Best Tennis Court Shoes for Wide Feet (Everything You Need to Know!)

Until you see someone using a shoehorn to put on shoes, you will never know the struggle of having a wide foot. People with small feet have a wide variety of beautifully designed shoes to choose from, they tend to just slip in and out a shoe no stress. And that goes for athletes too, wide feet tennis players have specially designed shoes that are easy to wear and can stand the court beating without giving in.

A shoe stretcher is handy for the wide feet people, although having wide feet could be genetic, changes in one’s body are also a contributory factor. Most women have wide feet, which are related to their wide hips as compared to men. Weight gain or standing for too long can also lead to the development of wide feet.

Sometimes when you try to fit in your previously fitting shoe, you will realize that it has become hard to put on, a shoe stretcher will, therefore, help widen its width making it easy to put on. So if you plan on getting a shoe stretcher to invest in one that will stretch your shoe length as well as its width.

A shoe stretching spray is also used, where you spray the inside of the shoes before using a stretcher. Do not exert too much pressure when trying to expand your shoe, as you might damage them. And after inserting the tool allow your shoe to sit for at least 24 or 48 hours and you will notice that it is not dramatically expanded.

How to determine the size of your feet

To be able to purchase the right shoe, you must know the size and type of your feet, and to determine the size, you will need a chart that will help interpret the results. The charts come in two types, one for women and for the men.

The process of measuring your foot will take a few minutes and you can do it at home, just tape a piece of white paper, put it on the floor, and then place your foot on it “firmly.” Now trace the outline of your foot, and if there are socks that you would like to wear with the shoe that you want to buy, do so with them, this technique works well for the sportspeople.

Now to mark the length and width of the foot that you have drawn, draw a straight line that touches the outline of the traced foot. Measure the length with a tape measure and the number that you will get will be your shoe size. Shoes are manufactured with different widths, so you will measure in between the left and the right line, then record the number.

You will then subtract 3/16th of an inch from each of the above numbers, this is for the small space between your foot and the line that you made with the pencil. You will then find a sizing chart and the length and width measurement will help you determine your foot size.

The width size of a shoe begins from AA, A to EEEE. B and D represent the average sizes for men and women. A and below means that the feet are narrow, while E going up means the feet are either wide or extra wide.

Characteristics of wide feet shoes, to look out for

For the sportsmen and women choosing shoes with Velcro or lace strap will give them the option of adjusting the shoe’s width thus enhancing its fit on the foot. Look for shoes with a wide toe box so your toes can have enough space for movement and prevent the possibilities of developing a bunion.

The upper part should also be made of soft material and a wide sole for stability, the insole needs to be padded for shock absorption and also to support your arch type. Tennis involves a lot of side to side movement therefore, the sole should be sturdy enough and a reinforced toe area will be perfect for the sudden stops.

It is not uncommon to find that your feet are not of the same size, one foot might be smaller and the other one bigger. That is one of the reasons why some tennis shoes are made with removable insoles, so tennis players can either replace the insole for comfort or add another if they have small feet or one small foot.

Best Tennis Court Shoes for Wide Feet

New Balance Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoe

Image result for 1. New Balance Men's mc806 Tennis Shoe

The upper part of the New Balance Men’s mc806 tennis shoe is made of both leather and synthetic material, the feature lets the shoe flex easily with the player’s feet. It does not restrict but holds the shoe back comfortably. The toe area is reinforced for durability because the sudden stops will easily wear out the front part.

The shoe is also equipped with a forefoot to heel Abzorb cushioning that helps in shock absorption while displacing energy. It, therefore, keeps the athlete’s foot comfortable while also protecting it. One of the main benefits of having rubber for the soles of your shoe is that you don’t have to worry about slipping or falling, the shoe design has thus incorporated hard rubber, which is wear-resistant.

The New Balance men’s tennis shoe is constructed with a rubber sole to provide enough traction when in the court and also for durability. The toe box is perforated for ventilation, so a player’s foot will not suffer from sweat. It is also wide enough to accommodate players with wide feet and ventilation seems to be all round with the perforated sides.


