Can You Put Sneakers In The Dryer? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Can Tennis Shoes Be Washed in a Washing Machine

Playing around in the rain can be fun and games till it comes to washing the now dirty sneakers. And it gets worse if you need to wear them the next day. Because different sneakers have different materials, they take a different time to air-dry or dry ‘naturally’. If you need your sneakers to dry … Read more

Sneakers vs Gym Shoes (Everything You Need to Know!)

Skechers vs new balance

When you go shopping for shoes, you might wonder if there is any difference between sneakers and gym shoes. These two types of shoes are among the categories of athletic shoes and something they have in common is their rubber soles. So, let’s find out what is more distinctive about the two. What are the … Read more

Can Tennis Shoes Be Stretched? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Can tennis shoes be stretched?

Tennis shoes are supposed to be comfortable on the court, but sometimes they might need some stretching to fit properly. It’s very easy to buy shoes and later find out that they’re a bit too tight for your feet. You need to find the right method that will help stretch your tennis shoes to give … Read more

Tennis Shoes To Wear With Khakis (Everything You Need to Know!)

Tennis shoes to wear with khakis

Khakis can be worn in almost any situation just like your favorite denim jeans, but they have an upgraded style and class. Khakis come in a variety of different designs and materials, so if you don’t like the classic khaki slacks, you can opt for the khaki denim or other materials that you find better … Read more