Can Tennis Shoes Be Resoled? (Everything You Need to Know!)

The majority of the shoes can be resoled, but resoling athletic shoes like running sneakers or tennis shoes is difficult because most cobblers don’t have the required knowledge when it comes to the lateral reinforcement that the shoes require and the necessary materials for repairing athletic shoes.

However, other shoes can be resoled but sometimes it’s cheaper to just buy a new pair of shoes especially if there are major signs of shoe damage to the sole that has progressed beyond repair. The heels of your shoes are the most common part to quickly wear out and the easiest to repair with new rubber taps where the heel is worn out. If it’s the soles of your feet, the cobbler can replace half the sole of your shoes to give you more traction when walking on slippery or wet floors.

However, for shoes with a thicker one-piece sole from your toes to your heels, they can’t be repaired traditionally. The whole sole can be taken off and replaced with a new one. Although there is no specific time recommended about how often a pair of shoes should be resoled, there are several subtle or not so subtle signs that will tell you it’s time to get your sole replaced.

Signs that your shoes need to be resoled

A hole in the shoes

A small hole in the soles of your shoes is a sign that your shoes need to be repaired or it could be mean your shoes are damaged beyond repair. The toe and heel areas are some of the most common areas that will get quickly worn out in a pair of shoes because of all the fast lateral movements you make on the court when playing a game. The outsole has more contact with the ground and it protects the interior from getting damaged, but it the hole gets bigger and eats into the rand, the thin band of rubber around the soles of your shoes, it can be more difficult to repair. However, this is the most obvious sign your shoes need repair and the most easily avoided.

Sole splitting

If you notice the upper part of your shoes has started splitting from the midsole, it’s time to get your shoes resoled. Even if it’s just a small split you notice when putting on your shoes, you should do something about it before leaving your house because it can get worse very fast and you can end up with unwearable shoes halfway through your day.

Rand damage

The rand can get damaged very quickly so if it starts to detach from the upper part of your shoe, quickly take your shoes to the cobbler. This can be easily fixed by just applying a bit of glue between the upper part of your shoes and the rand, but when there are holes in the rand you should replace the entire sole and rand.

Uneven sole damage

shoes be resoled

We all have different walking styles and wearing a pair of high-quality shoes can help you keep an eye on how your shoes wear out with your movements. Something you should check is uneven wear. Although it will be good for you to learn that you’re walking on the outside of your shoes, this uneven wear can cause problems. If left untreated or corrected, this walking style can lead to problems with your calves and ankles in the future. This also means the soles of your shoes will not wear out evenly so one sole will wear out quicker than the other. In this case, you should resell both shoes so that they can both perform better and you can also avoid getting a new pair that you have to break in.

Water damage

This might not be a problem if your shoes are made with rubber soles, but for leather soles, they can get water damage. Walking with your shoes in the rain once or twice in your leather-soles shoes doesn’t mean your shoes will get damaged, but constant exposure to water can seriously affect the soles. However, if you find yourself wearing these shoes more often than not in the rain or wet places, you should ensure the shoes are completely dry before wearing them again.

Rubber damage

The rubber on the soles of your shoes can begin to feel too soft and smooth after wearing your shoes for some time and it can become very uncomfortable. Your toe box and the sides of your heels begin to feel weak and you start to develop foot pains when walking on hard surfaces. The rubber is the strongest part of your shoes and it helps to take most of the strain when you’re walking so to ensure it continues to function as it should, get your shoes resoled.

Signs you need new tennis shoes

You must be feet are comfortable before you go out to play a game because it will affect your performance and balance which can lead to injuries. These signs will alert you that it’s time to get a new pair of tennis shoes.

They aren’t broken in after a few days

A good pair of tennis shoes should feel comfortable immediately you put them on or after 2-3 days, but if it takes you more than a week to break them in, it’s a sign that they aren’t right for your feet. Pay attention to how the shoes feel when you’re on the court during your training.

You get blisters

If after wearing your shoes after some time you get blisters, it could be because they’re stretched out and can no longer fit you properly. Wearing good quality shoes is important because you can develop back, foot, knee, and hip problems if you continue to wear worn-out shoes for an extended period. Such shoes also give you a lot of discomforts which causes friction and pressure that comes with wearing the wrong kind of shoes.

You have physical pain

Be attentive to how your body feels during and after your training, especially around your knees and lower parts of your body. If you have pain but no trauma to that area it can be caused by shoe fatigue, but if you have aches, you should check your tennis shoes. For example, back pain and shin splints can be signs that your running shoes are losing their shock absorption capabilities.

Your last tennis shoe purchase was 6 months ago

Normally, exercise or athletic shoes get worn out after 5-6 months of use. However, this will depend on how frequently you use them, how, and the type of workout. The cushioning of the shoes also deteriorates with time so you need an extra pair to exchange with so that they last longer.

The shoes’ heel counter isn’t firm

If the rear part of your shoes that supports your rear foot and ankles isn’t firm when you touch it, it’s time to get a new pair of shoes. To test this, place the back of your shoe between your index fingers and your thumb, then pinch the sides to check if the structure of the shoe has been broken in.

So, can tennis shoes be resoled?

tennis shoes

Athletic shoes like tennis shoes unlike other shoes have been constructed to provide you with advanced technology and different materials that offer lateral reinforcement and most shoemakers don’t have the expertise. So, to answer the question can tennis shoes be resoled, the answer is it would be nearly impossible to resole tennis shoes as the soles are integrated into the overall shoe design. The game of tennis requires that the shoes you’re wearing provide you with adequate comfort, support, and stability on the court.


How long should tennis shoes last?

The general rule of thumb is 45-60 hours of use before the midsole gets worn out. So if you play for an hour every week, you should replace your shoes once a year.

What is the average life of a shoe?

The mileage of a running shoe is 300-600 miles even when walking, but this will depend on several things like weight, type of shoe, the surface you’re running on, etc. Some shoes last longer and some ear out faster.

How many times can shoes be resoled?

If the upper leather part of your shoes is still in good condition, on average you can resole your shoes 2-3 times before it’s time to get a new pair.

How long do leather shoes last?

On average they last between 2-10 years if you treat them properly. If you wear them regularly and don’t maintain them, they will not last more than 2 years no matter the quality of the shoes.

How do I know when I need new tennis shoes?

One sign is worn out treads on the soles. The soles of your shoes last longer than the shock absorption and cushioning, so if the sole is worn out, it’s time for new shoes.