Best tennis shoes for Bunions (Everything You Need to Know!)

A Bunion is a swelling on the joint of your big toe that can be exacerbated by wearing wrong fitting shoes, which are either too tight or too narrow. When your big toe is constricted it pushes on the next toe, which ultimately forces the joint of the big toe to grow bigger and stick out. The skin that is now under friction will become sore and might even change its color.

Bunions, therefore, develop after constant exposure to pressure or abnormal motion, where you will notice that the first toe has bent towards the others leading to the formation of the hallux valgus, the scientific name of the bump that forms at the side of your big toe. To this end, tennis players need to buy shoes that will not encourage the development of a bunion or exacerbate the already existing condition.

How to Avoid developing Bunions

Shoes contribute a lot to the general body fitness and tennis players to be precise need to put on shoes that can withstand the pounding that comes with an intense tennis game, and which will also not affect their leg, feet or overall body function. Most people take wearing a good fitting shoe for granted, not knowing that a wrong fit will have them hospitalized.

Well, it might not be very obvious but the health of your feet is determined by all the things that come into contact with them. Be it the smothering socks, your body weight, the size, and shape of the upper part of the shoe, and this includes the toe box. The material used to make the shoe; the shoe arch type and the sole also impact a player’s feet.

However, there are various applicable methods to prevent bunions such as wearing shoes that don’t pinch or cramp the toes. People get bunions by inheriting, also as you grow older your feet tend to become wider and bigger. So you might want to keep track of your feet to make sure that you are purchasing and wearing the right type of shoe, to avoid developing or worsening pre-existing conditions.

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How to care for a bunion feet

In severe cases the treatment of a bunion may require surgery; other applicable methods include taking a lot of rest, and the use of anti-inflammatory medication or intermittent ice application. Toe spacers could also be used when wearing shoes to ease the pressure on one’s toes, and they can also be worn at night. Bunion pads are also handy as they relieve pressure and ensure that the bunion is not irritated by the shoes that you are wearing.

Shoes that have enough space for the toes; will help ease tension around the feet and won’t make the pre-existing condition worse. Bunions will not go away by simply taking pain medication and if the condition becomes worse then an orthopedic specialist should be consulted, as surgery might be the only way out. The severity of the bunion will determine the surgical procedure, as some can be done without anesthesia.

People who have undergone the correctional surgical process might need up to 8 weeks of healing time and for the sportspeople, they could be out for a considerable amount of time. Crutches will then be necessary for movement, and it is important to ensure that the feet are properly healed, before returning to the court.

This is because the surgical procedure aims at straightening and realigning the joint surfaces and bones around the big toe. If players can find non-surgical procedures that will reduce the severity of the bunion the better and can then continue with the sport.

However, it is important to note that there are high chances that a player might suffer loss-of-range of motion at the operated joint, a condition that might, in the long run, affect their performance in sports.

A bunion splint is one of the things that can help ease the pain of a bunion and it is usually worn at night; the device helps to push the deformed toe back to its normal position. A player will need to put them on for a long time to help manage the situation, however, they won’t heal the bunion, but rather halt its progression.

Toe socks are also a worthy investment for bunion feet, as they help relieve pain, tennis players can buy a well-padded compression sock which helps to keep the feet properly aligned.

Remember a bunion only gets worse with age and doesn’t go away on its own, which is why a bunionectomy might be necessary. The procedure helps relieve foot pain, improve function and correct the deformity. That is if persistent pain does not subside despite adopting the appropriate care measures.

Sportsmen and women and especially tennis players should be keen on the performance of their feet because if a bunion is not diagnosed in due time and treated, other problems will be borne out of the ailment. The second toe will probably be deformed as it will be pushed out of place and the joint of the big toe will most likely develop arthritis.

Best Tennis shoes for players with Bunions


K-SWISS Men’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

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The K-Swiss Men’s big shot shoes have been made to not only enhance playability but to protect a player’s feet against unnecessary injuries. For one, the inside midsole is a padded mold, whose structure allows a player’s foot to rests while providing support from the rear to the front. The feature also helps in shock absorption.

