Best Tennis shoes for Astro Turf (Everything You Need to Know!)

Astroturf produces artificial grasses that are mostly used in playing fields. There are different types of artificial grass in the market from the best quality that resembles grass to the average quality. The high-quality turf is made from polyester tire cord for the purpose of backing and the blades of the artificial grass are made from polypropylene or nylon.

The cushioned part is made with the polyester form or rubber compounds. The materials utilized in the making of artificial turf are in three different types and these are Nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene and that is why you have to find the best tennis shoes for the Astroturf.

Nylon has distinct properties that are most hazardous to the environment, it does not disintegrate easily when left to decompose and that is what makes it a good material for the manufacture of the artificial grass. The turf, when made, is durable and does not give in even in high temperatures, or when under pressure from excessive weight.

Unlike other types of turf, nylon does not become shapeless and is rarely used in large applications, it also comes at a very high price and is stiff in nature. Polyethylene, on the other hand, tends to portray a more natural outlook, lasts long and has a soft texture. The turf is versatile and can be used on the outdoor play spaces, pool places and in the lawns.

The last type is the polypropylene artificial grass; this type is adopted in many homes and businesses. The turf is the most affordable in the market but not very durable, it is therefore not suitable for large applications, so we don’t expect to find it in tennis courts.

Types of astroturf used in tennis courts

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One of the most common types of artificial turf used in tennis is the Tiger turf, which is made to withstand all weather conditions and can comfortably handle international games. It can also be used to give your home a healthy natural look. These brands of turf are not only comfortable but also durable and safe to use.

Benefits of using Astroturf in tennis courts

Asphalt concrete tends to be a little hard on the various parts of the body since most of the pressure is transferred to areas around the foot, therefore, causing discomfort. Natural grass, on the other hand, tends to wear off in areas where a tennis player plays on, and that is why most tennis fields have adopted the use of artificial turf.

The benefits of using artificial grass is that they are less labor-intensive when compared to the other types of courts such as the gravel court. The impact the players are likely to experience with concrete courts has a very big difference with the impact felt on an artificial grass court thus promotes their health.

Clay courts also tend to make the shoes of a tennis player dirty whereas, in the artificial grass court you will probably go back to the changing room with clean shoes. Artificial grass is also known to provide players with good traction and come in a pile of different heights. Short piles are mostly used in tennis courts because they facilitate a faster game.

Structure of tennis court shoes for Astro Turf

Tennis court shoes, in general, are made with some specified characteristics to withstand the court beating. For example, the outer sole has to be made of a durable material that can offer traction, the midsole is supposed to offer to cushion and absorb shock during a rebound and the collar and tongue have got to be comfortable to withstand the tension and offer support at the Achilles.

A heel counter is also a common characteristic in tennis shoes because it supports the heel while locking the foot firmly into the shoe. The toe boxes are also reinforced to counter the sudden stops of the tennis game. Tennis shoes are usually a snug fit and come with an upper breathable mesh to keep the feet cool.

Some of the shoes are made with an enlarged toe box to comfortably accommodate players with wide feet. Now let us specifically analyze the outer sole of the shoe used on AstroTurf, the herringbone pattern is the most recommended design because it offers optimal traction and the design controls sliding.

Best tennis shoes for AstroTurf can be made with pimples covering the whole sole because the characteristic will guarantee good traction. The sole could also be made a bit flatter and the upper part more flexible so that the shoe does not constrict the foot when the player is reaching out for the ball.

Best tennis shoes for Astro Turf


Tennis Shoes K Swiss Men Aero Court Omni White Black Neon Yellow

The K-Swiss tennis court shoes are recommended for use on artificial turf because they are made with an anti-slip sole that provides high traction given the rough outer detail. The upper part is made of flexible textile material and a mesh panel, which keeps the feet cool by allowing adequate fresh air circulation.

The insole and midsole utilize the K-Eva technology, which apart from providing the player’s feet with a comfortable cushion, also has shock absorption properties and offers stability when the foot is in action. The outer rubber sole is made of a sturdy frame, necessary for stability and also features an Aosta II rubber outsole that is durable and wear-resistant.

