A Buying Guide for the Best Tennis Sneakers (Everything You Need to Know!)

There are quite a good number of tennis shoes out in the market from all sorts of brands. A lot of research has gone into studying the requirements of athletes as they play on different court surfaces so as to create ideal footwear for them. The first pair of tennis shoes was developed in 1917 and many innovations and improvements have been made since then. Players have the opportunity to choose from quite an expanse of variety, and that is a good thing.

In the same market, however, there are shoes that are meant for sporting activity in general. They are not made for a specific sport, but they are built to ensure that you still get the comfort, flexibility, stability and breathability you need, your activity notwithstanding. You likely know them as sneakers, and there is a high possibility that you own a pair or two.

While they are designed for sports, not all of them are ideal for playing tennis. We have done a bit of research and come up with a list of sneakers that you will find supportive and convenient to use on the tennis court.

Best Sneakers for Tennis


Nike Free

Image for Nike Rn 2018 Zapatos

Nike developed and made these shoes for people who like to run around. They are incredibly light, and they almost make you feel like you are barefoot.


  • The upper body is made using a mix of synthetic material and fabric
  • Lace up closure
  • The sole is made of foam
  • The soles are tread with flex-groove for maximum flexibility

An astounding shoe with an incredibly light build, this shoe is meant to make you feel like you are wearing a pair of socks. It is made using synthetic fiber and textiles. The combination makes for very light but strong material that will make the shoe last quite a while.

The shoe sole is made with free foam that has a flex groove tread. The shoe will adjust accordingly depending on your activity. The insole has a removable pad that allows you to choose your desired level of cushioning.

The Nike Free will be a solid companion on the tennis court. The lightweight of the shoe will have you darting across the court to reach for those out of range balls while still giving you stability and comfort. The foam sole will be quite at home on the hardcourt as it is designed for runs on similar environments.


  • It is lightweight
  • It has a removable pad for your desired comfort level
  • It is very flexible
  • The shoe is built with highly breathable fabric


  • It has a narrow fit and may be tight for people with wide feet


The Nike Free lives up to its actual name. This shoe allows your feet to feel as though you have no shoes on, but they still deliver the comfort, stability and flexibility that are needed as you play on the tennis court.

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No Bull Ivy

Image for Zapatillas de entrenamiento para hombre NOBULL

This shoe will have you doing just about anything you can think of. Walk, jog, sprint and work out in the No Bull Ivy, a lightweight sneaker that combines a sleek look and durability.


  • Made of SuperFabric
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • Guard plates are added all around the shoe for protection
  • The size fit is true

The No Bull Ivy is unlike other commonly used sneakers. This shoe is quite the rule breaker. First off, it does not look like a regular sports shoe, and secondly, it is so incredibly constructed it could survive an apocalypse. The SuperFabric used to make their upper body covers the entire shoe in one 360 degrees seamless fit. A reflective logo is also attached to the outer shell of the body to enhance visibility.

This shoe’s outsole is not treaded. It has an incredible lug pattern that is designed to make you feel at home in just about any kind of surface. You will have excellent grip out on the clay court, indoor court or even grass court. It also boasts strength for longevity.

While they look and seem quite closed, these shoes are breathable. They are constructed to keep your feet cool and dry, even in the hottest, most intense playing environments.

The No Bull Ivy is a flat shoe that will make your foot maintain its natural shape and movement pattern by extension. The front is wide and allows your toes to fit excellently while still giving them support during fast movement.


  • It has a strong build with guard plates that will make them last quite a deal of time
  • The outsole is fit for use on any surface type
  • The lug design of the outsole offers good traction
  • The shoe is highly breathable
  • It is flat, allowing your feet to maintain their natural shape while still giving them support


  • This shoe is quite expensive
  • It only comes in one color


The No Bull Ivy is unlike most sneakers we see and use. The flat shape, lug outsole and seamless upper body make for a simple look but give the shoe unique characteristics. You will enjoy practicing with them on the court, and you will have a pair of happy feet.

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Reebok YourFlex 8.0

Image for Reebok Yourflex Train 8.0

The Reebok YourFlex 8.0 stops at nothing to give you a great training experience whether in the gym, race track or tennis court.


  • The sole is made using rubber
  • The outsole is constructed using 100% synthetic fiber
  • It weighs 7.2 ounces
  • The shoe features a low-cut design
  • Removable tongue

Made for high intensity activity, this shoe will fit right in on the tennis court. It has a lightweight build, with its upper body made using tri-zone mesh. The micro-lace system attached to the upper body ensures that the shoe fits a comfortable snug.

The insole has a sock-like liner that is made of memory foam, causing your feet to fit perfectly. It feels as though your feet are part of the shoe. The insole conforms to the actual form of your foot, giving it a lot more stability and flexibility for quick darts and sudden turns.

The outsole is made of flexible rubber with a unique tread. While it does not have a full herringbone tread, it has a similar pattern but is wider for more traction. This makes it good to wear on any court type as you play.


  • It is an incredibly lightweight shoe
  • The upper body enhances the proper fit
  • Memory insole assumes the natural shape of the foot for more comfort and stability
  • The rubber sole is strong and flexible


  • The upper body of the shoe may not last very long
  • It may not be comfortable for people with wide feet


Reebok has long been known to deliver quality apparel in the sports field and the Reebok YourFlex 8.0 is no exception. It is ideal for good support, comfort and flexibility as you play on the tennis court.

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Asics Conviction X-2

Image for ASICS Conviction x 2

Built with RynoSkin, this shoe is made to last a long time while still maintaining its integrity no matter the stress it is subjected to.


