Best Shoes For Power Walking (Everything You Need to Know!)

Fitness is something that is on everyone’s mind nowadays and we are all trying to find the best exercise that will help in keeping our bodies fit and healthy. Power walking is a great alternative to running that has the same benefits to running on your heart and muscles, but for you to reap these benefits you need to wear the best shoes for power walking that are comfortable, spacious, and supportive.

Walking is a much-underrated form of exercise which should be considered just like any other exercise like running or jogging since it has its advantages and some outweigh those for running and jogging. Walking can help to strengthen your muscles, improve circulation, keep you alert throughout the day, support your joints, help you reduce body fat, and even reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Most avid walkers make the mistake of wearing running shoes instead of walking shoes because you might not know the difference between the two.

Difference between walking shoes and running shoes

The main difference is how you feel when you put the shoes on. When fast walking your heel comes first as opposed to a runner whose insole comes first so the faster you walk the more the movement of your feet from the heel strike to the front push off. Since most manufacturers are keener on running shoes instead of walking shoes, so what you might think is the same might make a huge difference when you walk in those shoes.

In fast walking, you’re feet flex through the steps with a roll from heel to toe so you need to wear shoes that are flexible enough to move with the natural movement of your feet, instead of being rigid and unbending. Your power walking shoes should bend at the balls of your feet and twist from side to side, but they shouldn’t be too flexible because it can be a problem.  Walking shoes are designed to be light with better flexibility while running shoes are meant to be slightly heavier and non-flexible.


What to look for in the best shoes for power walking

Lightweight and flexible

A good pair of walking shoes should be lightweight because it makes it easier to walk in them over any surface and the same goes with flexibility. To check if your shoes are too flexible or just the right amount, try bending the shoes at the sole. If the shoes bend but not completely, then that’s the right amount of flexibility. A flexible shoe can easily grip the ground and help to ensure you have good traction and keep you stable without losing your footing.

During your power walk your feet usually hit the heel first then gradually roll from your heel to your toes which means you’ll be at an advantage if your shoes have a flexible upper, midsole, and sole so that your feet can move naturally and encourage a proper stride. Shoes with the right amount of flexibility will help adjust your pace and prevent you from developing painful foot problems.


Air circulation is very important to keep your feet comfy during your walks because without it, your feet will become hot and sweaty which will lead to blisters, bruising, sore, and chaffing which ca be very uncomfortable. Breathable shoes are made with mesh fabric that provides good ventilation for optimal airflow. This will help to keep your feet dry and cool during your run by evaporating the sweat away.


Support is very important in all types of shoes, but especially if you have feet problems like underpronation, arch issues, bunions, or other feet problems that can make walking difficult or painful. Indeed, you can’t tell how much support a pair of shoes offers until you wear them past the break-in period. However, you can do your research and read customer reviews on the shoes you want to buy to see the features the shoes provide. The shoes should also come with removable sock liner, added cushioning as it makes a huge difference in your comfort levels which saves your feet from blisters, bruises, and getting your feet poked on rocky surfaces, and other features that will ensure you’re stability and support.

Heel design

You need to pay close attention to the heel design of your new pair of shoes. This is the part of your shoes that takes the brunt of the impact from every step you make. That’s why most running and hiking shoes have thicker soles so that they can provide extra cushioning and support at the heel. These thicker soles should be made with materials that can eliminate and cushion your feet from the shock impact and still offer support with every step during your walk.

Shoe size

As an active person, you most likely know that your feet swell to some extent as the day ends or after a strenuous outing, that’s why you need to put this in mind when making your decision on which is the best pair of power walking shoes to buy. You want shoes that will offer a perfect fit when you’re walking and even when you’re doing less strenuous activities. It’s best to measure your feet at the end of the day to get a perfect fit.


You also need to consider what you will be doing in these shoes. If your job entails being on your feet all day and you walk on wet surfaces, you should consider shoes with a good grip and traction to avoid slips and falls. Likewise, if you’re going for power walks, you need shoes with weatherproof options that have a more aggressive outsole to handle the outdoor terrain. City walkers look for a combination of running and walking shoes that can be more versatile daily. Make sure that you get shoes that meet your needs first then style.

Best Shoes For Power Walking

ASICS women’s gel-contend 4

shoes for power walking These are high-quality walking shoes for men that look good, comfortable, and supportive. If you’re looking for a good pair of shoes for your everyday walk, then these would make a great option for you. These are stylish shoes that are available in 20 different color options and styles so you will not miss a pair that you’ll like. They’re very comfortable sneakers for walking. They’re made with a breathable and flexible material which makes them flexible which makes it easier to move your feet naturally with every stride you take during your power walk.

They also offer great ankle support o you don’t have to worry about your ankle rolling as you become tired. The shoes have a removable ComforDry sock liner that provides good cushioning and moisture-wicking to keep your feet cool and dry throughout your walk. The rearfoot gel cushioning helps to absorb the shock impact with every step you make which improves on your stability and keeps you comfortable during your long walks.


  • Comfortable shoes for long-distance walking
  • Provides great support for your feet
  • Available in a variety of different colors
  • Don’t require any break-in period


  • Has a narrow fitting


Very comfortable and stylish walking shoes that will ensure your feet are supported, protected, and comfortable during your long walks. They’re made with flexible and breathable material which gives you a more natural stride and keeps your feet cool and dry.

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Ryka women’s devotion plus 2

Ryka women’s

These are stylish, affordable, and most comfortable shoes that are designed for a woman’s unique foot shape, build, and muscle movement. They’re lightweight and breathable shoes that have been constructed with multiple layers for your comfort and support. The lycra-lined tongue and comfortable collar with added cushioning offer superior comfort and support with every step you make.

