Best Tennis Shoes for Overpronation (Everything You Need to Know!)

Before we sample some of the best tennis shoes for overpronation, let us learn what overpronation is, and what causes the condition. We will also find out if there are any treatment options and if it can be prevented or managed.

As you carry on with your normal duties, one of your feet will land on the floor and the foot framework will collapse, it will then flatten exerting pressure on the other surrounding areas of the feet. Depending with the intensity of the activity that you were doing then we can say that your feet have been overpronated

Tennis players would benefit if they carry out the simple exercises that help determine if their feet are overpronated. All of these simple tests can be done at home, and the first one is the wet feet test, all you need to do is lay down a piece of paper, secure it with tape and step on it with wet feet. Then observe the type of print that you have left and compare with the images below

The first image above represents an overpronated foot, which means that the arch of your feet stretches toward the inside a little too much. It, therefore, does not absorb shock correctly and exposes you to injuries; the mirror test will also help you determine if your feet are overpronated all you have to do is to stand in front of the mirror with your legs exposed.

If you have knocked knees, (very close), then you are most likely an overpronator, and you will realize that you have flat feet, and the medial part of your foot is therefore exposed to a lot of pressure.

There is also the wear test that you will use to determine your level of pronation. Just pick the tennis shoe that you have been using on the court, check the bottom, and study the design of wear. If you are an overpronator, you will notice that areas around the ball of the foot, on the inner edge and toward the first toe are excessively worn out.

Overpronation makes your foot to twist, so with the collapsed arch the leg becomes misaligned, and the Achilles tendons that attach your heel to the calf muscles will, therefore, become crooked like on the images below. These types of feet are an indication of overpronation.

Image result for Image of an over pronated achilles and tendons

Individuals with the condition are likely to suffer from lower back pain, Foot pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin pain, Heel pain, Butt pain, Achilles tendonitis, Bunions, and Knee pain. However, there is some amount of pronation that is considered normal, which is how your feet were originally made to counter the shock of landing.

What Causes of Overpronation

There are varied reasons for having pronated feet, and for the sportsmen and women who initially did not have the condition; they could get it because of the repetitive pounding on hard surfaces when playing or training. The arch becomes weak and ends up causing overpronation, and that is why they have to get the right shoe that will not exacerbate or create the condition.

Other causes are obesity and pregnancy for women. Flat feet individuals experience foot problems later in life, while others never suffer from any of the above-mentioned conditions, but those who do will always exhibit an awkward walking style, which also puts a strain on their feet and calves.

How can you prevent overpronation?

If you care for your feet then you must know that it is a taboo to walk without shoes, the consistent barefoot walks will cause your arches to collapse leading to overpronation. To avoid this condition you will have to invest in supportive and properly fitting shoes for your feet.

High impact sports have also been known to put pressure on your arches but with the best shoes for a sport like tennis, you don’t have to worry about overpronation that will result from wearing a shoe with weak soles.

There are also some simple do it yourself exercises that you can try at home, which will help enhance your foot support and its ability to absorb shock, such as the heel raises and the toe curls. Rest is also recommended especially if you are experiencing discomfort.

In extreme overpronation cases, players could always utilize the orthotic insoles, which come with an arch support design. There are also OrthoFeet shoes that you could buy to help support flat or overpronated feet. Another option is to purchase stability shoes that offer support to mild or moderate pronation, the shoes tend to be well-cushioned and limit foot movement when in the court.

What’s more, is that the sportsmen and women have to assess the severity of their overpronation, and if over the counter orthotics do not work well with their feet, they could then opt for a custom made orthotics, which might work effectively in correcting their gait.

Tennis players could also invest in motion control running shoes to be used during training or jogging, which are best suited for people with moderate or severe overpronation. The shoes are designed to offer some little flexibility, secure the heel and control the foot’s rolling action.

Players with flat feet may not know that they have overpronated feet because when they are in a sitting position the arches may appear normal, and will be led to think that the feet are not pronated. The real problem, however, comes with the ability of the feet to bear a person’s weight.

