Best Tennis shoes for walking on concrete (Everything You Need to Know!)

Have you ever felt like your upper torso will collapse onto your legs, well, try standing on concrete for long hours? Walking on concrete is no different especially with a shoe that does not offer comfort via the outsole and the midsole. Medically speaking walking is a good exercise for your body, for example, it helps with the respiratory system and enhances blood flow. However, you have to utilize the best tennis shoes for walking on concrete.

Tennis players might suffer from musculoskeletal complications, which result from walking without wearing the right type of shoes. Therefore, your gait and body habitus should be considered as you engage the long walks. The above factors combined, and the addition of concrete will definitely impact your lower torso if you don’t use the best shoes for walking on concrete.

Ailments associated with walking on concrete for long hours

So, why is walking on concrete not good for your body, there are a number of side effects attached to this activity such as foot injury and back pain. Other more advanced complications are Plantar Fasciitis, and this is the development of pain at the bottom of your heel that makes walking difficult.

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This type of problem mostly occurs to individuals who are used to walking on concrete on a daily basis. You could, therefore, use an ice compress, a heel pad or try doing some stretching to relieve the pain. If it doesn’t get any better then it would be best to seek the doctor. Another problem that you will encounter by walking on concrete for long hours is the Ingrown Toenail.

The condition is caused by an ingrown nail that grows inside the skin on your toe, it may also be due to an infection or bad foot hygiene, the condition is best treated by a podiatrist. Lumbar Strain is a medical condition where your ligaments and low back muscles get injured, this occurs when pressure is exerted on your tendons and the ligaments that are around the spine.

If it is not very serious, you might try stretching before walking on concrete or enjoy some nice rest as your foot nerves relax. Your shin can also suffer when you take long walks on concrete that will consequently develop into muscle problems or even inflammation. On severe occasions, you will notice that your foot and muscles have become stiff, which is caused by shin splints.

Treatment of the above will require an anti-inflammation medication, Fatigue also results from hours of walking on concrete, not that it is a disease but it will most likely affect your bones and muscles, thus the tiredness.

Stress Fracture, on the other hand, is caused by overloaded stress, which shocks your bones instead of the muscles. Treatment involves consuming foods that contain calcium and resting until the pain disappears.

Morton’s Neuroma is the pain at the balls of your feet, after walking for too long you will feel some numbness, tingling or pain between your toes. The different cases have specified forms of treatment and a Podiatrist will be the best person to assist. Foot pain can also result from walking on concrete for long hours, the feet become weary, tired and stiff, and so by wearing comfortable and soft shoes you will be able to obliterate the problem.

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When you don’t have any foot complications you tend to forget that if they hurt then your whole body is hurting. Your feet will restrict you from doing a lot of things, the reason as to why they should be well taken care of.

Best characteristics of tennis shoes for walking on concrete

Tennis players could choose to walk on the grass because it has less impact on their body compared to concrete, but what if they are walking on a concrete court, what then? Well, they will just need to find some good tennis shoes that can counter the impact of concrete.

Some of the characteristics that people need to look out for when buying tennis shoes suitable for use on concrete are its upper part characteristics. The upper parts of tennis shoes are made of either heavy-duty leather or synthetic fiber and at times both. The materials are always light in weight but durable, and apart from providing stability, they tend to be comfortable and offer a snug fit.

Other features include a V or U shaped indentation visible at the collar of the shoe, which helps in easing the pressure that the shoe exerts on a player’s Achilles. A heel counter whose purpose is to reinforce a shoe’s heel cap for support is usually made of plastic and is a small insert. A shoe without this feature will not be able to lock the foot comfortably into the shoe or anchor it to its midsole.

Another important use for the heel counter is that it cradles the heel and the arch thus reduces overpronation. Also, keep a keen eye on the toe box, a narrow toe box will constrict your feet, and the toes need to flex with ease and also move a little when walking. The toe box should, therefore, be long and wide enough to fit your toes.

