Can Tennis Shoes Be Used Gor Gym? (Everything You Need to Know!)

The thing is you can wear tennis shoes to the gym, but they’re not the best shoes to perform the activities in the gym since they don’t provide the right cushioning and they aren’t designed for gym activities. Tennis shoes are made differently. Aside from being able to withstand the rigors of the tennis court, their design focuses more on lateral support and stability, not forward movement. You need to find the right gym shoes for the type of training you’re going to be undertaking in the gym. Instead of wearing tennis shoes to the gym, cross trainers are the best athletic shoes that you can use for most of the activities in the gym.

How to choose the right gym shoe

 When you’re getting your new pair of gym shoes, you should think about some of the sports you’ll be using them for.


If your favorite activity in the gym is lifting weights, apart from firm solid ground to give you the power you need to lift, you will also need gym shoes that are well built, firm, and flat. They will help to support the weight and ensure they provide enough arch support and stability so that there is no excess pressure put on your joints which can cause injuries. If you wear your tennis shoes while lifting weights, you’ll have more aches and pains the next day.


If you love going to the cardio workout class at your favorite gym, you’ll need some very supportive shoes. Cardio classes involve a lot of jumping around which means the shoes you wear should be able to provide ample support and cushioning. If you have normal to wide feet, you should look for shoes with some additional width to allow for maximum movement.


If you’re all about pushing yourself to the limit on the treadmill, you’re going to need running shoes. However, before you get the running shoes, you’ll need to determine your type of foot, either pronated, ideal, or supinated. This will help you identify the right type of running shoes that are best for your feet.

Know what you’re looking for

Tennis shoes vs gym shoes

Before you choose the type of shoes you’re going to wear for your gym training, you must think about what you’re going to do at the gym. Many activities go on at the gym but the most common ones are participating in various fitness classes like aerobics, weightlifting, treadmill, cardio, and stretching.

Among all these activities there may be a few that you love doing like jogging on the treadmill, indoor cycling, or some light weightlifting. If you spend most of your time on the indoor bike, it would be better if you got some specialized shoes, but if you love jogging or running at the gym, the best shoes would be a good pair of running shoes. However, if you like doing a bit of everything, the perfect shoes for you would be cross-trainers.

Different types of athletic shoes

There are different types of athletic shoes that you can use for gym training. If you want to improve your workout, you should get shoes that are specific to the activity you will be using them for.

For example, if you love running, you already know the importance of investing in a quality pair of running shoes.

Running shoes provide additional cushioning that will help in absorbing shock every time your feet hit the ground and prevent you from having to deal with blisters. Running shoes are designed for forwarding motion, so they will not provide the support you need if you wear them for sports that involve multidirectional movements like tennis or basketball. You could also try barefoot running or natural running shoes since they’re very light and flexible with very little support and cushioning. Walking shoes, on the other hand, are designed for the heel-to-toe movement and would not function properly if you used them for running or court sports.

Cross-training shoes are a great option if you like trying out different gym activities. They’re versatile athletic shoes that are designed to give you support in all directions and enough support and stability for all types of gym sports.

Specialty shoes are for sports like tennis, basketball, racquetball, hiking, cycling, soccer, etc. If you participate in any of these sports activities frequently, it would be better if you got a sport-specific pair of shoes to fit your needs. Court shoes are ideally made to focus more on providing lateral and midfoot support, traction on the court surfaces, and durability which are important in tennis, basketball, and racquetball.

Instead of buying each pair of shoes for each gym activity, you can opt for cross trainers because they’re versatile shoes that will perform all the gym activities plus they will offer enough cushioning, stability, and support for most of the activities.

Risks of wearing the wrong shoes to the gym

Wearing the wrong shoes while working out at the gym will not only affect your workout results, it could also lead to serious injuries. The position of your feet while exercising can affect your body alignment, help strengthen your foot muscles and reduce short-term aches and pains, but it will not undo the real damage caused by wearing the wrong type of shoes.

Different types of workouts require different body movements, so you should wear the right workout shoes to provide just the right support needed for each exercise. When your feet and ankles are stable, strong, and secure, you’ll have more fruitful workouts. However, wearing the wrong shoes can lead to problems like injuries, discomfort, and lowered performance.

Signs your shoes aren’t right for your gym workouts

They don’t suit your workout

You shouldn’t wear tennis shoes for your aerobics class or weightlifting. Wearing ill-fitting shoes that are inappropriate for your specific workout can result in serious injuries. For example, walking and running shoes are designed for forwarding motion and have the necessary cushioning and support your feet need for such activities. However, sports like tennis and basketball require shoes that will provide lateral support and stability for all the movements you’ll be making around the courts, but you can use cross-training shoes for low impact exercises like aerobics, weightlifting, or indoor cycling.

They lack proper support

Apart from finding shoes that have a perfect fit and size, you should also make sure they provide adequate arch support, shock absorption, and cushioning because these are important features in shoes that you want to wear to the gym. If the shoes you wear lack in these features, your feet will not have enough protection during high impact activities.

You wear them every day

Exercise shoes are meant to be very comfy, but if you wear your shoes almost every day then later you work out in them, it can interfere with the effectiveness of your workouts. You should have separate shoes that you use only when going to the gym because you put different wear patterns on your shoes when performing different activities which can result in injuries and cause your shoes to wear out faster.

They’re too tight

The same way you don’t want to wear shoes that are loosely tied, you also don’t want to make them too tight. Your shoes should have a snug fit but if they’re too tight it could lead to tendonitis where the tendon in your feet essentially gets choked and this creates friction which leads to a strain in your muscles.

So, can tennis shoes be used for gym?

Tennis shoes are specifically designed for tennis, but you can also wear them outside of the court. You can also use them for the gym, but only for light exercises because they don’t have enough cushioning, support, and stability needed for gym activities.


Can I wear canvas shoes in the gym?

Canvas shoes are great to wear at the gym because they’re lightweight and have good fitting. They’re appropriate for a variety of locations and environments including the gym.

Can I wear running shoes at the gym?

Yes, you can, but they will get worn out quickly. Running shoes aren’t designed for heavy lighting, so if you’re squatting they will not provide the support you need and it can lead to injuries.

Can I wear gym shoes outside?

Trainers are also casual shoes so you can wear them outside the gym and pair them with a pair of your favorite pair of jeans or shorts. They’re stylish and also functional.

What should females wear to the gym?

There are different gym dress codes in each gym so make sure you know what is appropriate in the gym you decide to use. But in general, women can wear t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, but avoid wearing halter tops and shirts that show excessive cleavage.

Is it better if your gym shoes are tight or loose?

If your shoes are too tight, you’ll need a bigger size, but if they’re too loose, you should get a size down. For a snug fit, there should be enough space for your finger to fit at the back of your foot.