The synthetic leather upper part enhances breathability by allowing airflow system thus releasing moisture, it also protects the player’s feet when engaging different foot moves and is not restrictive as they flex with the feet. The shoe is light, which enables the player to move as fast as they possibly can between shots.

The Drag guard technology has been used on the shoe in parts that are exposed to early deterioration such as the rear and front outsole, which encourage resistance. The textile collar lining offers ankle support and comfort when initiating side movements or the abrupt split steps.

The K-Swiss also has the Durawrap, which is necessary especially for toe dragging as it offers an extra line of defense and also works to relieve bunion pain when in the court. The shoe design and patterns have been engineered to suit all types of players and mostly accommodate those with bunion feet.


  • Abrasion resistance encourages durability
  • Comfort is enhanced via the padded heel collar and tongue
  • Plantar support incorporated for bunion feet
  • Drilex lining enhances ventilation by obliterating moisture


  • Not very flexible
  • Big fitting


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ASICS Men’s GT-2000 4 Running Shoe

The Asics Men’s GT-2000 has the cushioning stability needed for the tennis court as they offer support. The beating that sports shoes take in the court can easily leave your shoes in pieces, therefore, the upper part has to incorporate good quality material, which is tension -resistant.

The Asics upper part comprises of imported good quality synthetic material that is resistant to a player’s tension while in the court. Players with bunion feet are accommodated in the design of the shoe as they have been provided with the rear and forefoot gel cushioning. The latter rarely loses its cushion even with time of extensive play or workout. The gel additionally provides shock absorption and protects the feet.

The shoes fit snugly a feature that has been enabled by the heel clutching system and the exoskeletal heel. What’s more, is that the guidance Trusstic system works by preventing the turning of the shoe in the court or excessive twisting, a feature that enhances stability and injuries are thus kept at bay? The Trusstic system also helps in performance as it reinforces the middle part of the shoe.

A sole that does not offer good court grip is a recipe for disaster, the ASIC’S Men’s are equipped with a rubber sole, which has good traction thus protecting the player from slipping and falling.


  • Apart from bunion feet, the shoe is good for flat feet
  • Can be worn for long hours
  • Incorporated TRUSSTIC technology
  • Upper tear-resistant material


  • The use of plastic on the heels affects walking
  • Toe box a bit narrow

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Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 17

The Brooks shoe has been carefully crafted with some of the best supportive features that many tennis players would love. One is that it has a progressive diagonal rollbar; the function of the roll bar is to prevent the player’s feet from moving to the back and is usually made of lightweight graphite material. Also incorporated is the BIOMOGO DNA sole cushioning, which protects a player’s feet by adapting to the foot’s movement.

The full-length segmented crash pad in the shoe can take any type of foot landing while enhancing a smooth heel-to-toe transition. Bunion foot players will therefore not encounter pain with this shoe given the sensitivity of their foot condition.

The mid foam is also triple-density further relieving bunion pain, and the shoe is light in weight and can thus be used by players who put in long hours in games or training. The rounded heel supports the ankle heel minimizing the possibilities of injuries or pain. The toe box has also been enhanced and players get a comfortable feel in combination with the BIOMOGO midsole.

The Brooks men adrenaline shoe supports two arch types, the flat and the medium, therefore high arched players might want to keep off this one. Performance on hard surfaces such as concrete is also excellent.

A player’s body type directly impacts the shoe performance and some shoes cannot handle heavy bodyweight however, for the brooks all body types are well accommodated.


  • It is a snug and secure fit
  • Full-length segmented crash pad adapts well to footfall
  • Progressive diagonal bar technology for proper body alignment
  • Can be worn for long hours


  • Not suitable for broad feet
  • Light construction crashing with a high heel drop

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Adidas performance men’s barricade club tennis shoe

The Adidas performance men’s barricade shoes have been fitted by an Adiwear rubber sole that can handle any type of beating or impact. The traction performance is top-notch as it prevents unnecessary sliding when initiating moves in a tennis court.

