Is Saucony A Good Brand (Everything You Need to Know!)

Before selecting one brand of footwear to purchase or become loyal to, you must have all the dirt on them. You don’t want to support brands that put their products out there. Today we will answer the question if Saucony is a good brand. You’ve probably come across the name Saucony while looking for shoes such as running shoes but you do not truly know them as a brand. Lucky for you, we are going to breakdown the Saucony shoe brand and evaluate if they truly are a good brand.

A brief history of the company

If you’ve only heard of them by name, Saucony is a seasoned shoe company that has its origins in the 1890s. The company has since gained intense polarity with comfort and flexibility their main selling point. Now, they offer a variety of footwear options for both men and women. It is still a heavily respected establishment with reliable, durable and comfortable footwear.

What you need to know about choosing a good brand of shoes

We are going to discuss some of the things you should be on the lookout for when finding shoes from a particular brand. Simultaneously, we will analyze Saucony in relation to these guidelines to help us truly solve the mystery of whether this brand is worth the cheddar.

Your foot anatomy

Above everything else, the best brand of shoes must fit your foot’s anatomy. Because feet are different and they change over time, it is important to find shoes that will suit these adjustments. Luckily, Saucony offers a variety of options with various technologies integrated into their shoes to suit these variations.


A good shoe will provide great arch support and general body support. Ideally, your arc must be supported at all times. Simultaneously, a good shoe should support your overall weight and distribute in. Additionally, the toe box is an essential component for shoes that you must think about heavily before you make the decision. Experts recommend a wide enough toe box that accommodates the foot properly.

Fabric and sole quality

good brand of shoes

One of the most important elements of running shoes is the sole. The nature if the sole influences how well you will be supported. Saucony utilizes a special fabric and special sole designs to build their shoes. If you have seen various Saucony shoes, then you might have noticed their different sole layouts. These aren’t simply for design purposes. They are specially made for various instances that require different forms of support.


The best shoe isn’t simply quality, it is a combination of many things. Of these things, comfort is among the more important attributes. When a shoe is tailored with quality materials and made to suit and support your feet while offering maximum comfort, then you know you have a winner.


To a brand enthusiast, then a brand has a reasonable range to choose from, that’s a bonus on their part. As shoppers, we enjoy looking and choosing from a variety of options so we can feel like we’ve weighed our options and made the best possible decision. When items are few, then as shoppers we feel like we have been forced to choose the next best option. Saucony offers a wide variety not only for children but for men and women alike.

Good news for the stylish walkers and runners

In case you are worried about looking great while power walking, Saucony has that covered for you. Their fabrics aren’t just plain everyday materials, it is specialized material designed to look fashionable while still maintaining functionality.

Your style of walking/running will influence your choice of shoe

You might find the right shoe that fits all the criteria above but it might be totally wrong for you. One final factor we did not discuss was the style of walking or running will influence your shoe choice. The way the foot strikes the ground will influence the nature of support you will require.

Things about Saucy you did not know

Pronounced Sock-a-knee and having over 100 businesses in the shoe industry is no joke. These aren’t the only intriguing thing about this company’s shoes. Having an in-depth understanding of a brand’s history and growing points is often important especially if you plan on becoming brand loyal to them.

Interestingly, before Saucony because of a known brand for running and walking, it started off as a kids shoe maker. They have since expanded the brand to accommodate everyone. Since then, they have been at the forefront in developing sole technologies and different elements that add to their shoe comfort and functionality levels.

One of the things we like about Saucony is their forerunning in running shoe development. In fact, they are credited in the development of shoes great for runners. Some of their pioneer ideas include making the first technical walking shoes. This makes them forerunners in specializing in footwear for walkers and runners. Additionally, they were among the first to introduce the medial post.

If you are vegan, then we have some good news. Saucony makes shoes that do not include any animal sourced products and materials including glue.

If you are new to running or haven’t bought a lot of running/exercise shoes in your lifetime, then this tool is designed for you. The Shoe advisor Saucony provides collects enough data to help guide you through your selection process. Information like gender, shoe size, terrain, nature of your training and issues of preference like comfort level is calculated to precisely find the best option.

The final verdict- Is Saucony a good brand?

After much analysis, we can conclude that this brand is a good brand. According to the criteria for selecting good walking shoes, Saucony meets all our expectations and even goes beyond on others. However, you must put in effort to find the shoe that suits your feet.

Final words

Saucony is a good shoe brand, which explains why it is amongst some of the most famous brands known across the world. They design shoes that cater to the needs of the individual in terms of comfort, flexibility, breathability, style, durability and more which is enough to qualify the brand as good.