  • Reinforced toe area
  • Abzorb technology for shock-absorbing and cushioning
  • Wide toe box for wide feet players
  • Good lacing system supports the long tongue


  • The sole not good for lateral movements
  • Is only available in one color


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K-Swiss Hyper court Express

Image result for 1. 2. K-Swiss Hyper court Express

Apart from the good looks, the K-Swiss Hyper court shoes come in other different attractive colors, so you are actually spoilt for choice. The midsole (EVA) is well cushioned for shock absorption and provides underfoot comfort.

The upper part is made with synthetic overlays that support the foot when in action in the court, and the mesh helps in ventilation. The Drag guard technique is usually used to protect the shoe from damage in case of excessive toe dragging. The use of this technology makes the shoe a comfortable fit for toe draggers too.

The Dura wrap technology further protects the shoe from toe dragging; a player’s midfoot is therefore protected from tripping while ensuring comfort. The inside has a breathable lining to counter sweating, and the sole is made of the Aosta II high-density rubber that has good traction and is durable. The toe box is also wide enough to offer comfort to the wide foot tennis players.


  • Available in different colors
  • Drag Guard protects the toe
  • The Midfoot Dura Wrap technology helps in the stability of the foot
  • Eva midsole has been used for shock absorption


  • Foot chamber allows the foot too much movement
  • Are pre-tied


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New Balance Men’s 896v2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Image result for New Balance Men's 896v2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Removable inserts work well with people who have one small feet or both, the New Balance is enabled with the feature making them a comfortable fit with or without the inserts. From the shoe description, it is obvious that they offer good performance on hard courts; the outer sole is herringbone, which has good traction when sliding forward or sideways.

The rubber sole also offers durability and stability while in the court, and the upper part is made of both synthetic and textile material which supports the feet and enables easy movement in the court. A Revlite midsole has been incorporated for cushioning, stability and shock absorption. It has long comfortable tongue and a well-cushioned collar


  • Removable inserts for comfort
  • Herringbone outsole offers stability
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Revlite midsole for shock absorption


  • Shoes not light on the foot
  • Removable inserts can get lost easily

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K-SWISS Women’s Hyper court Express-W Tennis Shoes

Image result for K-SWISS Women's Hyper court Express-W Tennis Shoes


The K-Swiss Women Hyper court tennis shoes have a spacious toe box, so the wide feet female tennis players have been well accommodated. The collar is well padded for comfort around the Achilles area, and the tongue is not too long but sufficient for overall comfort.

The front toe part has been furnished with a DuraWrap toe guard, which protects the toes from injury it thus accommodates the pressure that comes with the side movements and the sudden stops. For women with the need for an enhanced cushioning, the K-EVA Strobel board has been incorporated, which offers support and stability during movement.

Wide feet players have been accommodated with the insole midfoot support; the Aosta 7.0 rubber outsole is durable and offers good support on a rebound, complete with shock-absorbing properties. K-Swiss manufacturers have created different colors of this brand, so women don’t have to compromise style for quality.


  • Durawrap toe guard for toe protection
  • K-EVA Strobel board for enhanced cushioning
  • Aosta 7.0 outsole rubber offers support during rebound
  • Has midfoot support for wide feet players


  • Light in weight perfect for court runs
  • The heel does not offer stability as it is a little narrow

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New Balance MC1006v1 Tennis Shoes

Image result for New Balance MC1006v1 Tennis Shoes

Male tennis players possess the ability to abuse a shoe in a hard court, therefore, by incorporating a number of advanced features tennis shoes are able to withstand the beating and come out unscathed. The New Balance MC1006v1, are light in weight thus easy to move around within the court during a game.

The long drag tip individuals will have fun with the shoe because of the highly durable sticky outsole, which also offers good traction. The upper mesh material provides enough ventilation to keep the feet cool. And the synthetic and fabric material secures the foot in place withstanding the tension of a tough game.

The tongue is not too long for discomfort but the collar has little padding not a good feature for big feet. Lateral stability is also provided from the midfoot to the toe area, and by incorporating a comfortable lacing strategy the shoes are quite stable for a hard court beating.

