Best Tennis Shoes for Toe Draggers (Everything You Need to Know!)

Toe draggers have got one major challenge, which is the size of the toe box, if this area does not offer enough space for your toes then you are in for a long day. The discomfort is usually unbearable even if the other parts of the shoe fit perfectly, worse still is if the shoe is tight-fitting. Many shoe brands have size fitting issues as elaborated in the below article.

Tennis players, in general, require shoes that can offer them maximum stability as they move to different directions, the exterior soles need to be durable and have good traction because the sudden stops in a tennis game wear off the rubber. Toe draggers, therefore, need a combination of a spacious toe box and a studier built upper part of the shoe.

Importance of wearing the best tennis shoes

Every person has a unique type of feet which largely determines how they walk stand and how the shoe that they wear fit. So to determine the type of your feet, you could perform two tests, one is to observe the wear on your shoes or perform a wet test.

The results will enable you to pick the right fitting shoe, for example, people with a normal arch can choose any type of shoes meant for the tennis court with a balance of all the required features.

Those who have a high arch would do well with a cushioning shoe, as they wear shoes out rather fast and individuals who have a flat foot, need a motion control shoe that does not only offer a low arch support but also offers general foot support and stability.

Now apart from the specifications of a tennis shoe, in general, the shoe should fit your foot like a sock, not too tight or too loose. Playing in the tennis court with a wrong fitting shoe will most likely lead to developing a number of life-changing complications such as joint problems, deformities, fatigue, pain, and discomfort.

Players might even end up falling if the shoe is too loose, also, players suffering from diabetes risk developing foot ulcers and remember mobility helps obliterate systemic diseases such as obesity, so you have to get your shoe right.

Qualities of good tennis shoes

The type of tennis shoes that you choose should match your play style. Therefore if you are a “baseline” player, you most likely perform a lot of side to side moves and would require a shoe with added cushioning that offers extra lateral support and a long-lasting sole.

Then there are the players that tend to approach the net often “the serve and volley” who require shoes that have a reinforced toe cap and sole. Additional arch support also works well since the players are on their toes most of the time.

The court surface type also greatly determines the type of shoe that you wear to your tennis game, for one there are those courts that are made of concrete, which wear out the shoe faster than a grass or clay court. The latter types of tennis courts require shoes with good traction because of sliding and slipping.

On the shoe materials, you might want to factor in your play style and position, make sure you get shoes that have a reinforced upper, reinforced toe caps, extra cushioning and for the toe draggers, shoes with a wide toe box will serve them right. A shoe with an additional guard at the top front part of the shoe would be good for enhanced toe protection.

Other things include the vamp, which is the part of the toe box that bends when you stand with your toes, this area has to be flexible and perforated to offer breathability. The upper part that wraps the entire top part of the foot should provide breathability and are to be made of good quality synthetic or leather material to withstand the tension exerted by players in the court.

Now that we know the basics of purchasing a tennis shoe, let us look at some of the best tennis shoes specifically made for toe draggers.

Best Tennis shoes for Toe Draggers

Diadora Men’s S Comfort SL 8 Ag Tennis Shoes

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Initially, we discussed the importance of a shoe to resist the tension that is caused by speed and the style of play. Now the Diadora men’s comfort shoe is built with an upper mesh for breathability thus helps in keeping your feet cool. It is also stable enough to stand the speed moves and the midsole is well cushioned given that is made by the Eva sole.

Now the big question is why the midsole is not made of rubber, as many people consider rubber to be the best material for tennis shoes. The Eva midsole contains rubber-like properties and is softer, thus less padding while offering more flexibility. The Importance of the midsole is because it offers support when the player bounces back from the air.

The Eva midsole also follows on the foot line, unlike the rubber soles that only provide padding. Diadora is made with a durable wear-resistant sole. Players can thus remove the insole any time they want for comfort and the toe box also comfortably fits the toe draggers.


