The Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes For Hammertoes (Everything You Need to Know!)

In the beginning, hammertoes are flexible and can be corrected easily, but if left unchecked for a long period, they can become fixed making it harder to correct unless with surgery. Bunions are a sign of hammertoes that you can resolve by wearing comfortable shoes that have plenty of room at the toe box. If you have fallen arches or overpronation, you should wear shoes that are motion control or stability shoes, but if your feet are neutral to underpronation, your shoes should have neutral cushioning.

What are hammertoes?

Normal toes usually point forward, but if you’re suffering from hammertoes you will either have one or more toes bent or curled downwards. This is a deformity that can affect any toe on your foot except your big toe, but especially the second and third toes. This causes a lot of discomfort at the top of the toe because it rubs against the shoe. There are two types of hammertoes: flexible and rigid.

A flexible hammertoe means the joints can move and can be straightened manually, but a rigid hammertoe has very little movement which can be very painful. This can restrict your foot movement putting extra strain on the balls of your feet which can lead to pain and development of calluses and corns.

What causes hammertoes?

  • It can be genetic or may at times occur as a birth defect.
  • One of the main causes of hammertoes is wearing shoes that are too tight or shoes with pointy toes for long periods.
  • If you have arches that are above the average height of foot arches, you’re prone to developing foot conditions like hammertoes.
  • People with bunions will most likely have hammertoes because the big toe tends to push inwards.
  • Certain toe injuries will, in the long run, result in hammertoes.
  • If you suffer from conditions like arthritis, spinal cord problems, tight tendons, and ligaments, or peripheral nerve damage, you’re more prone to developing hammertoes.

Features of a good shoe for hammertoes

There are some things you should consider when you want to buy the best tennis shoes for hammertoes.

Shoe size

This is a major problem with people suffering from hammertoes because the shoes you wear have a narrow toe box that squeezes your toes together pushing them against your shoes.  This pressure causes pain that leaves you limping after wearing the shoes and this soreness can last for a long time. This can lead to foot problems like hammertoes, bunions, and mallet toes. To resolve these conditions, go for shoes that are wider than regular shoes to give your feet plenty of space but still have a proper fit so that your shoes aren’t tight. Some shoes have a stretchable upper that you can adjust for a better fit or a closure system that can be adjusted.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for shoes that will resolve your painful feet or shoes that will prevent such problems, you need to realize that everyone’s feet are different and not all models of shoes can fit everyone.


Sneakers are mostly made with stiff material which helps them last longer and can withstand the vigorous activities you take them through, but if you have hammertoes you need something more flexible. The upper should be more flexible but still, keep your feet securely in place to prevent your feet from sliding up or down. Shoes made with flexible materials give you a good fit that is comfy and secure and will not cause any irritation.

Orthotic shoes are made with flexible materials like mesh and soft canvas or padded leather that will help you to freely walk, run, or jump without your toes being pushed against the inside of your shoes. Lace-up closures or Velcro straps can also help with mobility issues.


Shoes with good air circulation will allow your feet to breathe and wick moisture away which will help control the temperatures and other factors that may cause skin irritation and swelling. This will help prevent blistering or rubbing and will also help stop the formation of corns and calluses that make you uncomfortable when wearing shoes.

Shock absorption

Most insoles are made with solid materials that cannot absorb shock when you’re walking on hard surfaces or provide any cushioning. Foot experts recommend getting inserts that are designed for specific foot shape and foot issues. Athletic style shoes are made with shock absorption materials to protect your feet from all the movements.


The pressure from when your feet hit the ground, your weight, and the weight of the shoes puts undue stress on the balls of your feet and your toes. Shoes for people with normal feet have flat footbeds and soles which helps to evenly distribute your weight throughout your feet when you’re walking. Arch support helps to raise your feet where it’s needed and redistribute the pressure away from your arch and toes. Shoes with excellent arch support reduce the pressure on your forefoot by giving your foot a more natural position as you walk or stand.

Some shoes come with removable footbeds that cater to your specific needs and allows you to change the insole in case it’s smelly or dirty and replace with orthotic inserts that will contribute to the comfort and health of your feet.


Here are the best shoes for people suffering from hammertoes

Sketchers women’s D’Lites lace-up sneakers

 lace-up sneakersSketchers is a well-known shoe brand that produces trendy and quality shoes for men, women, and kids. These athletic and fashionable sneakers are made with air-cooled memory foam insoles to give you extra comfort. These sneakers come in an attractive leather upper that is made with stylish and contrasting colored mesh fabric that helps to keep your feet cool and dry so you don’t have to worry about having smelly and sweaty feet that will make you uncomfortable. The lace-up design helps you to adjust the tightness you want to give you better support for your feet and helps to prevent your ankles from rolling inwards or outwards.

The padded collar and tongue provide extra comfort for your feet while the soft fabric lining on the inside provides a cushiony feel for your feet and toes. The thick midsole not only offers better heel and arch support but also helps in absorbing shock with every step you take whether you’re running, jumping, walking, or just standing. The outsole is made of a slip-resistant rubber that will give you good grip and traction on any surface. The memory foam insole makes these sneakers stand out as this material can adjust itself to contour to the shape of your feet providing better support and cushioning.


  • Very comfortable and cushiony
  • Provides a perfect fit
  • Excellent sneakers for people with high arches and feet problems
  • Provides good support for your ankles


  • The quality of the shoes isn’t consistent
  • Doesn’t have removable footbeds


Excellent sneakers that offer great comfort, support, and protection for your feet whether you’re jumping, running, or walking on the court. Your feet and toes are well cushioned and have enough room to keep your toes comfortable.