The conditions also lead shoes to wear on the inside edges, the areas around the forefoot, and the heel.

Types of Pronation

Neutral pronation- occurs when your feet make an impact with the outside of the heel and roll off from the ball of your feet in an even manner, indicating that the stress of the impact is distributed evenly, as you push your feet off the ground.

Overpronation- the outside of the heel will make contact with the floor but as the foot pushes itself off the ground, the ball of your foot tends to tilt inwards, indicating that the foot and ankle cannot stabilize the body thus problems with shock absorption. The big and second toe will, therefore, bear the pressure as the foot eventually lifts up.

Sever Over-Pronation– Here the ball of a player’s foot tends to roll inwards excessively, exerting a lot of pressure on the big toe.

Under pronation- on the other hand, makes the foot roll on to the outside of a player’s foot, and the small toes will then bear most of the pressure.

Tennis players, therefore, have to find shoes that match their level of pronation, stability shoes come recommended for the overpronated players as they are made with a firm cushion on the inside part of the arch area. Upon impact, in the court, the foot will remain stable, but with the absence of arch support, they tend to roll excessively inward during an impact.


Best Tennis Shoes for Overpronation

Nike Odyssey React

Image result for nike odyssey react amazon

The Nike Odyssey sneakers stack up well for the overpronator. The midsole has been made with improved heel support and the structure of the foam enables shock absorption. The stiffness of the midsole has been enhanced with injected thermoplastic polyurethane to achieve the required firmness for the overpronated feet.

However, if the inside feels is not up to your standard you can always use a sock liner, which will prevent sweat from sticking to your foot’s skin, they also prevent hot spots, unnecessary discomfort or the formation of blisters.

The upper part is made of the Jacquard fabric, with perforations that help in breathability, thus maintaining a cool temperature inside the shoe. The upper material is light in weight and does not restrict the feet but offers the support and stability needed by the overpronators.

The collar is well cushioned to enhance comfort and the tongue is made of neoprene which provides good padding on the upper feet to relieve the pressure exerted by the laces.

The outsole contains zigzag grooves and an increased rubber surface that enhances durability. Apart from offering good traction, the outsole also enables the right flexibility in the forefoot area.


  • The shoe is light in weight
  • Made for hard terrain
  • Jacquard upper offers breathability
  • Versatile can thus be used for different sports


  • The shoe is a narrow fit
  • Lacks a toe area enhancement for tennis players


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Asics-Gel Foundation 13

Image result for Asics-Gel Foundation 13 amazon

The Asics comes with a rear and forefoot gel technology that enhances the cushioning system, the shoe attenuates shock in case of impact when in the court. It also allows the foot to move in varied planes as it transitions via the gait cycle. The Spevafoam midsole provides stability and has bounce-back characteristics without giving in.

The TRUSSTIC system helps with midfoot structural integrity while also enhancing gait. The shoe is a perfect fit for overpronators because of the incorporation of the Dynamic Duomax, which assures stability and support on a player’s foot. It is also lightweight but with increased platform support.

The maximum Support Last offers a considerable amount of depth and width along the forefoot and midfoot area, therefore, players who wear orthotics or have a high volume foot will find the shoe accommodating.

Traditional stitches and seams have been countered by the seamless construction thus there are no chances of friction or irritation. The shoe features a removable sock liner that helps in cooling the feet apart from cushioning. The forefoot has also been enhanced with the AHAR rubber compound, which is responsible for cushioning and durability given the sudden stops and lateral movements.


  • Features a Durasponge outsole
  • Has an Ortholite insole
  • Made with a breathable upper mesh
  • Incorporated a comfortable sock liner


  • Narrow fit
  • Not very flexible


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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

Image result for Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19


The upper part of the Adrenaline GTS 19 has been made with a perforated mesh material to allow the circulation of air inside the shoe. The outer sole, at the ball of the feet, has been made with the BioMoGo DNA technology, which offers the right comfort for your underfoot, complete with durability and responsiveness.

The Guide rails offer a holistic support system to a player’s leg, thus they can move in the court comfortably; it also effectively counters the excess movement. The shoe accommodates individuals who suffer from overpronation, joint and heel pain and also the orthotic conditions that require a special kind of footwear.

