Best Walking Shoes for Peroneal Tendonitis (Everything You Need to Know!)

Dealing with this problem can be difficult and many runners opt to take some time off running or walking for their tendon to heal, but if you don’t have the luxury of time, you can wear the right shoes for peroneal tendonitis to help with the healing process.

What is peroneal tendonitis?

This is an irritation to the two tendons on your foot which run behind each other behind the outside of your ankle bone. The tendons are supposed to protect your foot from injury from a sprain and to keep your foot stable when you’re walking or running. This condition damages your tendons by causing small microtears which cause inflammation which leads to swelling and pain and makes it difficult to stand or walk. The swelling and pain are mostly located at the back of your foot and if left untreated it could get worse.

Causes of peroneal tendonitis

Abnormal foot structure

If you have flat feet or high arches, it can create tension and abnormalities in your muscles. This can put undue pressure on your tendons which can cause them to stretch and tear.


One of the reasons people experience peroneal tendonitis is because of overusing your tendons. This causes a bit of stretching and tearing and these microtears happen when you perform intense activities like running or playing sports. You can avoid overs using your tendons if you take some time to stretch your feet before starting a game or any physical activity.

Medical condition

If you’re suffering from rheumatoid arthritis it can cause inflammation at the back of your feet which can cause other conditions like tibia tendonitis and Achilles tendonitis.


Serious tears in your tendons can lead to more traumatic injuries that can be caused by movements like jumping or landing on your feet too hard. Such tears tend to be much larger which can cause chronic long term pain if it’s not treated.

How to prevent peroneal tendonitis

If you have this condition, it can be very painful and excruciating, but there are a few things you can do to avoid this problem and enjoy running.

Wear the right shoes

Wearing the right walking or running shoes will help you to completely avoid this problem. If your shoes are causing you pain in any area or they aren’t absorbing shock effectively, you should avoid wearing them and instead get a new pair that will protect your feet. Also, avoid using running shoes for walking because they don’t have the necessary features to protect your feet from injuries.

Strengthen your ankles

Going to the gym or doing some exercises that will strengthen your muscles can help you avoid ankle problems. When your ankle muscles are strong, they’re less likely to give in and cause your tendons to overwork.

Try losing some weight

This might not be a tip for everyone, but one you should keep in mind. If you’re a bit overweight, there is more pressure applied to your peroneal tendon muscle when you’re walking or moving and this can lead to overworking it. Although losing weight isn’t easy, it’s an effective way of avoiding this problem.

Features to consider when choosing the best walking shoes for peroneal tendonitis

Shock absorption

The shoes you wear shoe have good shock absorption especially at the back to help reduce the pressure and impact when you’re walking or running. This will prevent injuries and reduce the stress on your ankles. This shock absorption can be in the form of a gel that is very effective, but more expensive than air cushioning. Ensure that your heel has at least an inch of shock padding to reduce the stress on your heels.


Shoes with good support around the heel and the rest of your foot will help to prevent injuries and reduce the amount of strain on your ankles. Extra cushioning and insoles that contour with the shape of your foot will provide great support for your foot while a shank made with TPU or nylon will help reduce the weight.


Your ankles are the most vulnerable part of your body and the tendons in your ankles end up in your foot. Shoes with good cushioning in the midsoles will reduce the stress on your foot and make it more comfortable when walking or running. Also, rubber cushioning at the sides of your shoes can help in absorbing and distributing your weight that goes to your heels. This will reduce the tension and strain on your heel and this will prevent further inflammation and pain to your tendons.


Choose lightweight shoes that will not require you to use a lot of energy when walking. Flexible and lightweight materials help to reduce the stress around your ankles and tendons as well as the amount of fatigue that can cause injuries.


Here are Best walking shoes for people with Peroneal tendonitis 

ASICS Gel-Numbus 18

walking shoes

Even though these are running shoes, you can use them for your long walks. They’re lightweight and made with synthetic materials and extra cushioning which are all essential features in preventing peroneal tendonitis. The shoes are designed for both men and women with an adjustable upper to accommodate the width of your feet which makes them suitable for both narrow and wide feet. These comfortable and unique shoes have a gel cushioning in the midsole to help reduce the strain off your joints which can help in preventing peroneal tendonitis in the first place and it has the bounce-back effect that helps to reduce your weight significantly.

The FluidFit upper is designed in a way to keep your feet comfortable while walking and they come in beautiful colors that you can wear on different occasions. These are great shoes for anyone with peroneal tendonitis or any other foot problems because they’re quite comfortable and stretchable which should be ideal for any foot type. They provide a perfect fit and are reasonably priced for an avid walker.


  • Very comfortable shoes to walk in
  • Have great support
  • Lightweight with great ventilation
  • Excellent shoes for people with peroneal tendonitis


  • The synthetic material wears out quickly


Lightweight, cushiony, and comfortable walking shoes for both men and women that are perfect for people with peroneal tendonitis. They have a stretchy synthetic material at the top that allows for an adjustment to fit perfectly and great cushioning for your feet all-round.

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Brooks glycerin 14

shoes for people with Peroneal tendonitis

These are excellent running shoes that are designed for both men and women, but you can also use them for walking. They have good ventilation so you don’t have to worry about sweaty and smelly feet thanks to the mesh and synthetic materials. The 3D print overlays help with the structural support of the shoes and in reducing the weight of the shoes. The shoes also have an eye-catching design that you will love. The shoes have 20% more midsole cushioning than other regular midsoles which makes them very effective in absorbing shock which makes it easier for you to walk for longer without getting foot fatigue.