  • The sole offers good grip for the tennis court
  • Made for tennis sport
  • the mesh on the upper part offers breathability
  • Eva midsole aligns with the foot thus comfortable


  • Issues with sizing

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Babolat Men’s SFX3 All Court Tennis Shoes

Image result for 2. Babolat Men’s SFX3 All Court Tennis Shoes

The Babolat Men’s SFX3 Tennis shoes were made specifically for the toe draggers despite the fact that they have some minor sizing issues. The upper part of the Babolat tennis shoe is made of an actively flexible and mesh material that bears the tension and weight of the wearer. It also offers comfort and is made of a good fitting given the resonating shoe type.

A good tennis shoe provides a good grip for both concrete; grass and other surfaces like clay. The SFX3 tennis shoe exterior sole has good traction and the toe cap is not as narrow as other tennis shoes in the market. The upper engineered mesh ensures that the wearer’s feet stay cool.


  • Comfortable shoes for toe draggers
  • Mesh engineered ensures breathability
  • Has a good grip on different tennis courts
  • Multi-user, even for wearers who are not toe draggers


  • Issues with sizing
  • Not so good sole performance

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Adidas Originals Women’s Barricade Court Tennis

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The shoe offers breathability because of the meshed upper part, and the 3D torsion system enhances midfoot support. Although the shoe is 100% synthetic, the upper parts are made of leather for tension resistance, support, and stability. The toe area has been made wide enough to accommodate the toe draggers.

The Adiwear exterior sole has good traction and is durable. The shoes are mostly used by women and have been equipped with an ADIPRENE+ cushioning at the midsole, which offers maximum comfort and stability. Toe draggers who wear the Addidas tennis shoe can expect maximum support during a rebound; the shoe also comes complete with shock absorption features.


  • Good for toe draggers
  • Equipped with a rubber sole for good grip
  • Full-length midsole cushioning
  • Overlays are made of leather


  • Comes in long sizes
  • Other sizes tend to be narrow

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Wilson Women’s Rush Pro 2.5 Tennis Shoes

Image result for 4. Wilson Women’s Rush Pro 2.5 Tennis Shoes

The Wilson women’s shoes have been made to accommodate the wide and flat feet and this includes the toe draggers. Just like other prominent tennis brands, the Wilson’s have a mesh feature that can stand the rebound tension and offer breathability. The 3D-FS technology used on the mesh ensures that the shoes are light on the feet.

Players can enjoy the midfoot adaptive support, and can also move more naturally on the court as the shoe is made with a Pro Torque chassis. The shoe is adaptable to different tennis courts as the outer sole offers good traction and is durable; the inside part has a lining that is breathable. The midsole has been made in such a way that it can be removed and put back. What’s more, is that the shoes can be used for different sports.


  • Players can enjoy midfoot adaptive support
  • The padded collar and tongue offers comfort and support
  • Ensures natural movements and comfort for toe draggers
  • Adaptable to different types of courts


  • Pricey
  • Has size issues

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes

Image result for 5. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes

Apart from accommodating toe draggers, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution tennis shoes are gel-cushioned both at the forefoot and the rear. Although the shoes are specifically made for the male tennis players, women players can also fit in because of the midsole cushioning that offers stability.

The front toe area is wide enough for toe draggers and comes equipped with a guard protector that enhances durability. The latter does not succumb to unnecessary wear and tear even when you stand on your toes. The upper overlay is flexible and provides a good fit, support and is tension resistant.

About shock absorption, the front and rearfoot gel technology has countered much of the impact that would have come from a rebound. Most of the tennis shoes have problems with sizes and fitting and the toe draggers are most of the time caught in between.

However, for the Asic’s Men gel resolution 7 sneakers, fitting is never a problem because the upper part flexes with the foot, for as long as you get a good fitting size. What’s more is that movements while playing have been enhanced by the gel technology because you will be able to make smooth transitions.

The sneaker midsole has been boosted by the lower-density top layer, which increases the compression of the Asics.