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Vionic women’s walker

women’s walker

These are women’s athletic shoes that are designed to provide you with great comfort and support while you’re on your feet. They’re made with a premium full-grain water-resistant leather upper that makes it easy for you to clean and you don’t have to worry about stains on your shoes. The lace-up design allows you to adjust to your desired snug fit which will help to provide better support for your ankles and feet.

The breathable mesh lining will wick away the moisture to leave your feet cool and dry with no sweat or feet odor left in your shoes after you take them off. The removable orthotic features an antibacterial covering also contributes to keeping your shoes smelling fresh and clean throughout the day. These shoes have a motion-controlled footbed that has contoured arch support to remove the pressure off your heels from the impact of the hard surface, while the durable rubber outsole improves traction increasing your stability and support.


  • Provides good foot and arch support
  • Helps to keep your feet and knees in the correct alignment
  • Has a great design
  • Comes with an in-built orthotic support


  • The seams come apart after a while


Well-designed sneakers that come with built-in orthotic support to provide better comfort and support for your toes, feet, ankles, and heels. They provide great arch support and the lace-up design allows you to adjust the fitness for a more secure fit.

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Orthofeet women sneakers

women sneakers

These sneakers are biomechanically designed to give you a solution to most of the foot conditions you might have like hammertoes. They come with unique features like a wide toe box to avoid your toes being smashed in the shoes, a stretchable and soft upper so that you can stretch your shoes to the size you want and to avoid irritation and rubbing on your toes, a non-binding design around the area of the bunion for better comfort and ease the pressure on the bunions, and orthotic removable insoles to alleviate stress on your joints and provide a more natural arch support that will help reduce overpronation and straighten your feet and toes.

The extended widths of the sneakers that come in medium, wide, and extra-wide widths provide a perfect fit for different feet sizes. The seam-free fabric lining and extra foam padding will not only provide superior comfort, but it will also protect sensitive feet from friction and irritation. The multiple cushioning layers in the insoles provide your feet with soft pillow-like support, you will feel like you’re walking on air and help ease the pain on your feet and heels and even your knees, hips, and lower back. With this stylish and comfortable sneakers, you can walk, jump, run, and stand without any pain.


  • An effective solution for hammertoes
  • Has an excellent arch support
  • Stylish sneakers with bright colors
  • Very comfortable and secure


  • Don’t have a variety of colors


Super comfortable and stylish orthopedic sneakers that help solve most of your foot conditions including hammertoes. They have unique comfort features that make it easier for you to wear shoes and not feel any pain.

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ASICS women’s gel-venture 6 running shoes

running shoe

This is a great pair of shoes that will help people with high arches who need shoes that will keep them comfortable while on your feet for long periods. They’re also great if you have any feet deformities like hammertoes. This is stylish shoes made with multicolored fabric that gives it a unique look. The trail-specific rubber outsole has excellent traction for all types of surfaces so you’re feet remain stable and supported.

The rearfoot gel cushioning helps to absorb the shock of the impact from the hard surface keeping you comfortable and eliminating any pain or stress on your toes and feet. The removable sock liner allows you to use your customized inserts for a more personalized fit. The outsole is exceptionally durable thanks to the high abrasion rubber. This is great shoes for people with underpronation and neutral foot types.


    • Very comfortable and stable shoes to walk in
    • Provides more toe room
    • Has more padding on the heel to relieve the pressure
    • A good choice for people with flat feet and plantar fasciitis



  • The removable insoles are very thin


A superb pair of shoes that you can wear for a long time and not feel like you’re dying from the pain or your feet want to fall off. The rubber outsole provides great traction on all surfaces while the gel cushioning ensures your feet and toes are well supported.

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Propet women sneakers

fashionable sneakers

These sneakers are a fashionable option for women suffering from hammertoes and you’re looking for that extra comfort and ankle support. Although they aren’t specifically designed for people with hammertoes, they have the necessary features to help with your foot condition. The shoes are designed with a wider forefoot and heel base o give you better stability and a PU insole with heel padding and cushioning for superior comfort. These sneakers are lightweight and made with soft leather for that snug fit. The full-grain perforated leather upper will not only help in keeping your feet cool and dry, but it will also ensure the shoes last longer. The padded collar and tongue will give you more ankle support so you don’t have to worry about injuries or dislocations.

The durable rubber outsole has multidirectional treads that will give you traction on different surfaces and offer better stability while you’re on your feet. The EVA midsole provides you with arch support and the removable footbed can be removed to be replaced with customized orthotic inserts that suit your foot needs. These sneakers are also available in different sizes and widths so they can be perfect if you have wide or narrow feet. The lacing closure design allows you to get a perfect fit because you can adjust the tightness of the shoes to your liking.


  • Very comfortable and stable shoes
  • Customized orthotics fit easily
  • The leather upper is breathable
  • They hold very well
  • Easy to clean


  • Not very fashionable
  • The shoes may run a little small


An excellent option if you’re dealing with hammertoes and still want to wear shoes that aren’t too heavy for your feet. They have a lightweight design but still, support your entire foot with additional ankle support so you can remain active.

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Finding the best tennis shoes for hammertoes can be hard if you don’t know what kind of shoes you should wear to help with your foot condition. Sketchers women’s D’Lites lace-up sneakers are durable, comfortable, supportive, and trendy athletic shoes that will keep your feet cool and dry when you’re on the court. They’re well-padded and offer great support for your feet, toes, and heel. Now you can practice and play without any pain.