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Tennis shoes are available in different designs, some are curved, and others straight or semi-curved, these features determine the comfort levels of your feet, as they all conform differently to the varied foot types. The characteristics of the midsole will also determine the level of cushioning and shock absorption; the most common materials used to make the midsoles are EVA and Polyurethane.

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), is at times used in the manufacture of an orthotics top covers, the material is usually soft and firm. They are thus good for stability because they can tolerate the pressure of an athlete’s foot either in walking or running. Polyurethane also abbreviated as PU turns out to be excellent when compared to EVA.

PU stands out because for one it is an organic polymer thus its resilience, is also known to be compression resistant and flexible thus offers more support to an athlete’s foot without breaking down too fast. Overall stability is what most tennis players look for when walking on concrete, and they can easily find this feature in midsoles that have been manufactured by stiff materials.

Why stiff? The reason is that it will prevent your foot from rolling inwards excessively, and a dense material for the midsole will also guarantee stability. The best Tennis shoes for walking on concrete have to be constructed with at least two different types of rubber for the outsole. The most common ones are carbon and blown rubber.

Blown rubber is usually light in weight, flexible and provides good cushioning. Other features include the flex grooves, which let your feet flex at its ball and roll in a natural manner when walking. A split heel is also convenient as it enables efficient coordination when walking.


Best Tennis shoes for Walking on Concrete

New Balance MID 626V2

Image result for 1. New Balance MID 626V2 amazonThe New Balance MID 626V2 has been made to cater to female tennis players who spent countless hours walking on concrete. The inside cushioning is ABZORB, and apart from the comfort it also supports the foundation of your body. The upper part is made of a durable leather material that offers support and stability as you engage in your daily foot activity on concrete.

Oil spills from heavy machinery are a normal occurrence on concrete and with the wrong type of shoe; you might find your face so close to the ground. The outsole of the New Balance is, therefore, made with an oil-resistant material, so you don’t have to be searching the ground when walking instead of concentrating on the destination of your walk.

In addition, the outsole is slip-resistant as they offer good traction via their new lug pattern, and can be effective on other surfaces. The internal shank guarantees a tennis player’s stability and is available in two different widths that are 6E and 4E. The outsole does not leave marks on the floor and the shoe is a snug fit with a V-shaped collar for Achilles support.


  • Features a responsive midsole
  • Upper part made of durable leather material
  • The outsole features a new lug pattern for traction
  • Easy to clean


  • Comes in two colors only
  • It’s a Wide fit shoe


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Asics Gel Cumulus 20

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The Asics gel cumulus is very gentle and comfortable on the feet, as they have been made with the propel technology featuring Flytefoam. The latter provides a comfortable bounce when walking, and it also has good shock-absorbing qualities when used on concrete floors.

The midsole is responsive no matter how far you want to walk as it does not break down, its stability is because of the organic super fibers used that help reduce packing out, a feature that is common with soft and low-density midsole. The fore and rear foot features the gel cushioning technology, which counters shock during impact, and allows the feet to move in different planes while transitioning via the gait cycle.

Just like other Asics shoes, the Gel Cumulus is constructed with materials that will rarely irritate or cause friction on your foot skin. The traditional seams and stitches inside a shoe are enough to make your walk very uncomfortable, most probably you may want to remove the shoes or scratch your feet because of the irritation.

The shoe is also made with the AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole, and they have been strategically placed to enhance its durability, users with foot complications are also allowed to use an Ortholite sock liner. SPEVAFOAM technology has been incorporated in the manufacture of the shoe, a feature that enhances the platform feel while providing maximum comfort.

Reflective material has been used in the design, which enables a player to be visible either when walking in the early morning or late in the evening when there is barely enough light. The Fluidride midsole is light in weight but with exceptional cushioning and bounce back properties.


  • Features a breathable synthetic upper
  • Gait efficiency is enhanced by the vertical flex groove
  • Incorporated rear and forefoot gel technology
  • Rubber outsole offers good traction


  • Requires a break-in period
  • Flytefoam not very efficient

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Orthofeet sprint men

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The shoes come medically recommended by Podiatrists for conditions such as overpronation, Osteoarthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Arch pain, flat feet, and Achilles Tendinitis among others. The construction includes features that will help alleviate pain caused by some of the mentioned conditions.

