Can Tennis Shoes Be Washed in a Washing Machine? (Everything You Need to Know!)

So many people play tennis for so many different reasons. Some people practice the sport professionally, taking part in many competitions. Others are in it just for sheer fun and enjoyment while others are looking to gain all the health benefits that come from breaking a sweat during tennis. The courtyard, your tennis racket and tennis ball as well as your tennis outfit are all quite important factors that will influence your performance in the sport. However, your tennis shoes are without a doubt the most important piece of equipment that every player needs during the sport.

The sport requires the player to be quite quick and flexible with their feet. A lot of lateral movement is involved and your tennis shoes will definitely be tested. Selecting an ideal pair of tennis shoes is very important. It is advisable to purchase high-end tennis shoes that are very reliable and durable. It will definitely be worth the investment. Once you have purchased the tennis shoes and started using them, your shoes will definitely be exposed to a number of different factors that will probably leave them quite dirty or even muddy.

Your tennis shoes that were once bright and glossy may now have permanent stains and dull colors. So many players may choose to throw out the pair, believing that it would be a better choice to purchase a brand-new pair, however, this should not be the case. Over the years, tennis players have discovered that using the washing machine will leave your shoes sparkling clean and restore the new and fresh look to your tennis shoes. This method of cleaning your shoes is quite safe. It does not break down or cause any damage to the material of your shoe. This method of cleaning your shoes also saves you a lot of energy and time. When you are ready to give your shoes a nice makeover, the following tips could help you clean your sneakers with the washing machine.

Read the Care Label on Your Shoes

Even before you begin the task, it is important that you take a look at the care label and carefully read it. The label always advises on the best way to clean your shoes. Your tennis shoes could be made with a delicate material and failing to read the care label causes serious damage to the fabric. The care label could suggest that using your washing machine is a great option for leaving your sneakers sparkling clean.

Prepare to Clean Your Tennis Shoes

To prepare your shoes, you should first remove the laces and put them aside. Do not clean your shoes with the laces as they could tangle and affect the cleaning job. Before tossing your shoes into the machine make sure that you scrub off any loose mud and dirt particle from the surface of your shoe. To really scrub off the accumulated mud from underneath your shoe, you can use a shoe brush or a toothbrush. The soft bristles of these cleaning tools can fit into small spaces and eyelets getting rid of all the mud. Take some time to hold the shoe under a running tap to easily remove the excess debris. This preparation will help the washing machine clean your shoes quite effectively.

Find a Buffer for Your Shoes

Cleaning your shoes with a washing machine can get quite loud and noisy. Once the cleaning starts the heavy pressure acts on your shoes causing them to bang heavily against the walls of the drum. The bang can be quite loud and the continuous banging can get very irritating.

To prevent this, it is advisable to place the shoes inside a mesh laundry bag. You can also use an empty pillowcase as an alternative. To create a buffer for your shoes you should also include a couple of dirty towels or coats to fill up the interior area of your drum. This will really help to stop the continuous banging and effectively improve the results from the cleaning job.

Preparing Your Machine

Instead of choosing to clean your shoes with warm water, it would be a better idea to select cool water temperatures for your shoes. The required temperatures are 30 degrees. These cool temperatures help your shoes maintain their bright colors. The colors of your shoe will not fade.

Warm water could damage the fabric of your shoe or the delicate coating but the cool water will maintain the fabric. The detergent that you use also plays an important role in cleaning your shoes. Make sure that you have chosen a detergent that will not corrode or destroy the fabric of your shoe.

Hang Your Shoes Out to Air Dry

It is better to hang your shoes outside to dry rather than tossing them inside a dryer and letting them spin. A tumble dryer is not such a good idea, because the hot air in the dryer can cause the glue on your shoe to melt. It can also destroy the fabric on your shoes leaving them in danger of breaking.

To make them dry quickly and effectively, you can place your shoes out in the sun and place a scrunched newspaper inside the shoe. The newspaper helps to soak up excessive amounts of moisture, allowing your shoe to dry in such a short amount of time. This method also helps them dry in the correct shape so that they can be quite comfortable.

Benefits of Washing your Shoes with a Washing Machine

Cleaning your shoes with a washing machine guarantees that you will get them completely clean, dissolving any kind of discolorations on the material and getting rid of stubborn stains.

Choosing to wash your tennis shoes with the washing machine helps you save on a lot of energy and time that would be spent scrubbing out hard stains.

The washing machine is also quite effective at getting rid of foul odor. Allowing them to run through the drum as they mix up with detergent and cold water for a few minutes really deodorizes the shoes.

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