserts are high-quality insoles that will provide relief to your feet and toes and allow you to go about your activities without any pain.