The responsive re-zorb foam cushioning in the midsole is very effective in protecting your feet and heel from the impact of walking on hard surfaces and absorbing shock. This reduces foot fatigue so you remain active and energized throughout your walk. The breathable upper is made of mesh to keep your feet cool and dry so you don’t end up with sweaty and smelly feet. The rubber sole will provide you with an excellent grip on all surfaces and good traction which increases your stability and support.


  • Very comfortable and breathable shoes
  • They provide excellent stability for your heels
  • Have a wide and roomy toe box
  • The cushioning is excellent
  • Very affordable


  • Not as durable as other options


Breathable, comfortable, and supportive walking shoes designed for women who are looking for walking shoes that stand out with their unique design and superior comfort and support.

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Saucony women’s ProGrip integrity ST2

ProGrip integrity ST2

Saucony is a well-known brand for its athletic footwear even in designing excellent walking shoes. These are very affordable shoes designed for women and provide you with essential features and benefits that will contribute to you having a comfortable, enjoyable, and efficient walk. These shoes are comfy, breathable, and flexible so you’re covered all-round and you don’t have to worry about pronation issues making your walk effortless. They’re made with a full-grain leather upper that has a forefoot stretch zone and a lace-up design for a more comfortable and snug fit.

The ProGrid cushioned insole provides extra cushioning for comfort and support while the flexible and durable rubber outsole provides good traction and grip so you can walk confidently on any surface without worrying about slips and falls which can cause serious injuries. The padded tongue and collar ensure that your feet and ankles are supported and protected from rolling while walking.


  • Provide great heel and arch support
  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Heel cushioning is great
  • They’re breathable


  • They need some breaking in period


Well designed and constructed walking shoes for women that are stylish, comfortable, and supportive and you don’t have to break a bank to own a pair.

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Brooks women’s addiction

power walking

Brooks athletic footwear is very popular among the running community for their quality and effective support. These walking sneakers for women have a traditional design that has a fit and feel of a running shoe. This sneakers are made with a durable MoGo midsole cushioning to provide you with maximum shock absorption, a more supple full-grain leather upper so that your feet and toes are comfortable with no chance of bruising and friction, and a reliable and supportive slip-resistant outsole that will ensure you’re safe on your feet when walking on any surface.

This will also help to increase your stability and support. These casual but contemporary walking shoes will provide you with excellent support for your low arches and help in controlling pronation issues.


  • They have a strong supportive base
  • They offer all-round protection for your feet
  • Helps to relieve you off foot and leg pains
  • Comes with a wide toe box


  • They’re a bit heavy
  • Are expensive


Casual looking contemporary shoes that you can walk in all day without having any foot pains. They offer great comfort and support with good traction on all surfaces.

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Reebok walk ultra 6 DMX Max sneakers

shoes for power walking

These sneakers are not only affordable, but they’re also incredibly comfortable and supportive for you to wear for your everyday walks. They’re available in 4 beautiful color options that include black, white, brown, and white/blue. These shoes have a leather upper and textile that helps to protect your feet while providing good ventilation so that you don’t walk in sweaty and smelly shoes that could cause your heel to slip. The EVA foam in the midsole has a responsive feel and an adaptive cushion to provide additional support and comfort while the memory tech sock liner provides extra comfort with every step you take.

The moving air technology adds to the cushioning from your heel to your toes and also provides better shock absorption. This helps to eliminate foot and heel pains and also ensures you don’t get fatigued quickly while on your power walks. However, the shoes are on the heavier side, so if you don’t mind them being a little heavier, they are a great option in providing optimal comfort and protection.


  • Their moving air technology has a cushiony bounce
  • Provides excellent support
  • Very affordable
  • Well made and comfortable shoes


  • They’re a little heavier than others
  • Not very stylish


Affordable, comfortable, and supportive walking shoes that provide a cushiony bounce and excellent shock absorption that ensures your feet are well taken care of while you’re walking every day.

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Saucony women’s grid Omni walker sneakers

walker sneakers

These are excellent walking shoes if you’re looking for sneakers that will offer comfort and support during your workouts, especially if you have foot problems. These shoes are designed to pamper your feet with every step you make which makes them ideal for long power walks. You can also try these shoes if you have moderate overpronation and you need better stability in your foot arch. They’re motion-controlled types of shoes made for people with overpronation and if you suffer from collapsed foot arches.

They have amazing cushioning and stability which ensures you have a safe and balanced stride. The shoes are constructed with an EVA/rubber compound that provides extra cushioning and support in places your feet need most while the walk Trac patented outsole allows for the smooth transition of your steps when walking. The asymmetrical sole provides for a biomechanical fit and a sock liner to enhance your cushioning and support. The large toes box and the rearfoot grid systems help to keep you stable and comfortable. These are great athletic shoes for women that will help you to push forward even when you feel you can’t you can get them in both male and female colors with different sizing options.



  • Roomy toe box


  • Some users have complained of the shoes squeaking
  • They’re a bit heavy


Great walking shoes for women with foot problems and overpronation. The wide toe box ensures your toes have enough room and are comfortable while the EVA/rubber material keeps your feet cushioned and supported.

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Power walking is a very effective form of fitness exercise that has a lot of benefits just like running or jogging and even more that include strengthening your cardiovascular muscles, burning calories, and strengthening your legs and core muscles. Wearing the best shoes for power walking like ASICS women’s gel-contend 4 will ensure that your feet are comfortable, supported, and stable while walking so that you can reap all the benefits that come with this form of exercise.