New Balance 577 vs 877 (Everything You Need to Know!)

Comfort is a great priority for most athletes/sports lovers and trainers. When it comes to picking the right shoe, comfort along with fit and functionality will determine which shoe s right for you. A shoe that fits comfortably will make you more productive and reduce the chances of injury and pain. The New balance 577 vs 877 review should shed more insight into the more comfortable shoe for different functions.

Comparison between New Balance 577 and 877

The design

The New Balance 577 is made of high-quality leather for functionality and durability. The breathable leather allows airflow and reduces the chances of sweating while you walk.

The New balance 877 walking shoe is made in the same design as the 577 but definitely has better features. It is created for long distance walks. The 877 design is a combination of athletic and heritage affluence appearance.

The suede upper mesh of the 877, a premium insert and absorb midsole all contribute to its functionality. The walking strike path tech gives you more stability and aligns with your foot’s natural gait.

Balance and stability

The well-designed outsole and stable inner sole of the New balance 577 ensure balance and stability while you walk. The outer sole of both the MW877 and Mw577 is made of high-quality rubber which ensures durability as well as flexibility while waking.

The rubber on the New balance 877 and 577 gives you complete control and balance regardless of the type of surface you are walking on.  The solid trad patter can handle all types of sleek surfaces.


When it comes to comfort, the new balance 877 takes the win. It is the perfect shoe for people who walk for long distances and prolonged time in terms of comfort. It is made with absorb foam tech in the midsole which provides the great cushioning ability. The shoe hugs your feet perfectly to prevent slip, straining or discomfort in your feet.

The New balance 577 is also made with absorbing midsole cushioning that provides comfort while walking. The upper material of the shoe, however, can be a little restricting when compared to the new balance 877.


The New balance 577 is made with high quality synthetic leather that gives you a soft finish. This makes cleaning and maintaining the shoe pretty easy. A soft absorbent material keeps the inner part of the shoe dry and cool.

The upper part of the MW877 is made with mesh and suede. The mesh material allows for airflow in your foot which prevents excessive sweating while the overlays of the shoe is made with a suede material for extra support and also as a stylish look. The suede overlays ensure the heel is locked into place. The traditional lacing system also helps keep your foot in place.


From the material, you can tell that the 877 is very breathable. You do not need to worry about having damp and hot feet while walking. The mesh upper allows for airflow to keep your feet fresh and cool. With your feet dry, you can walk for long distances comfortably.

The New balance 577 offers an average amount of breathability through the well designed and ventilated textile lining and the perforations on the panel.


Typically, walking shoes are supposed to be light so you can be comfortable and light on your feet while walking.  A shoe that’s too heavy will make your walking experience much more difficult. While it is not among the lightest walking shoe, The New balance 877 can definitely handle long distance walks. The 577 model is a bit heavier plus the leather material can get a little too hot after a while.

Individual reviews

New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoe review

New balance 577 vs 877

This top-quality walking shoe provides you with functionality without taking away from the style. It comes in three colors including beige white and black. You can get the 577 in a traditional lace closure or hoop and loop fastener. The upper of the New Balance 577 is made of a solid leather material making it high quality and durable. The perforated overlays on the shoe allow for airflow and breathability during the action. The reflective detailing on the shoe enhances visibility.

The shoes have a high-performance outsole that delivers maximum traction when you are on different surfaces. The inside of the shoe is cushioned and toped with a textile lining to increase impact protection and comfort.


  • Synthetic sole for durability and comfort
  • Made of leather
  • Flexible sole


  • Has a weight limit


The new balance 577 is the perfect walking shoe. It’s leather upper and rubber lower allow for flexibility and grip on any terrain. The synthetic surface is easy to clean and has perforations to provide airflow.

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New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe review

The New balance men 877 is one of the best walking shoes made by the brand. The upper part of the MW877 is made with mesh and suede which allows airflow in your foot which prevents excessive sweating.

The tongue and collar of the mw877 are made with extra padding to provide you with extra cushioning and comfort and also prevent any kind of injury to the ankles while you are walking. The overlays are made with a suede material for extra support and also as stylish look.  The suede overlays and the traditional lacing system.  ensure the heel is locked into place.


  • Superior comfort
  • Has walking strike path tech for support
  • Provides great cushioning
  • Padded tongue and collar for safety during walks


  • Inconsistent shoe size


The new balance 877 is a more advanced version of the 577. It is made with better material to allow for more comfort and breathability while walking. The suede, as opposed to the leather allows a firm fit and flexible movement.

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Your walking shoe should be durable, comfortable, breathable and easy to walk with. The named factors should be important when you are looking for the perfect walking shoe. If you are constantly on the road, then both the new balance 677 and 877 are perfect for you.

Both New balance 577 and 677 are designed to keep you comfortable and ease during your walk. The breathable leather allows airflow in your feet which reduces sweating and ultimately order after a long walk. The absorb tech on the shoe allows for a comfortable walk on various terrains. Ultimately, the 877 model takes the win; The new balance 877 is a more Morden design and has better cushioning for more comfort which means it can handle longer walks.