Best Tennis Shoes for Narrow Feet (Everything You Need to Know!)

In a game of tennis, a player’s feet act as pivots for the side to side motions as well as brakes but the effectiveness of the moves can only be enhanced by a good fitting tennis shoe. Now sporting commandments dictate that it is not wise to use your tennis training shoes, to play a competing game in the court as it may not be good for your health.

According to the Australian Podiatry Association, there are a number of things that a shoe is supposed to do to your feet; one is that you have to feel comfortable when you first put your feet in them. Therefore, the purpose of your shoe is to support your feet by aiding in the alignment of the feet when they touch the ground.

The midsole of your shoe also has to provide cushioning and lastly, your shoe should allow at least 1-1.5cm at the end of the shoe giving you enough space to move your toes and for comfort.

Tips for buying the right tennis shoes for narrow feet

  • After exercising the shoes always tend to get a little bigger than their usual size, therefore, shopping for shoes before the end of the day or before exercising will only get you a tight-fitting shoe instead of one that just snug’s the feet.
  • Tennis players need to fit their new shoes with the same type of socks that they will use when going to the court for a game or when training.
  • It might come as a surprise to you but do you know that as you become older your feet also tend to grow bigger and wider. And that it is not abnormal for one of your feet to be bigger than the other one. Therefore, when you are shoe shopping have the assistant measure your feet not once but every time you want to buy shoes.
  • A tight-fitting shoe will restrict you from jumping and walking, and playing in the tennis court requires a good fitting shoe. Therefore, try to see if you can wiggle your toes as you fit into your new shoes. The extra space at the front is important for movement as you perform various moves.
  • Try to walk or just run a little to check how effective the shoes are and if they fit the purpose with which they are being bought.
  • If your feet slip out of the shoe when you walk or run, then you will have a hard time moving in the court, a good tennis shoe should grip your heel.
  • Manufacturers at times forget small pieces of fabric inside the shoe or tags, sometimes you might even find open seams that could be quite irritating to your foot. So just ensure you check them prior to wearing.
  • The sole of a tennis shoe needs to be able to absorb shock during a rebound. They also have to be sturdy enough, to provide good traction in different playgrounds, and protect your feet from sharp objects.
  • Lastly, tennis players need to get shoes that have been specifically designed for the sport because they come with different weights that can handle the stress of a particular sport. The crafting material and design should be able to stand the tension of the specified activity.

Medical problems that arise from wearing a wrong fitting shoe

As a tennis player you might have had attained some injuries in the past from the sport and healed, but do you know the problem can be brought back to life by wearing a wrong fitting shoe. Complications such as arthritis in the hips, pain in the ankle, feet or knees could be rekindled.

You might think that putting on a wrong shoe for a short while won’t have any effect, only to realize that you have developed pain in the soft tissue that supports your bones and joints. Now stress to other joints in your body can be precipitated by a shoe that does not absorb shock effectively.

And this will lead your feet to either roll inwards too much or outwards too less. Athletes who have ankle or foot problems need to find shoes that will not exacerbate the pre-existing condition, they should also visit a Physiotherapist or a Podiatrist and purchase from a specialty athletic shoe shop.

Best Tennis Shoes for Narrow feet

Before we sample the best tennis shoes for players with narrow feet, some basic knowledge on what to expect will help in selecting a good shoe, respective of the type of court and the area of play, whether it is from the baseline or the serve and volley.

Tennis shoes come in different designs some are made to fit the toe draggers, others are built specifically for the narrow foot and others for the wide and flat feet individuals. A good tennis shoe has to have a tough overlay whether it is made from 100% synthetic or from the textile fibers or both. The midsole should align with the foot and in this case, the Eva midsole comes highly recommended.

The outer sole has to be able to support your feet during a rebound and should provide enough traction on either concrete, grass or clay ground. A court made of concrete tends to wear out the sports shoes fast, so you might want to find one that will be resistant to the grounds abrasion. For a grass court, the sneaker should protect you from slipping and falling, thus they need to be sturdier.

There is also the gel technology for the rear and the forefoot that helps with shock absorption, and the TRUSSTIC technology, which manages the weight of the shoemaking it light in weight while maintaining overall integrity.

Some tennis shoes also come with padding in the collar and the tongue and a mesh in the upper part that is used in the overlays for breathability.

Fila R8

Image result for Fila R8

The Fila R8 is not only suitable for players with narrow feet but also for the toe draggers, this is because the Duracera II toe overlay is made of durable material. The sneaker in a narrow foot provides maximum comfort to the wearer with zero break-in-periods. The Evergrind exterior sole can tackle different surfaces and works best on concrete courts.

The upper part of the shoe is made with soft leather and mesh that enhances breathability, the fit width is perfect for players with a narrow foot. The arch support is medial thus offering structural support to players with flat feet or those with fallen arches. The midsole is super action and minimizes weight, the midsole used in the R8 is deemed durable compared to Eva, which breaks down.


  • comfortable to wear
  • Also accommodates the toe draggers
  • Durable Duracera II overlay
  • Good for hard grounds


  • Has problems with weight and fit
  • Breathability is not effective


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The Asics Gel Solution Slam

Image result for 2. The Asics Gel Solution Slam Best tennis shoes for narrow feet

From its name the sneakers contain Gel cushioning, the shoe’s fit is narrow compared to the standard mediums. The outer sole is made of high abrasion rubber and the gel solution will offer shock-absorbing qualities when worn on hard court surfaces.

The shoes are made of 100% synthetic fiber, but the upper part is made of synthetic leather, it is also equipped with a trusstic system that helps in the soles weight reduction but retains the shoe’s structural integrity.


