Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches (Everything You Need to Know!)

Athletes with high arches should pay special attention to their lower limbs because they usually have a problem with shock-absorbing and this is because the foot does not roll enough to enhance the distribution of weight when under pressure. They, therefore, tend to suffer from Achilles and ankle tendon problems, calluses, hammertoes, corns, sesamoiditis, metatarsalgia, and plantar fasciitis.

Tennis players with high arches can avoid the above problems by finding the right shoe that protects the feet by supporting and cushioning it. The arch support on the foot braces the midfoot thus distributing the force evenly. Padding under the ball of the foot enables it to absorb shock better.

Having high arches is not all cons but pros too and one of them is that the feature works well with sudden acceleration and direction changes. The foot tends to adopt a stiffer form, therefore, the force distribution lets the foot to adapt and move fast under this type of stress.

Determining your Arch Type

Sportsmen and women need to know the type of their foot arch so that they can purchase the correct shoe. There are three different types of arches, and these are the High Arch, the Flat Arch, and the Normal Arch. Now, there is a small do it yourself activity that will help you determine the type of your foot arch.

Get a small bucket of water, dip your foot inside and then step out and stand on a piece of cardboard, pressing your foot evenly from the front to the rear, then remove your foot and study the print. The last image of the high arch is indicative of a foot that does not touch the ground when walking; therefore, they don’t absorb stress when compared to the low arch flat foot.

Image of different types of foot arches


The ball of the foot or the rear foot is now forced to carry all the stress and if you observe the shoes worn by high arched individuals, you will discover that they have excessively worn out on the outside part of the heel area. It is, therefore, advisable to choose shoes that are well cushioned for arch support.

High arches are sometimes inherited that is if either one of your parents had them, while others are as a result of medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, which causes movement disorder, or neuromuscular diseases such as poliomyelitis. Others include nerve trauma or the club foot deformity.

Although there are many sports shoes made to specially cater for people with high arches, there are some that probably will not perform as required and will, therefore, necessitate the need for an arch support insole, which will be used in replacement of the insole in your tennis or sports shoes. High arched individuals may experience pain in the foot and are advised to use orthotics.

Image result for orthotics images


Orthotics help in balancing the foot and the ankle and in the process stabilizes the arch. The arch support insole, on the other hand, restores the foot to its neutral position and in the process obliterates pain.

Image result for insoles for high arched people


Tennis shoes for High Arched individuals

Saucony Men’s Ride 9 Running Shoe

The Saucony Men’s shoe has been made with the international standard carbon rubber, which helps protect a player’s toe and heel. Tennis players have concerns about the front part of the toe box and its ability to hold up for a couple of games. The forefoot area of the Saucony shoe has been cushioned by soft rubber enabling an extra bounce on the player’s feet. Besides the carbon rubber also enhances the durability of the shoe.

Heavy shoes will definitely restrict movements in the tennis court, therefore, a tennis player shoe should be made with lightweight material as they tend to move a lot, especially the baseline players. Tennis players are involved in a lot of footwork and to get a good shot a player has to follow the correct form and technique.

Therefore, the constant movement requires a light fitting shoe that will enhance balance to achieve the right shot. Saucony offers tennis players the lightest shoes that will stack up well in a tennis court thus giving users a good experience, the shoes are versatile and can be used for marathon training. They also give a great response when being used on the road, in synthetic tracks or on the treadmill.


  • Enables transitions
  • Light on the feet
  • Carbon rubber for toe and heel protection
  • Versatile


  • Not enough space in the toe box
  • Irresponsive sole


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K-SWISS Women’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

Image result for 2. K-SWISS Women's Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

High arched female tennis players have been provided with the K-SWISS women Grancourt II tennis shoe. The upper part is made with perforated leather for air to get in and flow around the foot. The synthetic upper material also keeps the foot secured and comfortable while inside the shoe.

The outer rubber sole offers good traction and can, therefore, be used in the different types of courts. The collar and tongue are also padded providing extra cushion and comfort; incorporated is the K-Eva technology, which helps in shock absorption. Eva materials are of low-temperature properties; they thus provide stability to the foot and can endure the pressure of a hard court day, inclusive of the player’s weight.