The padding under the foot seems a little too much but gives the underfoot a good feel, this feature also helps with shock absorption during a rebound.


  • Offers good arch support
  • Sweating has been obliterated by the upper mesh
  • Lightweight thus enhancing performance in the court
  • Padded insole for support and stability


  • Shoes tend to be too wide
  • Collar not well padded

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K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3

Image result for K-Swiss Men's Bigshot Light 3 amazon

K-Swiss has done an exceptional job with the Men’s Big shot, the midsole CMEVA complete with sock liner offers stability and comfort to the wearer. The toe box is wide and spacious, thus good accommodation for the wide feet tennis players.

The collar lining is made of textile material not very padded but offers the necessary comfort. The rubber sole is a 7.0 Aosta and comes with good traction and stability. The midsole is K-EVA for cushioning comfort to a player’s feet. The upper part is made of lightweight synthetic mesh material, therefore, it is not too heavy on the feet and the ventilation provides good breathability.

The K-Swiss provides lateral stability to a player’s foot thus enables the feet to be locked in place, the midfoot shank also obliterates the low to the ground feel, and creates torsion rigidity with plenty of lateral support.


  • Presence of sock liner offers support
  • Combination of synthetic leather and textile makes the upper part durable
  • Rubber sole provides good traction and stability
  • Upper mesh obliterates sweating offering ventilation


  • The upper part is a bit stiff for speed
  • Takes time to break in this a bit bulky when new

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Nike Air Zoom Men’s Tennis Shoes

Nike is generally a popular brand and is known for making the best tennis shoes; the Air Zoom Men’s Tennis shoes have been constructed to accommodate wide feet. The shoe guarantees players high-speed performance as it is made of lightweight material; the upper mesh offers ventilation ensuring that your feet remain cool throughout the game.

The inclusion of fit technology enables a player to make the necessary movements without restrictions or accommodation problems. Also, the open textile and synthetic material offer maximum comfort. The outsole enables easy transition in the middle of the game while offering balance and traction, and the outer sole accommodates the sudden stops and movements; therefore, there is no fear of slipping or falling.

The cushioning is lightweight but durable, made with flexible fibers that offer stability during high impact and rebounds, giving a super responsive experience. Although it’s not advisable to keep repeating shoes in the court the Nike Air is the type of breed that lasts as long as the users thus offering value for money.


  • Comfortable midsole
  • Responsive outsole
  • Light in weight enhances speed
  • Incorporated dynamic fit technology


  • Traction a bit unstable
  • Toe box not very wide for some


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Fila Men’s energized tennis shoes

Image result for Mens energized tennis shoe by fila

Sports shoes by Fila are known for their high performance and the Men’s Energized shoes are no different. The Medium arch offers maximum support either on the baseline or the serve and volley, so you don’t have to worry about being hit from the front toe.

The upper sole is responsive and has good traction, it is also light in weight thus enhances speed, the foot is comfortable on the ground and firm while inside the shoe. The upper mesh material is made of good quality breathable material. Tennis players are known for the rough cuts, sudden stops, and high rebound, these features need a stable midsole such as the one provided by Fila.

The fitting is glove-like; therefore, a player’s feet will not feel squeezed while in the court, the collar is well padded for comfort, complete with a well-fitting tongue. The outer sole is made of Evergrind rubber, which is strong thus, durable, and it also has the read pattern of herringbone, which provides good traction in the court.

Wide feet players have been accommodated, as the tennis shoes have been constructed with a spacious toe box. The laces when tied up offer support and help stabilize the upper part when tension is exerted during a game.


  • Nylon free breathable mesh
  • TPU Midsole handles rebound well
  • Durable Evergrind rubber outer sole
  • Lightweight upper sole encourages speed


  • Has to be ordered a size up

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Tennis court shoes for players with wide feet are manufactured by different companies, carefully crafted to offer traction, arch support and enhance speed. Shoes that are a bit too narrow can be rectified with the shoe stretcher and if you have trouble putting on your tennis shoe, just carry the shoehorn with you. Before you buy shoes that will comfortably accommodate your feet, first use the sizing chart.

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