The Midsole is made of Eva, which offers adequate cushioning for overpronated feet, and the patented technology enables a soft feel on the player’s feet without compromising on stability and durability. Its design offers accommodation for an orthotic prescription.


  • The shoe is very responsive
  • Has been made with a 3D fit technology
  • Contains a cushioned EVA midsole
  • Breathable upper part


  • Pricey
  • Treads not durable


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Asics Gel-Venture 6

Image result for Asics Gel Venture 6 amazon

Just like the other quality Asics shoe, the Gel-Venture 6 features a removable sock liner that overpronated players with a prescribed medical orthotic can comfortably use. When it comes to gel application it differs from the Asics gel foundation 13, which has rear and forefoot gel technology, whereas venture 6 only has rearfoot gel technology.

The outsole has been designed to provide traction on different types of grounds and the AHAR outsole has been strategically placed to enhance durability. The midsole used on these shoes has been infused with the gel cushioning system, and it, therefore, counters the shock on a player’s muscles during a court game.

The design of the midsole will especially benefit players with overpronated feet, overall the shoe is made with lightweight material enhancing speed during the lateral movements. A player doesn’t have to compromise style for color, as it comes in three different colors, which are mid grey, phantom, and black. And unlike other sports shoes, you don’t have to go a size up or down, because their sizes are true.


  • Lightweight on the feet
  • Offers stability and balance
  • Has a good fit
  • Feature a removable sock liner


  • Comes with a narrow toe box


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Saucony Omni 16

Image result for Saucony Omni 16

Saucony Omni is still a new shoe in the sports world having been released in 2017, the design incorporated in creating the shoe enhances speed while giving a good balance in forward motion. The upper part features a breathable mesh that offers stability and flexibility to the feet.

The tongue and collar have been well cushioned for comfort, and the EVERUN sole technology enhances shock absorption while protecting a player’s foot from injury. Tennis players who are overpronated will be able to control their pronation with this type of shoe.

The Tri-Flex outsole has a good traction and the rubber sole is shock absorbent especially during rebound and durable.


  • Features a durable rubber sole
  • Made of a durable synthetic upper part
  • Durable and comfortable EVERUN sole
  • Collar and tongue support and cushion the feet


  • Pricey
  • Features a narrow toe box


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Asics Gel Kayano 25

The Gel Kayano 25 from Asics is a versatile shoe that apart from the sporting activities they can also be used at home and for walking as you stretch your legs. The shoe incorporates the rearfoot gel technology, which is great for impact absorption. The tongue and collar are well-padded and thus contribute to overall shoe stability.

The Midsole has been made with FLYTEFOAM, the material is light in weight but properly cushions and supports a player’s feet. Also included is the Dynamic Duomax technology, an effective feature, for reducing ankle load that results from the inward roll by the overpronated feet.

The Gel Kayano also features a TRUSSTIC, system that helps enhance a player’s foot natural gait, from when a player lifts the back of their foot to toe-off. The midsole is a fluid ride which reduces the strain of the foot while enhancing performance. Rebound and shock absorption are also well accommodated under this feature.

The feature that Asics has incorporated in the Gel Kayano that helps players with overpronation is the DUOMAX, this feature counters the stress that is caused by overpronation, as the heel rolls to the inside when finishing a step thus offering maximum support.


  • Rear and forefoot gel cushioning technology
  • Incorporated a lightweight FLYTEFOAM
  • Comfortable Fluid Ride midsole
  • The upper part is a fluid fit


  • Mesh not durable
  • Narrow sizing


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Overpronation is caused by a number of things including engaging in high impact sports, the use of orthotics could alleviate the pain that results from this condition; however, players could also have custom made orthotics for their feet. Managing the condition does not seem complicated unless in severe conditions where a doctor’s advice should be sought.

Tennis players should, therefore, carry out the necessary tests to confirm the type of pronation that they have. Assuming that you have an overpronated foot, when you actually have neutral pronation will lead you to purchase the wrong type of shoe.