  • It is made with synthetic fiber and breathable mesh in the upper body
  • Weighs 15.0 oz.
  • RynoSkin technology for stronger support and durability
  • Width is medium

The Asics Conviction X-2 may not be a sneaker you see every day on the tennis court, but it is constructed to be worn in high intensity environments. The upper body is made using a synthetic mesh that is light and breathable. It is then reinforced with RynoSkin which makes it more structurally stable and adds support to the shoe. The footbed is made using textile which breathable and allows for your foot to be ventilated. It is also comfortable and gives extra support to the foot.

The insole is removable, and it is soft to give comfort and accommodation to the foot. The shoe’s outsole is made using high abrasion rubber with a texture that gives you great grip on just about any surface. It is also a bit heavy and stiff, which may be an advantage for persons who like a little more grounding on the tennis court. The shoe’s heel has TPU heel counter that secures your heel in place to prevent slippage as you run around.

The shoe is also breathable and it will ensure that your feet stay dry and cool even after a long time of practice.


  • The synthetic mesh on the upper body enhances breathability
  • RynoSkin adds structure and support to the shoe and gives it longevity
  • It is made with high abrasion rubber that is ideal for all court surfaces
  • The TPU heel prevents unnecessary slippage and gives extra support to the heel


  • It is a bit heavy
  • The rubber sole is not as flexible as other tennis shoes


The Asics Conviction X-2 is a shoe that has a lot of structure and strong build. It gives exceptional traction on all court surfaces and gives your foot great cushioning. It is unfortunately heavy, and the sole is a bit stiff and may not be ideal for players who like to rally around the court.

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Brooks Ghost 11

Image for Brooks Women's Ghost

Ideally made for runners, this shoe will be an asset for you as you practice and play on the tennis court.


  • The upper body is made with synthetic mesh
  • The outsole is made with rubber
  • It has a medium to high arch
  • Cushioned with BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT

The Brooks Ghost 11 is one of the most convenient types of footwear for runners but can be an incredible asset to tennis players as well. It has an incredible build, and one of its most outstanding features is the outsole. It was made for excellence on pavements and has Omega Flex Grooves that enhance traction and flexibility. It is thicker at the heel, and it gives you a boost as you run or leap.

The upper body is made using synthetic mesh that has the ability to stretch, giving room to feet that are wide. There is no closed lining to disrupt air circulation in the shoe, allowing your feet to stay dry and cool.

The BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT technology gives cushioning to the feet and acts as a shock absorber. A heel crash pad makes it convenient for players who make heavy landings, reducing the amount of trauma sustained by the heel.


  • Stretchable synthetic mesh accommodates a wide range of feet widths
  • Strong and flexible sole
  • Breathable upper build
  • Innovative technology for cushioning
  • Grooved outsole for good traction


  • It is a bit pricey


This shoe has managed to excel in the running field, and it gives its users great support. Its features and general build would be a great addition to your tennis apparel, and you will experience lots of support and maneuverability as you navigate the tennis court.

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What should you look out for when buying a tennis shoe?

The truth is that tennis shoes have very unique characteristics that set them apart from most sneakers. However, it is possible to find training or running shoes that would perform equally well on the tennis court. Here are a few things that you can consider before deciding on a pair.

The Outsole

The outsole of a shoe plays an important role in determining your performance as a tennis player. Rubber soles give the most ideal traction. Before selecting a shoe, ensure that the tread will be able to give you good grip and flexibility. A rigid sole will hinder your foot’s flexibility and reduce your response speed.

The other important aspect is the weight. Wearing a shoe with a heavy sole will cause you to feel held back, and you may have to use extra energy to lift your foot off the ground. Select shoes that will enhance swiftness and that will not cause you to feel fatigues at the end of the day.


Spending long hours on the tennis court as you train may cause the soles of your feet to experience some form of trauma. They may get sore if you wear shoes that do not cushion them from shock sustained from heavy landing.

The insoles of sneakers are essential in giving cushioning to the feet and ensuring that they maintain their natural shape and form as much as possible. This way, you will achieve great footwork and still feel quite good when you get off the court.


This aspect of a shoe cannot be overemphasized. Having a shoe that fits your feet excellently translates into comfort, support and good performance by extension. If you have narrow fit, do not go for a shoe that is too wide. You will experience a lot of slippages as you try to navigate the court.

Slippage means that you will be unstable on your feet, and you could hurt an ankle or strain your feet. When a shoe is too narrow, the foot cannot be able to move naturally within the shoe as it should.

Your toes and mid-foot will be impeded from supporting your leaps and plunges. You will experience a lot of fatigue at the end of the day, and foot aches in extreme cases.

A hoe that fits just right will give you optimal support, flexibility and comfort which will enhance your general performance.


There are shoes that are highly priced owing to their exemplary performance and others for their brand name. Some brands focus on delivering quality and still manage to keep their products affordable.

Look out for shoes that will work well for you, both on the court and as far as cost goes. However, do not be afraid to splurge a little if you can, so long as the quality is assured.

Final Thoughts

There is a general rule in sports that you should never use the same pair of shoes for different activities. The main reason is that different shoes are meant for different purposes.

However, there are shoes made with features that make them ideal to use in different settings. The shoes reviewed in this article are a few examples.

Care should, however, be taken when making such selections. If you already have a pair with you that you feel can be used for running and tennis, ensure that it fits all criteria. If you are considering getting a pair for multiple uses, consider your requirements for each activity and ensure that the shoe will serve you equally well in each sport.