  • Gel technology offers comfort and stability
  • Good shock absorption during rebound
  • Midsole cushioning makes it wearable by female players
  • The Front part accommodates toe draggers


  • Pricey
  • A bit narrow compared to the first model

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ASICS Women’s GEL-Court Bella Tennis Shoes

The Asics brand is known for producing good quality tennis shoes and this measure up quite good with the male designs. The shoes offer good accommodation for toe draggers and are not as expensive. And just like the previous model the Asics women Gel-Court Bella tennis shoes have been equipped with a front and rear gel cushioning that is perfect for rebounds.

The front part has been made with a P-Guard Toe protector that tends to be quite durable, the personal heel fit and the cushioned midsole reduces stress to the wearer’s feet and legs. They also, protect the user from lower limb overuse injuries that cause shin, heel and arch pain. The shoes are purely synthetic and given the performance of other ASICS, the female court Bella sneakers come just as durable.

Tennis Players will not move with comfort when wearing shoes that add weight to their feet, the top part has to have a light breathable material that is also good quality. The Women Court Bella tennis shoes have been made using the TRUSSTIC system Technology that contributes to the shoe’s reduced weight but maintains its overall integrity with regard to the design.


  • Use of TST technology enhancing performance
  • A wide toe box that also protects the shoe wearer
  • Offer quality shock absorption during rebound
  • Breathable overlays that are tension and stretch resistant


  • Somehow tight

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes

The Asics Men’s Gel-Dedicate, are not as pricey but contains advanced features, now these shoes have been created with both synthetic and textile fibers. They are not very different from other shoes from the same brand, as they contain a rear and front gel technology, which offers feet good propulsion, and is perfect for a rebound.

Tennis players also benefit from a good outer sole grip as it is made of rubber, TST technology has also been incorporated that helps with weight reduction while maintaining the integrity of the shoe. Tennis sneakers normally have to contend with three types of surfaces, one is concrete ground and the other one is made of clay or grass.

For the concrete ground, the shoes have to project some good traction and durability because this type of surface greatly contributes to wear and tear. The grass surface on the other hand if not met with good traction, the player is bound to fall and may injure their leg or foot.

The Asics men’s dedicated gel shoes can stand the concrete court and resist the quick wear and tear because of the rubber sole and the shoe design, however the same cannot be said when it comes to other types of tennis court grounds.

The upper part is flexible enough and also offers the wearer a good fit, the gel technology provides the necessary support and comfort, either when performing side moves or when playing at the baseline or the serve and volley.


  • Offers good traction for concrete ground
  • Stability and balance provided by the rear and forefoot gel cushioning
  • Breathable upper part
  • Affordable


  • Medium sizes tend to be somehow narrow
  • Have a short life span

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Nike Air Zoom Vapor X HC Men’s Tennis Shoes

It is not common for Nike users to complain about their shoes, especially when it comes to fitting as compared to other brands where different sizes tend to have a fitting problem. Nike uses the Dynamic Fit Technology and by incorporating the mesh textile and the synthetic overlay a tennis player’s feet are accommodated comfortably, and are also breathable.

In addition, the midfoot shank offers stability, is bouncy and a good rest for the feet, it is also made of the TPU material for lateral support. Nike cares for their wearer’s feet and has incorporated the XDR herringbone exterior sole for good traction on all types of tennis court including those that are made of grass. The concrete courts are also no match for the Nike Air zoom Vapor Men’s tennis shoes.

In addition, Nike air zoom has provided for the toe draggers and just as mentioned earlier their shoes are made with extra care and consideration for the different types of feet.


  • Has a well-cushioned and bouncy footbed
  • Has padding on both the collar and the tongue
  • The overlays are breathable despite being made from textile and synthetic
  • Contains a responsive midsole


  • Not easily available
  • Pricey

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Players have different types of feet, and each of them can get a shoe that fits perfectly only that they need to know their type of feet before they can settle on buying their court shoes. Toe draggers, on the other hand, need shoes that have a wide toe box most of which have been covered in this review.

However, apart from a wide toe box the above shoes offer good cushioning, have traction for different grounds, and most of them have been made with gel technology for support and balance. Comfort has also been enhanced by the collar and tongue padding and the midsoles are made with suitable material for support, reducing the chances of injuries during rebound.