If the insole does not perform up to a player’s requirements, as discussed earlier they have the option of replacing it with a customized arch support insole. The Eva insole has been found to break down with time and that is why some sports shoe manufacturers prefer to use rubber. Otherwise, the K-SWISS Women’s shoe is a snug fit.


  • Good high arch support
  • Spacious toe box
  • Durable synthetic upper part
  • Padded collar and tongue


  • Not very light on the foot
  • Might need addition high arch insole


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New Balance Women’s WC1005 Stability Tennis Shoe

Image result for 1. New Balance Men's mc806 Tennis ShoeThe Women’s WC1005 Tennis shoes are made with high-quality synthetic material and greatly accommodate female tennis players with high arched feet. The shoe is equipped with a versatile foam Acteva midsole and the technology produces a midsole that is lighter than the standard midsole foam. The cushion technology is responsive and shock absorbing thus enabling good performance.

Since the New Balance Women tennis shoes are to be used in high wear; they have been made with an Ndurance rubber compound that ensures durability, as it has to contend with strong grips while providing balance to the player. The S-curve stability technology enables the player to perfect their cutting movements, and it also ensures support to the midfoot, medial heel and the lateral forefoot.

The collar cushioning provides comfort making the shoe wearable for long hours, and the upper mesh part allows air circulation thus making them breathable. The toe box is spacious enough and could also be used by the toe draggers. What’s more, is that the midrise ankle support protects players from rolling.


  • Sole has a good grip
  • S-curve technology offers support to the feet
  • Acteva midsole supports high arched feet
  • Collar cushioning offers comfort


  • Might have to pick a size up or down
  • Can only be used for tennis sports

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Adidas Barricade 2018 Boost Shoe Men’s Tennis

Image result for adidas Barricade 2018 Boost Shoe Men's Tennis

The padded collar and tongue of the Adidas Barricade make them wearable for long hours; they are also versatile and can be worn for long hours to different games, and not just tennis. Male players with high arches can adopt the Adidas Barricade as its cushioning is of high level.

The seamless forged upper mesh lets the shoe take the shape of the player’s feet even when flexing, however, the shoe might need time to adjust to the flex. The synthetic material used in the manufacture of the shoe will have you grace the courts more than a couple of times as they are durable.

Tennis players need a shoe that will fit snugly both on the soles and in the upper part. The Adidas Barricade has thus been made via the GEOFIT technology and has also been provided for with a lace-up closure, which greatly enhances the snug fit and comfort during play.


  • Light in weight
  • Good sole traction and durability
  • Provides Arch support
  • Flexes with the feet


  • Tend to expand when put on and off
  • Requires a few days break-in period

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ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

Image result for ASICS Men's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

High arched feet as discussed require special attention especially during sports, the Asics Gel venture running shoe has a gel cushioning system for the foot’s ball, and this in combination with the removable insole will be a perfect fit for males with high arches, as they can simply replace the insole with an arch support insole. The Gel cushioning also helps in contouring of the feet thus providing stability and comfort to the player.

The AHAR rubber sole is durable and resistant thus offers good traction in the court. The shoes come in different colors, a fact that is not very common to other tennis shoes in the market. The Asics are available in almost all the sizes, and the insole provisions can comfortably accommodate the low and normal arch individuals.

Sneakers do get hot with regard to the activity that one is performing, whether training, walking or paying, and the reason why they are mostly made with a mesh upper part is for ventilation. Tennis players wearing a shoe that is not well meshed might feel hot inside the shoe because air is not allowed to circulate in the shoe.

The Asics do not allow for the accumulation of heat while on the feet because the mesh allows for maximum ventilation. What’s more, is that the low top in the arch enables players to have more power in their serve? Tennis players have got about eight shots, the overhead, the drop shot, the backhand, and the volley among others, now all these shots can be served powerfully if they have the right shoe support and balance.