Apart from the artificial turf surface, the shoe can also be adopted on clay, smash and hard courts, they are made specifically for the men. The collar is well padded to offer comfort to the feet and the V-shape provides support to the feet at the Achilles area.

The toe box is wide enough thus does not constrict the toes and the width accommodates wide feet individuals.


  • Made with an anti-slip sole
  • Insole and midsole utilize the K-Eva technology
  • Features a durable Aosta II rubber outsole
  • Versatile for different courts


  • Pricey


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K Swiss Men Defier RS White High Rise

Image result for 2. K Swiss Men Defier RS White High Rise amazonThe K-Swiss Men Defier is versatile to be used in different types of court, which include the artificial turf court. The shoe has been made with a resistant Drag Guard, to counter the tension on the toe and heel, and the outsole is Aosta 7.0 a durable rubber that contributes to stability and support while offering high traction.

The shoe features an ortholite insole that works to counter the shock during rebound and the midfoot has been furnished with a TPU construction for extra stability. The shoe features a natural and synthetic durable leather material and a Dura wrap technology that is resistant to wear on the hotspots.

The tongue and collar are well padded for extra comfort on the shoe and to protect and support the Achilles. The shoes are water repellent and the upper breathable part allows for the exchange of air. The shoes have a spacious toe box and the lace-up offers stability to the feet and is flexible during movement.


  • The shoe can be used in different courts
  • Features Dura wrap and Drag guard technology
  • Well-cushioned collar for Achilles support
  • Has an ortholite insole


  • Price is on the higher side

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2. Head Nitro Team Men’s Tennis Shoe

Image result for 3. Tennis Shoe HEAD Nitro Team Men Anthracite OpalThe Tennis shoe Head Nitro is made from lightweight material that encourages speed and flexibility in the court. The midsole is well cushioned for comfort and shock absorption and can be used on different types of court. The shoe comes with a firm support outsole that works in sustaining a player when performing the lateral movements.

Most tennis shoes are unable to give a good performance on bad weather but not the Head Nitro, the outsole profile has a firm grip and enables excellent performance on unfavorable weather conditions. The lace-up offers stability and flexibility on a player’s foot and the tongue and collar have been well cushioned for comfort and stability.


  • The rubber sole offers good traction
  • Has Midsole cushioning for comfort
  • Lightweight for flexibility and speed
  • Padded collar for Achilles support


  • For men only
  • Toe box runs a bit narrow

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3. Tennis Shoe K Swiss Men Bigshot Light LTR Omni White Black Silver

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Apart from the artificial turf court, you can also enjoy other court surfaces; the shoes also feature a removable insole for convenience. New tennis players who are still developing their game and improving on their footwork will find the shoe reliable. The construction of the midsole has incorporated the EVA technology for cushioning and shock absorption.

The lateral movements have been catered for in the shoe as it has been made with lateral support and the upper part is made of a soft flexible material that flexes with the foot during movement. A herringbone sole profile that offers stability and traction has been used on the outer sole and given that the shoe can be used on different types of courts, the material used for sole construction is stainless.

The collar is made of a textile lining and is well padded complete with a U-Shape, to support the Achilles. The lace-up is firm when tied up complete with a padded collar for stability.


  • Comfortable Eva midsole
  • Herringbone outer profile offers good traction
  • Lateral movements have been supported
  • Upper soft material offers flexibility


  • Lightweight material wears out faster
  • Some are tight-fitting


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4. New Balance Men’s Lav V1 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Image result for 5. Tennis Shoes New Balance Men MCHLA Black VioletThe shoe’s midsole is made from fresh foam, included is the Eva midsole for comfort and shock absorption on the footbed. The fitting on a player’s foot is very light, which encourages speed and flexibility and the heel has also been reinforced to secure the foot on the shoe while allowing flexibility.

The inside seams are reinforced to prevent irritation, and the herringbone detail on the outsole provides good traction thus stability in the field. The players can also safely perform lateral moves without worry of twisting their foot, and the sole is dirt-repellent as it does not encourage the adherence of clay.