They come with effective arch support and insoles that can be removed when necessary. The midsole also absorbs the shock caused by high impact when walking or running and can handle the mass of the body without giving in. The upper part is made of easy to clean soft mesh, which is not only breathable but also offers stability and flexibility to the wearer’s feet.

The toe box is very accommodative because it is deep and wide therefore your toes can flex and enjoy some freedom in a movement when you engage in an activity. The Orthofeet sprint men shoes come complete with a heel cup that prevents the unnecessary movement of feet when you are walking, they also help to reduce pressure on the heel thus people suffering from heel pain will be relieved.


  • Features a premium orthotic sole
  • Has a durable high traction sole
  • Constructed with an anatomical arch support
  • The insole is orthotic


  • Pricey

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Therapeutic Hard Floor Athletic Shoes

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The Hard floor athletic shoes comfortably counter the long hours of walking; the upper part is made of durable leather material and a breathable mesh. The lace closure comfortably supports the tongue while offering stability to the foot. A seamless and padded lining has been incorporated in its construction that does not irritate the feet.

The shoe is light on the foot, so movement is not restricted by excess weight. The outer rubber sole has been made from a thick and lightweight material that offers good traction on hard ground. All types of feet are accommodated in the shoe first because of the wide toe box and the wider widths, other small feet players are also accommodated.

The inside consists of a Dr. Comfort gel insert that works well in absorbing shock and offers excellent cushioning. The collar is well padded and the U shape protects the Achilles.


  • Fits all sizes of feet and are available in wide widths
  • Are lightweight in the foot
  • The mesh upper allows air conditioning
  • Bungee lacing system for tongue and feet support and stability


  • Pricey

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Ryka Women’s Dash Walking Shoe

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The Ryka women’s walking shoes are made with an ortholite footbed that makes them comfortable to be worn by fitness walkers and women who are always on their toes. The outsole flexes with the foot and has high traction properties. The toe area has incorporated a wide room in the round design to comfortably accommodate a player’s toes.

The provision of a wide width will work well with athletes who have bunions as the spacing is provided at the metatarsal joints. The overlays are made of supportive leather material and the midsole is EVA, which has good cushioning characteristics. Shock absorption has also been catered for in the midsole, only that EVA tends to break on high impact.


  • Accommodate players with bunions
  • Features a breathable upper necessary for air circulation
  • Can also be adopted by people suffering from arthritis
  • Features an anti-slip Rubber outsole that is also flexible


  • Problem with big sizes
  • Pricey
  • Sole not versatile for different grounds

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Mizuno Wave Creation 19

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Players with a characteristic sweaty foot will derive comfort from the Mizuno Wave creation shoe, the printed overlays are seamless thus no irritation on the foot. They also offer support and stability on the upper part of the feet.

The insole is removable thus players can fit in their own midsole when necessary, and for a perfect fit and maximum comfort, the shoe comes with an anatomical sock liner. The midsole is a U4icX which is flexible and soft to the feet and covers the full length of the shoe.

The outer sole is made of rubber that offers good traction on hard ground; the shoe has also been constructed with synthetic material, which is durable and its shape and geometry ensure that it lasts long while being responsive when in use. The Dyna Motion technology incorporated gives the shoe a snug fit while also countering the pressure of concrete ground. The feature also minimizes the probability of contortion.


  • The shoe is a comfortable snug fit
  • Features plush cushioning
  • Has a comfortable arch support
  • The outer rubber sole offers good traction


  • Features a narrow toe box
  • Light material thus not very durable

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Training and running shoes are a good option for tennis players who walk on concrete, the features incorporated are meant to enhance the health of a player, given the effect of concrete on the knees, heel, and hip. As you walk on concrete a lot of energy goes back to the feet and that is why using inappropriate shoes will lead you to develop serious medical complications.