Best Tennis shoes for Tennis (Everything You Need to Know!)

When purchasing the Best Tennis shoes there are different factors that come into play and first is the style of play, the type of feet and the type of court. Tennis is usually played on three types of courts; one is the grass-court, the clay court and lastly the hardcourt which require shoes with different types of advanced features that can comfortably handle the respective traction and stability requirements.

The Grass that is used in Lawn tennis is sometimes a mixture of the Creeping Red Fescue and the Perennial Ryegrass, which are subject to high maintenance by a professional. It is still a wonder that there is so much that goes into the grass-court than meets the eyes, things such as drainage and the type of sand used in the court are of high priority.

Types of Tennis courts and the tennis shoes needed

Believe it or not, the grass used in tennis courts differs with the season, so for the cool season you can utilize the Creeping Bentgrasses, this has high maintenance and are best if planted for private use. The Bermudagrass is suitable for fall and lastly the Tiffin, which comes highly recommended for the winter season and is mowed daily, to enhance a player’s experience in the field.

Now, on the grass tennis court shoes, since grass is slippery, tennis players need a type of shoes that can offer traction and stability. A feature that is mainly associated with the outsole, the rubbery cleats included on the sole of the grass tennis court shoes; helps prevent slipping, by encouraging a tight grip.

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Tennis shoes to be used in the clay courts have a special design (Herringbone) on the outer sole, which enables traction on the court. Generally, clay tends to be very sticky and it is a no brainer that it will stick on the sole of the player’s shoe. The design used on the clay court tennis shoes discourages too much clay from sticking on the shoe and also enables stability as the court tends to be slippery.

The sudden stops and running on a clay court could wear out the upper mesh part of a shoe and that is why the clay-court shoes are not made with pure mesh, other materials are incorporated that prevent bits of clay from getting into the shoe; the upper part is also made of strong durable material to offer lateral support.

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Lastly, we have the hardcourt and here the herringbone sole also provides traction while resisting the tear and wear that comes with the beating of a hard court. Since playing on a hard court tends to put stress on a player’s joint the midsole and outsole are made to cushion during a rebound.

The stress that a player exerts on a shoe while running and making the sudden stops combined with the hardcourt, the outer sole is guaranteed to get a good beating and that is why it is made of durable material. Therefore, while purchasing tennis shoes, it would be wise to consider the type of court that you are going to use them on, so that you can also determine how soon you will need a replacement.

On replacing your worn-out tennis shoes, it is recommended that after 45-60 hours you get a new pair, you will, therefore; calculate the hours that you spend on the court to know if you need a new pair. Shoes that are not worn frequently also deteriorate slowly, you will find that the midsole, outsole or even the upper part will dry out, but this will also depend on the type of environment that you store the tennis shoes.

Some the tennis shoes are not made of very durable materials and will wear out faster than the expected time, therefore, from time to time, you could check on the inside of your shoes, see how it is holding up, check the bottom of the treads similar to those of a car tire or are they disappearing.

If so then you know you will not get good traction on the court, the back of the shoe will also let you know if you need to buy some other new pairs.

Feet type

Your feet type will determine the type of shoes that you get and to get the best tennis shoes, you will have to find out what type of arch you have. There are three types of arches and each of them has shoes that can comfortably support their movement and offer maximum balance while in the court.

The first one is the Flat Arch, which when checked in a wet test will reveal a complete foot, the second one is the High Arch, and here you will only be able to see a small part of your footprint. The last one is the Normal arch and here you will notice that when you carry out a wet test the middle part of the arch is be half-filled.

Baseline and the serve and volley players utilize shoes differently; therefore, they each require different types of shoes.

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The Best Tennis shoes for Tennis

Asics Gel Court Speed

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The first shoe in our review is the Asics Gel Court Speed, and as the name suggests the shoe has been made with gel technology, at the front and rear. The feature helps in cushioning the foot and the Trusstic system which reinforces the shoe helps in the prevention of excessive twisting or turning, which results in support and stability.

