Can Asics running shoes be used for tennis? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Every tennis player has a pair of running shoes in his/her shoe closet and most likely you have used them to play tennis on occasions. Generally, running shoes aren’t durable and supportive enough to play aggressive tennis because you might have issues with your knees, risk rolling your ankles, and destroy your shoes quicker. However, if you can’t run-up to the net with an inflexible sole like because most tennis shoes are like that, then you will have a hard time wearing tennis shoes. In this case, you need to look for sports shoes that have a flexible sole and still wrap your whole foot properly so that it doesn’t slip when you’re making lateral movements.

Asics tennis shoe brand

Asics is a running shoe brand that has ventured into the tennis shoe industry and is now competing with companies like Nike and Adidas because of their quality craftsmanship and their overall shoe knowledge. Their Asics tennis shoes have even been used by a dynamic tennis player, Novak Djokovic on his tour.

The Asics gel-resolution tennis shoes feature the Asics gel cushioning technology to provide you with comfort and energy return. They’re built to withstand a lot of abuse, provide an excellent level of stability, and offer an outsole warranty.

The Asics solution speed FF tennis shoes are an upgrade from the gel-resolution. FF means FlyteFoam which is used in technology to make the midsole of the Asics running shoes. This material uses organic super fibers to provide you with superior cushioning and give you a bounce-back effect in lightweight shoes that are built for speed.

The Asics court FF tennis shoes fall between the gel-resolution and the solution speed FF. these shoes are made with FlyteFoam and the only Asics tennis shoes to have the Mono-Sock system that gives you a better feel of the court surface, and an excellent combination of comfort, durability, support, and quickness.

Tennis shoes


Tennis is a dynamic game that is changing with players adapting to more aggressive games that require shoes that have both speed and versatility. Your playing style also changes depending on the court surface you’re playing on. So whether you’re a professional or it’s your first time stepping on a tennis court, tennis shoes are very important in the game. The different playing styles and different court surfaces mean there is a wide variety of tennis shoes available from popular Nike and Adidas tennis shoes to reliable and high-performance Asics tennis shoes and the best shoes that will fit your unique needs is in there somewhere. You need to research on which tennis shoes will provide you with superior comfort and support on the court you plan to play on.

When you’re going to buy tennis shoes there are several factors you need to consider apart from price and size. Some of the key factors include:

Your foot type

When you know your foot type, you’re in a better position to find the shoes that have the features that you need to enable you to perform your best on the court and avoid injuries. There are three different foot types.


This means that your shoes tend to wear most on the inside near the balls of your feet. If you walk bare feet on a wet surface you will notice that the whole impression of your foot will appear and there will be very little or no visible space. If you have pronated feet you should look for shoes that have excellent lateral support so that you can avoid injuries to your knees and ankles.


This means your shoes will wear out evenly and if you do a wet test you will have a neutral foot mark. So you can wear most of the tennis shoes without any problems.


This means the soles of your shoes tend to wear out on the outside of your heel and forefoot. If you do a wet test, you will notice a large space at the center of your arch area. So you should invest in shoes that will provide you with greater shock absorption and flexibility and a bit more space for your heels.


To achieve a powerful baseline game you need stability so you will need tennis shoes that offer a perfect fit and provide great lateral support so that as you make side to side movements along the baseline of the court, your feet are stable on the ground. The shoes should be made with an upper that is better equipped to handle the rigorous demands placed on it and an improved heel to give you the perfect hold when you’re making different movements on the court.

For a serve-and-volley game, you will need shoes that will provide speed and versatility which will cater to your rapid change of directions on the court. The shoes should also have durable toe caps and improved flexibility for the balls of your feet. Lightweight tennis shoes and all the other components will work perfectly together on the court to assist you in the forward and back movement when you’re jumping and sprinting to make shots at the net. The shoes will also help in supporting your foot’s arch tendon to give you more power and help prevent foot fatigue.

Your playground

Your playing style will change depending on the court surface you’re playing on, and so will the tennis shoes you’ll wear in each court. The game will be very different whether you’re playing on the hard, clay, or grass courts. In one court the game will be low and fast while in another it will be slower and the ball can bounce up higher, so your playstyle should adapt to the court surface.

Clay court tennis shoes

The game is a little slower so if you’re a baseline player you can advantage of this and make huge shots. For this, you’ll need lateral support and stability because you’ll be moving from side to side before you get a good shot. You’ll need shoes with excellent grip because clay courts are dusty which doesn’t provide you with much traction, a well-designed outsole that dislodges the clay and doesn’t leave marks on the court, a tight upper for support, durable sides, and lateral support.

Grass court tennis shoes

If you’re a serve-and-volley player, you’ll do well on this court because of the speed of the ball off the surface. You’ll need shoes that have a good grip because the court is slippery, flexible upper for better movement when running forward for the ball, flatter outsole not to damage the court, and you don’t need durable outsoles since the grass is softer on your feet and doesn’t damage your shoes.

Hardcourt tennis shoes

This is the neutral ground between the clay and grass courts when it comes to the bounce and speed of the ball off the court. Both powerful and fast players are evenly matched on this court. This surface demands a lot from your shoes so you need shoes that have a tougher upper for stability when you’re moving around on the court, a tough outsole to handle the demands of the hard surface, and enough cushioning with bounce-back responsiveness because the concrete can be very unforgiving on your legs and feet.


What material are tennis shoes made of?

Generally, tennis shoes are made of a flexible sole made from rubber or synthetic material and an upper part made of leather, cloth, or synthetic material.

Do you have to wear tennis shoes to play tennis?

You must wear shoes specifically designed to play tennis. This is because the shoes are designed to give you support, cushioning, and traction that you need to play tennis.

Are cross training shoes good for tennis?

You can use cross trainers to play tennis in terms of providing support for your lateral movements, but in the long term, you’ll need to wear proper tennis shoes. Cross trainers are a better option for running shoes for the tennis court.

What is a court shoe for tennis?

Tennis shoes are mostly flat with specific design patterns on the soles depending on the type of court surface you’re playing on. While other shoes have a thicker and softer heel that decreases weight and cushioning to reduce the impact, tennis shoes are made sturdier.

How long do tennis shoes last?

The general thumb is 45-60 hours before the midsole gets worn out. If you play once a week for an hour, you should replace your shoes at least once a year.


If you’re still wondering if Asics running shoes can be used for tennis, it all depends on whether you’re comfortable wearing them on the court. Asics is a great shoe brand that has taken the shoe industry by storm with its advanced technology in their running and tennis shoes. Tennis is a very demanding game and as such you need the best shoes that will provide you with support, stability, protection, and comfort as you play.