The sides of the shoe have been made with a tough material that offers support during gliding, however, the collar has less padding but the tongue and lace-up are sure to provide stability while encouraging flexibility and movement. The shoe also features a wide toe box which provides room for the feet to flex and move comfortably especially during the lateral movements.


  • Incorporated fresh foam midsole
  • Herringbone outsole offers a firm grip
  • Utilized Eva midsole for shock absorption and cushioning
  • The footbed has been supported


  • For men only
  • Might need some time to break-in


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5. Tennis Shoes K Swiss Men Hypercourt EXP HB Lollipop Black

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The K Swiss brand has provided players with a shoe that incorporates the latest technology, the midsole is a K-Eva, that has good cushioning and shock absorption properties not to mention its durability. And the latest technology incorporated in this feature is the GuideGlide construction and the inclusion of the PSC midsole.

The above features ensure that a tennis player stays stable in the court even when sliding, the upper flexible part has been constructed with multiple mesh panels, which enables the exchange of fresh air thus keeping the foot cool and dry.

An Ortholite insole has also been used for cushioning and stability and the Aosta 7.0 outsole complete with the Durawrap and Drag guard technology contribute to stability and durability of the shoe. Also incorporated is the herringbone profile which is known for high traction and when used on artificial turf it does not leave behind any marks, and can also be used on smash and clay courts.

The shoe is made with upper lightweight material and an enlarged toe box, the collar is well padded complete with an Achilles support V-shape.


  • Incorporated ortholite insole
  • New technology guide glide feature and a PC midsole included
  • The outer sole has been made with the Herringbone technology for traction
  • Multiple breathable mesh panels have been used for the upper part


  • Lightweight material not very durable
  • Price a bit too high for shoes of the same performance


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6. New Balance Men’s MC696 Light Weight Tennis Shoe

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Tennis players wearing this shoe will not have to contend with a heavy shoe weight as it is made of lightweight material that enhances speed and flexibility. The New Balance Performance Men’s 996 also features some of the latest technology used in shoe construction, which encourages optimal performance.

When performing the lateral moves the pro bank technology has been used to offer maximum support. The cushioning is Revlite for comfort and has been constructed with a firm material to offer support to a player’s feet.

The outer sole is equipped with a deep groove that offers a firm grip on the artificial turf court, they are also dirt-repellent, so you don’t have to walk out of the court with clay all over the shoe. Also utilized is the herringbone sole for stability and traction necessary for the lateral movements and sudden turns.

The upper part has been constructed with a synthetic leather mesh, which helps in aeration thus keeps the feet cool and dry.


  • Outer sole made of durable rubber
  • Herringbone detail for support and stability
  • The shoe is firm on the feet
  • Upper synthetic mesh enables air conditioning


  • Narrow toe box
  • Might take some time to break-in


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Tennis Shoes K Swiss Men Aero Knit Brilliant Blue Neon Orange

From the image above the Aero Knit offers a comfortable glove fit while molding onto the player’s foot, the breathability cannot be questioned and it also enables easy flexing of the foot. The footbed has incorporated a rare technology the “t-Surge +” that provides excellent cushioning to a player’s feet.

The outsole provides the player with stability when performing lateral moves, and the most interesting feature of the Aero Briliant is that the shoe features hidden laces that offer stability and support. The nonmarking sole can be used on different courts, including the artificial turf courts.


  • Incorporated new “t-Surge+” technology
  • Upper part molds to the foot
  • Non-marking outer sole
  • Hidden laces for stability and support


  • Constructed for the male players only
  • Little cushioning on the collar


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The artificial turfs come in different qualities, each suitable for a specific setting, the types of turf used in tennis courts are of the best quality because they have to contend with the intensity of the game. The type of tennis shoes used on the Astroturf court has unique features on the outsole to provide traction and stability either when performing the lateral moves or when sliding.

Different companies cater to this need and players are thus spoilt for choice, some of the most important features to look out for include a herringbone outsole or one that has grooves. The upper part should feature a flexible material that will not constrict a player’s foot during movement. Breathability is also necessary and is provided with the mesh.