The shoe has also incorporated the Solyte midsole technology and unlike EVA it is light in weight and helps in shock absorption. The Asics have also been made with a seamless material on the inside that obliterates the possibility of irritation or friction while wearing the shoe. The toe protector also works well for the sudden stops offering durability,

The AHA rubber sole provides traction and stability during a rebound, and the upper part is made of a breathable synthetic mesh that supports the foot when tension is exerted without giving in.


  • Incorporated TRUSSTIC system
  • Midsole made of lightweight Solyte technology for shock absorption
  • Front and rear gel cushioning for comfort
  • AHA rubber sole offers traction


  • Collar slightly padded
  • Toe box a bit narrow


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Adidas Defiant Bounce

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The Adidas defiant outsole comprises of the Adiwear technology, which is a durable non-marking rubber that displays high abrasion in the court thus durable. The upper material is made of Adituff, which is abrasion-resistant, the mesh encourages breathability and the midsole has enough bounce for rebound and foot cushioning.

The shoe, in general, is light in weight; a feature that enhances a player’s speed on the court, the toe box is wide offering a good fit for people with wide feet.

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Asics Gel Resolution 7

The Asics Gel resolution comes in two designs, one that fits the male players, and the other one made for the female players. For the females, the midsole is made of a lower density material that compresses when in use thus a bouncy feel.

The shoes are light in weight enabling speed in movement, a feature that has been enhanced by the TRUSSTIC technology incorporated in the sole. The gel technology in the rear and forefoot reduces the impact of the force from a rebound and allows the foot to transition into multiple planes via the gait cycle.

The collar lining is made of two layers of memory foam that mold to a player’s foot thus a glove fit and the upper part is a flexion fit, which apart from providing support and comfort, it flexes with the foot thus ease in movement.

The AHAR Plus outsole has been placed strategically on the outsole to offer traction and is more durable than the Asics High Abrasion rubber. The midsole is made of Solyte, which is a light durable material that offers enhanced cushioning on the feet. The P-Guard toe technology also protects the toe area from high wear and tear.


  • Durable AHAR outer sole with good traction
  • Solyte midsole for enhanced cushioning
  • Upper part made of flexion fit material
  • P-Guard to protector suitable for tennis players


  • Less padding in the collar


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Adidas Ubersonic 3.0

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The Adidas Ubersonic 3.0 features an Adiwear 6 outsole which is well known to stand the court beating, more interesting is that this shoe can counter any type of court, and this includes the slippery grass and clay courts. The design of construction is bootie-like obliterating the need for a cushioned collar.

The fit is glove-like given the design, and the midsole is PU, delivered in full length within the shoe. It, therefore, cushions, and flexes with the foot while offering maximum stability in the court. From the image above the design is sprint frame, which is necessary for stability and speed; it has also been enhanced with the supportive chassis.

The upper part of the shoe has been made with interlocking Vectran and Dyneema fibers necessary for foot lockdown while encouraging comfortable flexing. The shoe does not burden the leg and foot with weight as it only weighs, 14.3 ounces.


  • Glove fit enhanced by the bootie design
  • Adiwear 6 outsole offers good traction
  • Upper interlocking fibers for lockdown while enhancing flex
  • Sprint frame for stability and speed


  • Very light in weight thus not durable
  • No Collar cushion


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Babolat Jet Mach II

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The Babolat Jet Mach II is a light fit on the feet, but with a lot of advanced quality features. The shoe is equipped with a Michelin sole and an exclusive rubber formulation, which enhances resistance. It is also made of the KPRS-X Babolat technology that offers cushioning to a player’s heel.

The midsole has been made from Ortholite, an eco-friendly material that offers long term cushioning. Ortholite is a type of foam that does not compress much during its lifetime. This, therefore, means that its comfort, cushioning and performance, in general, remain as they were fast bought. The insole also has a unique moisture management technique, which ensures that the feet remain cool and dry no matter the environment.