  • Rear gel cushioning offers comfort
  • Versatile rubber sole
  • Insole contours to the wearer’s feet
  • The upper part is made of mesh obliterating too much heat


  • Inner sole not very durable
  • Inner sole might not be very comfortable for low arch feet


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Adidas Men’s CC Rally Comp Tennis Shoe

Image result for 6. Adidas Men's CC Rally Comp Tennis Shoe

The Adidas Men’s CC Tennis shoes are super light, such that players don’t have to worry about performing fast moves. From the look, the shoes are quite simple with the upper part made of lightweight but durable mesh. Fast players will definitely make even faster moves because the shoes are featherweight when worn.

The Adiwear 6 exterior sole is one of the most durable soles and when used in a concrete court they rarely leave markings. The sole also offers excellent abrasion resistance in the court, not to mention traction and flexibility. Adiwear also has good resistance against wear in the landing area of the tennis shoes.

AdiPrene technology has been used in the making of the inner sole, which offers efficiency and forefoot propulsion. The insole is lightweight given the technology and cushions the foot, a feature that is convenient for men’s shoes.

The shoe keeps player’s feet secure especially when they are moving at high speeds, a technology known as the Omori Micro Fit-Last, which was invented by a Japanese shoemaker.


  • Lightweight thus enhances speed moves
  • Durable Adiwear 6 exterior sole
  • Efficient innersole made with AdiPrene technology
  • Omori Micro Fit-Last technology incorporated


  • Not a good for heavy users
  • Not very durable compared to other products


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K-SWISS Men’s Ultrascendor Tennis Shoe

Image result for 7. K-SWISS Men's Ultrascendor Tennis Shoe

The k-Swiss Men ultrascendor is a creation of different technologies, the upper part is made of leather, which is a durable material and flexes with the player’s feet. They are light in weight, comfortable and players can have them on their feet the whole day.

The K-Swiss tend to conform to the foot of the player once they put them on. The Spring Shock technology has also been incorporated in the forefoot and heel area, a feature that offers good shock absorption for the player upon a rebound.

Unlike other tennis sports shoes, the K-Swiss Men Ultrascendor does not require a break-in period. High arched players have been accommodated in this shoe, as it has arch support thus obliterating cases of unnecessary pain and injuries. Normal and high arch tennis players will find the shoe comfortable because apart from support and stability it also flexes with the player’s foot.

The shoes might not serve a player well in a grass court but will do a great job in a clay or concrete court. The outer sole is made of rubber which offers good traction in the court given that it is suitable for hard courts and the shoe also encourages swift moves without letting the player slip, fall or rolls the feet.

K-Swiss has been designed for players who play hard, the leather Tec Toe upper wrap is resistant from a player’s drag. The parts of the shoe that are likely to be damaged by intense activity have been fitted with DragGuards and that is on the toes and the heel.


  • The upper part is made of durable leather
  • Outer sole made of high-density Aosta 7.0 rubber
  • Midsole made of shock spring for cushioning
  • Drag guards incorporated in high-intensity areas




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Brooks Men’s Beast 16

The Brooks Men’s Beast 16 is convenient for different types of sporting activities, they are effective for people with overpronation, and the inside cushioning adapts to a player’s feet, a feature that enhances performance.

The shoe can be used comfortably in different types of grounds, including a wet surface. This, therefore, goes to tell that the traction is excellent. The outsole is made from the Flextra rubber that flexes with the feet of the user, enhancing comfort, it also adapts well to the weight of the player.

The midsole offers maximum cushioning and is made with BioMoGo, a material that is environment-friendly. Brooks Men’s tennis shoes have been made to accommodate the overpronated users as it has adopted the use of the progressive diagonal roll bar, which provides a secure and stable structure with respect to overpronation.

In addition, the mesh upper incorporates moisture control, thus allowing air to enter the wearer’s feet and cools the temperature when in active use.


  • Offer versatility in dry and wet grounds
  • Midsole technology offers security and balance
  • Unique environment-friendly midsole
  • Adopted the use of the progressive diagonal rollbar


  • Not easy to find a matching foot type


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Tennis players with high arches have a variety of shoes to choose from that well accommodates the high arches with little or no signs of enhancing pain. Most of the shoes above are made with a high arch midsole and some flex with the foot; they can, therefore, be used by people who have the normal arch. The midsoles are not permanently fixed and can be removed if the player needs a customized high arch midsole.