The additional cushioning is placed in your pressure zones which is perfect for avoiding joint and foot problems. The shoe’s ability to stretch means they can fit both narrow and wide feet providing a perfect fit for all foot types. The rubber straps also help to make sure you get a snug fit which prevents your feet from slipping. The best thing about these shoes is their ability to stretch which provides a comfortable fit.


  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Provides good arch support
  • The lining cradles your feet perfectly
  • The very roomy toe box
  • Plenty of cushioning


  • Quite expensive


Lightweight and stylish shoes come with an extra 20% cushioning than other insoles which is a great advantage for people with peroneal tendonitis and other feet problems.

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New Balance 928v3

womens walkings shoe

These walking shoes for both men and women are designed specifically for walking and not running. They’re made with mesh and synthetic materials which ensures their lightweight feel and provide good ventilation when walking on hot days. The compressed EVA molded midsole contours with the shape of your feet and also uses air to provide extra cushioning. The curved soles of the shoes make it easy for you to walk without using much effort which reduces the pressure on your joints thus preventing peroneal tendonitis.

However, the durability of these shoes is in question, but since they’re designed specifically for walking with similar features with other brands, they stand out because they’re affordable. They come in a few colors that you could match with some of your clothes in your wardrobe.


  • They have a comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Very affordable
  • Has decent shock absorption


  • Has a short tongue that allows the laces to dig into your skin
  • Not as durable as expected


Stylish and comfortable shoes specifically designed for walking. The EVA midsole molds to the shape of your feet to provide excellent cushioning and the air support add to the cushioning which helps to reduce the stress on your joints and feet.

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Ryka sky women’s walking shoes

shoes for people with Peroneal tendonitis

These are walking shoes that are made with leather and synthetic materials that help to provide good ventilation for your feet, although they might be a bit heavier than other running shoes. However, they’re extremely durable and are available in different styles that would be perfect for n athletic wardrobe. They’re made with a memory foam sock liner that can mold to the shape of your feet and retain it ensuring that you have a comfortable fit throughout your walk. The lace-up design allows you to adjust the laces to suit your preferred comfortable fit.

The EVA midsole and the lightweight TPU shank offers excellent cushioning and the much-needed support to protect your feet from twists and injuries. The rubber outsole has a good grip and traction to help avoid slips and keep you stable on different surfaces and increases the shoe’s durability. These are great shoes if you want to avoid peroneal tendonitis so you don’t have to deal with painful feet when you’re out on a stroll.


  • The memory foam cushioning is very effective
  • Very comfortable shoes for walking
  • Very affordable
  • Extremely durable


  • Lacks good shock absorption


If you’re looking for shoes that will provide support for your feet while you’re out walking and help avoid possible injuries, these shoes are a great choice. The memory foam in the midsole will ensure your feet are protected and comfortable all day.

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Orthofeet Tahoe athletic shoes

comfortable walking shoe

These shoes are specifically designed for people with different feet and joint problems. They’re lightweight and ergonomically shaped to fit all foot types with air cushioning in the insole which can absorb shock effectively. They provide great heel support which is very important if you want to avoid having problems with your tendons. They come with a wide toe box which is very beneficial to people with flat feet. These shoes don’t have a stylish or attractive design nor are they suitable for sports activities, but for people with feet problems as they’re very effective in keeping your feet comfortable and well supported so that you can walk properly.

The seamless inner lining helps to prevent any potential abrasions and friction while the air cushioning helps to reduce the strain and shock placed on your feet when you’re walking or standing a lot. The gel padding under your heels provides great support and cushioning in reducing the pressure in your heels while the contoured insole helps to provide more natural arch support. For shoes designed for medical purposes, they’re very affordable and a great benefit if you’re an active sports person but suffering from peroneal tendonitis. They will help to heal your feet and tendons much faster so that you can go back to walking free of pain.


  • Provides great shock absorption
  • Excellent shoes for recovery and prevention of feet problems
  • Very comfortable shoes
  • Provide a perfect fit for people with flat feet


  • Not very stylish shoes


These are the perfect shoes for people with peroneal tendonitis and other feet problems. They provide you with excellent support and cushioning for your heels and arches which helps to improve your mobility and to enhance your comfort from your heels to your toes.

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Mizuno wave rider 21

shoes for people with Peroneal tendonitis

These are women’s running shoes that you can also use for walking. They’re lightweight which gives you that seamless and effortless feel when you’re walking in them. The redesigned Wave technology provides you with a softer cushioning and an enhanced responsive feel which helps to reduce the amount of energy your feet use when walking. This helps to reduce foot fatigue and the pressure on your feet. The triple zoned mesh ensures your feet are well ventilated and increases your feet’s flexibility when you’re moving your feet.

It also helps to keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable as you walk or exercise. The soft sock liner provides extra arch support and cushioning improving on your comfort levels while the advanced U4IC midsole foam gives you a more responsive feel, enhances durability, and maximizes your comfort. The cloud wave technology provides a soft and lightweight feel with great shock absorption and good energy return as you walk. These are great shoes for preventing and coping with peroneal tendonitis.


  • Super comfortable shoes
  • Have a wider toe box which is perfect for people with flat feet
  • Supportive in all the right places
  • Have a lightweight feel


  • The cushioning is a bit firmer than other shoes


Reasonable priced, lightweight shoes with a supportive and durable midsole and a breathable and flexible mesh to keep your feet comfortable and cool. The sock liner provides your feet with extra arch cushioning and support perfect for people with peroneal tendonitis.

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It’s not an easy task choosing the best walking shoes for peroneal tendonitis that will suit your needs. You have to consider all the features or qualities that make these shoes perfect for your foot condition which will speed up your recovery process. ASICS Gel-Numbus 18 are excellent walking shoes for peroneal tendonitis because they have a good combination of comfort, cushioning, support, and protection of your feet when you’re walking.