The insole is also breathable as it lets air in and around the foam, what’s more, is that it can be cleaned and still maintains its performance qualities. The lateral motions performed by a tennis player have been countered by the internal and lateral reinforcement, which also helps to prevent deterioration.


  • Feature active flexion
  • Has a Michelin sole combined with exclusive rubber formulation
  • Ortholite insole that offers cushioning and breathability
  • Lightweight on the foot


  • Less collar padding
  • Very light in weight thus not very durable


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New Balance 806

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The New Balance 806 comes highly recommended, the upper part is made of full-grain leather which is very durable, because of the vertical fibers that prevent it from cracking or tearing up. The pattern on the leather’s grain is not only firm but also resists moisture. The toe area is made of a round design, which gives enough space for the toes to flex while offering comfort during movement.

The tongue and collar are well padded thus comfort in the Achilles and front part of the foot. The sole is made of Ndurance rubber, which has been well patterned to offer traction and does not leave marks on the court. The midsole is molded EVA, which apart from cushioning, it offers stability and has the ability to mold with the foot line.

The incorporated roll bar technology protects the foot from rolling towards the inside while offering support, especially for players with an overpronated foot. The roll bar also counters severe supination, as the shoe comes in different widths, which are wide medium and narrow.


  • Rollbar controls rear-foot movement
  • Made of full grain durable leather
  • Durable Ndurance rubber outsole
  • Wide toe box can accommodate wide feet


  • A little too expensive
  • Cushioning a bit too thin


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Nike Court Air Zoom Prestige

Nike is a renowned brand that produces quality tennis shoes and the Nike Court Air Zoom stacks up well. The toe area has been enhanced by the addition of extra rubber, to counter the sudden stops and the lateral movements.

Tennis players are known for making sharp changes to different directions that might impact the midfoot, therefore, Nike Court Zoom features a TPU midfoot shank, which is responsible for the lateral support and can handle the changes in direction. The shoe also features a responsive Phylon midsole and a zoom air unit at the heel for advanced cushioning.

The shoe is only available in two colors, which are black and white. The outsole is a herringbone for enhanced durability and traction and most important is that the shoe can be worn in all types of courts. The upper mesh offers breathability, and the dynamic fit technology is responsible for the glove fit while the padded collar offers extra cushioning for the Achilles.


  • The upper part offers a dynamic fit
  • Has a responsive Phylon midsole
  • Lateral movements supported by the TPU midfoot shank
  • Enhanced to are with extra rubber


  • Narrow can pinch the sides of the foot
  • Has to be bought a size up


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Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

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The upper parts of the Wilson Rush pro are made with breathable mesh and in combination with the sock liner, it does offer great stability and durability. The shoe has focused much of its support on the middle part but keeps the foot aligned. Fitting your foot inside is not as easy and may require the use of a shoehorn; otherwise, the fitting size varies.

The Wilson is one among the shoes that come with a warranty for the outsole; the Duralast outsole handles the beating of hard court quite well while offering support and traction. Cushioning has been enhanced by the footbed complete with shock-absorbing qualities.


  • Midsole features Ortholite technology and Pro Torque Chassis
  • The Duralast outsole offers traction and is durable
  • Has a wide toe box and the mesh offers breathability
  • The outsole has a warranty


  • Difficulty in putting on the shoe
  • Does not offer enough ventilation on extreme activity or temperatures


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Purchasing the best Tennis court shoes for Tennis requires more than just inserting your feet in a fitting shoe, first you have to consider your type of feet, know which type of court you will be playing on so that you get shoes that will give you balance and stability and provide the necessary traction.

The style of play also affects the type of shoes that a player will buy as some don’t support the lateral motions and neither do they have advanced toe capping for durability. The designs of the outer sole will help determine if the shoe has outlived its purpose and so will the upper and the inside part. The above factors should, therefore, be put into consideration before buying a new pair of tennis shoes.