  • Offer comfort and support the feet
  • Are not too heavy on the feet
  • The upper part is flexible
  • Front and rear gel cushioning for shock absorption


  • A little too narrow at the toe box
  • Outer sole not very durable


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Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed

Image result for Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed

The Lotto Raptor IV speed turns out to be effective for the baseline players, the sneaker will not hold you back as you perform the lateral cuts, because of the exterior sole grip, which is adaptable to the three different types of courts.

The support and stability of the shoe will boost your confidence as you move around the tennis court. The traction and the hugging support complete with the laces tied up to the last eyelet obliterates the fear or rolling your ankle. Most sports shoes tend to be a little bit narrow at the arch area as concerns the width, the shoe will then make your feet feel cramped.

The Lotto Raptor IV speed offers a good fit for players with narrow feet but the arch support will depend on the wearer’s type of feet. However, for people with corresponding arch types, the sneaker offers plenty of support and the width of the arch area turns out to be spacious enough.

The shoe comes with advanced features and this is because the creators have been in the industry for 40+ years, thus the perfection on the features such as the energy-returning Syn-Pule cushioning. The outsole design is a PuntoFlex and has a Reactive Arch, the shoes offer good heal control on the court.


  • Offers heel support
  • Provides good traction
  • Has good arch support with regard to feet type
  • Good for baseline players


  • Poor toe durability


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Adidas adizero Ace II

Image result for 3. adidas adizero Ace II

The Adidas adizero is a snug fit for narrow feet tennis players, the heel offers stability as it hugs the foot quite well. The forefoot area accommodates the toes without pinching; it is not too narrow nor too wide. The sneaker has a sprint web construction, which adds a supportive synthetic layer to the upper part of the shoe; the features are beneficial to narrow foot players.

Apart from offering traction on concrete and clay ground, the outer sole is also durable, and the included Torsion technology enables the heel and foot of a player to move autonomously. The sole has been made with Elastic adiPRENE which provides comfort on the foot and perfect cushioning in the area around the midfoot.

Many tennis shoes tend to wear off at the toe area and are usually a primary concern for the toe draggers, the Adidas adizero is made with adiTUFF which provides the sneakers with abrasion resistance specifically in the area around the toes.


  • Light in weight
  • Good traction on clay ground
  • Durable Elastic adiPRENE sole
  • Made with adiTUFF protects the toe area against abrasion


  • A bit tight-fitting
  • Comes in a few colors


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Nike Air Serve Return

Image result for Nike air serve return

The sneaker comes in four colors which are three shades of orange and the red color, equipped with a phylon midsole, the shoe, ensures a wearer’s foot is well-cushioned. The outside consists of flex grooves that offer flexibility while encouraging a natural motion.

Nike as a brand is known for producing high-quality sports shoes, and the upper part of the Nike Air is made of synthetic leather and mesh, which not only offers stability but also breathability. The shoes are adaptable to concrete tennis courts and the encapsulated heel cushioning provides stability and balance to the wearer.


  • Offer comfort and style
  • Allows natural flexing in the foot area
  • Provides breathability via the upper mesh
  • Adaptable to hard courts


  • Pricey


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Adidas Response comp 2

Image result for adidas Response Comp 2

Like many sports shoes, the midsole of the Adidas Response comp 2 is Eva, which aligns to the feet of the wearer, the fit width is narrow thus a good fit for tennis players with narrow feet and the upper part is synthetically made with breathable mesh.

Upon construction, an internal heel counter is inserted that offers balance and acts as a good shock absorber. In addition, there is the adiPRENE, the feature has been specifically included for shock-absorbing properties with extra cushioning. The latter protects the player against harmful powerful impacts or forces while playing in the court or during training.

The Addidas Company has also catered for the comp 2 toe and lateral foot area of the upper part of the shoe by using good abrasion-resistant material since the upper part is prone to excessive wear and tear.


  • Made using the Molded Eva technology
  • Abrasion-resistant material used for the upper forefoot area
  • Has good traction
  • Can be used in all the different grounds


  • Retrospective style
  • Big fitting


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KSWISS Glaciator SCD

The K-SWISS Glaciator can be comfortably worn on clay, concrete and grass tennis courts; the shoe is a narrow fit from the heel to the toe front and the toe box is a bit wide making it versatile for the toe draggers while providing free toe movement in the court. The upper part is made of a ventilated DuraFlow, including polyester and mesh thus breathable.

The shoes are not heavy on the feet enhancing foot speed, and the traction turns out to be not so good, and therefore players have to be careful as they may slip and fall. However, you will be able to make hard cuts while on the court, the midsole is made of Eva and the TPU cushion board. The forefoot and the heel have been equipped with a shock spring for extra cushioning and bounce.

The exterior sole has been made with the Durable Aosta 7.0, which is a non-marking rubber complete with a DragGuard at the toe and heel areas to enhance durability. Also, the herringbone outer sole helps with traction on the different court grounds.


  • Narrow fit for tennis players with narrow feet.
  • Equipped with a Fautex Moisture management technology
  • The midsole is cushioned and aligns to the feet
  • The outer sole is made of durable Aosta 7.0


  • Upper part not very durable
  • Poor traction on the court


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To find good fitting tennis shoes can never be a challenge if people understood their type of feet, the above shoes each have unique features that not only enhance the wearer’s health but also offer comfort and stability while in the court.

Narrow feet tennis shoes wearers have a wide variety to select from and in different brands. A good shoe should, therefore, be able to contend with the ground that you are playing on and contain the necessary shock-absorbing qualities during rebound. Baseline and serve and volley players need to select shoes that can withstand the pressure that comes with the respective moves.