The shoes are versatile and can be used for different sporting activities. They can also be worn by both male and female players and their lightweight offers enough support for the court jumps in combination with the torsion system. The upper part has utilized the mesh material, which enables ventilation during training or in a game.

Bunion protect has been enhanced by the shaft measurement, which is low top from the arch thus offering a snug fit, the feature also accommodates over-pronated feet. The insole can be removed and this enables the players to adjust them accordingly. Under the heel, there is ADIPRENE, which protects the feet from bumps and jolts.

The Adidas Performance Men’s barricade has a soft responsive midsole and outsole cushioning; this means that it gives players a good feel under the feet when in the court, it also makes them feel as if they are in close contact with the ground.


  • The insole is removable
  • The Overlays are synthetic thus offering lateral support
  • The rubber sole provides good traction
  • The shoes hold up well with a durable sole


  • Sophisticated lacing design
  • Breaking in takes a considerable amount of time

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

With the ASIC Men’s Gel-Nimbus you can forget about the snug fit as you are presented with the glove fit, which is neither too tight nor too loose. The feature is enhanced by the fluid fit technology which combines elastic reinforcements with elastic mesh and thus adapts to a player’s foot.

An irritating piece of fabric in the shoes can be very uncomfortable in the court, to this end the Asics men Gel Nimbus boasts of seamless construction, which obliterates the potential for irritation that is usually caused by the traditional unfinished seams or the raw stitches.

The rear and forefoot gel cushioning system is perfect for shock-absorbing, balance and encourages movement in a number of planes. Asics as a brand produces shoes specially designed to cater to the needs of players with bunions.

Many of the incorporated features like the fluid ride midsole act to keep bunion pain away, what’s more, is that the heel system technology not only offers support but creates a good exoskeleton heel condition. The sole construction retains a 10mm offset ability increasing its durability and the Dura sponge outsole enhances cushioning.

The Trusstic system used in the construction of the shoe provides balance in between cushioning and support and prevents a player from twisting their foot while in the court playing


  • Players experience a glove fit, not too tight or too loose
  • Elastic reinforcement and elastic mesh lets the foot adapt to a players foot
  • Rear and forefoot gel cushioning for shock absorption
  • Seamless construction on the inside part thus no irritation
  • Fluid ride midsole protects bunion feet players


  • Not good for longer playing periods
  • Outer sole wears off fast

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Altra Women’s Intuition 1.5 Running Shoe

The Altra Women’s Intuition has been built to withstand the running movements that tennis players make in the court. The large toe space accommodation is great for players with bunion feet, and the rubber sole provides good traction in the different types of courts.

The shoes have been designed for women tennis players and exhibit a no drop from the heel to the toe offering a natural footstrike from the ground. The outsole is 4.5 mm thick and the inside is made of the EVA midsole which is good for rebound and cushioning, such that when a player jumps they don’t necessarily experience impact from landing on a hard object.

The front part of the shoe has been equipped with a toe spring that gives the players a bit of a lift when in movement thus enhancing speed and makes the players feel faster.


  • Wide toe area accommodates bunion feet
  • Has good balance with extra spring bounce at the front
  • The rubber sole offers good court grip
  • Upper part made of soft material thus comfortable


  • Thin sole not very durable
  • Not recommended for long court hours.

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As it turns out the tennis shoes that have been made for bunion feet wearers are also adopted by athletes. Different companies have incorporated features that will alleviate the bunion pain, for example, the gel cushioning in Men’s shoes will help in shock-absorbing and provide balance while also protecting bunion feet.

Tennis players with bunion feet can adopt a bunion split or the toe socks to relieve pain and also to help rectify the condition. Although the bunion splint takes long to work it is a worthy venture when compared to surgery, which will have the player out of the tennis court for a while.