New Balance 996v3 Women’s Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

New Balance Company has been making high quality sport shoes and cleats for many years now. The company has existed for a long time and its mission has been simple: to focus on research and development of sports shoes to create the best possible shoe for customers.

They have been creating designs based on comfortability rather than stylishness and because of this, they have some of the most comfortable sports shoes in the market. New Balance shoes are designed to help the athlete achieve their very best. According to their website, this has been their mission and the reason why they do not do celebrity endorsements.

They spend that money, rather, on research and development of their shoes. If you’re looking for new tennis shoes or looking to replace old ones, this shoe will likely be the perfect one for you. They are extremely comfortable and well-fitting for respective shoe sizes.

What to expect from the New Balance 996v3

The New Balance 996v3 is a high quality women’s tennis shoe equipped with all the great features a tennis shoe should have. It is 50% synthetic and 50% textile tennis shoe with a tough rubber sole that can lasts for many years. Like all other sports shoes, it is laced to ensure perfect fitting for the athlete. Its full length REVlite midsole design ensures the foot stays level at all times for maximum comfort.

The New Balance 996v3 has a unique shape. It is flat and level perfect for forward lunges and jumps. Because of the stretchable upper body material used to make this shoe, they are the perfect fit for people with wide feet, or generally huge feet.

It is a very light shoe for faster running and better jumping. The following are some of its best features.


The New Balance 996v3 is available in a variety of colors: black, grey, red, and blue all mixed with extra black and white touches. This is done to make them stylish and go with any of your outfits. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate everyone.

The sizes are indicated both in the UK and US format for easy picking and worldwide use. The shoe is easy to wear, comfortable, and durable. It is made from 50% synthetic material and 50% textile material. The outsole is made from a tough rubber to ensure maximum durability.

The sole is also specially designed for non-marking. What this means is that the sole does not leave black marks on the ground like some rubber sole does. This was done because the shoe was created for indoor tennis playing such as in a hard court or clay court. Other than these, the New Balance 996v3 has great additional features.

Flat design

The New Balance 996v3 is a very flat shoe. What we mean by this is that the whole sole is in direct contact with the ground. Unlike many shoes, the front part of the shoe does not curve upwards but is straight facing forward.

Stylish design

This shoe uses a flat design without any ergonomic curves or twists. This was not done by chance. The flat design gives the shoe a simple but striking look.

Super comfort

The New Balance 996v3 is one of the most comfortable tennis shoes in the market. This is made possible by the completely flat outsole. This flat design ensures the shoe is also short so that the shoe does not rise too high and strain the ankles and knees. The shoe grips the foot perfectly and provides great support.

The shoe has adjustable high quality shoelaces allow the user tighten or loosen the grip. The insole is also appropriately thick and soft to keep the feet level and comfortable all the time. The body material is tough but stretchable as well for people with wide feet. This material also ensures that the shoe does not lose its shape over time.

Mesh body

The body of this shoe is made from mesh-like fibers and this is not by chance. The mesh fiber serves to increase air circulation in the shoe. This is in turn keeps the athlete feeling cool at all times. This feature also serves to improve the durability of the shoe.

Keeping the shoe fresh means that it will require less washes. Since too much washing kills durability, a few washes means it will last longer. The mesh material also means that the shoe dries faster when washed as air can easily pass through the shoe.

High quality material

The New Balance 996v3 is made from two main different materials. 50% of its body is made from synthetic material while the other half is made of textiles. All these materials are of high quality. For instance, the body is made from synthetic fiber which is a mixture of leather, nylon and many other materials.

All these provide great comfort and ensure durability. The sole is made from rubber, but not just your regular rubber. It is a rubber that has been hardened for durability purposes. Other than this, the shoe has a general nice feel to it and looks even better.

Computer generated stitching pattern

There is no doubt that this is one gorgeous show. What makes it uniquely pretty is the computer generated stitching patterns and designs. These patterns however do not only serve to make the shoe pretty. The patterns on the middle and heel of the shoe aim to optimize containment

Toe Protection

Just by the first glance, you will notice that the outsole is sort of extended up to the front part of the shoe where the toes are. This part of the sole is hard and tough to protect the toes from injury. Therefore, when you land on the wrong footing and your toes are on the line, they will be protected by the hard extension.


  • The New Balance 996v3 is made from high quality materials
  • It is affordable and offers great value for money
  • It comes in very many colors
  • The high quality laces are easy to fit and don’t wear off over time
  • The shoe has a ‘toe protect’ feature that is basically tough rubber placed at the tip of the shoe to ensure the toes are safe when you’re stepped on


  • The shoes take a long time to dry after washing

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Final Verdict

The New Balance is a great baseball shoe for any female athlete out there. As much as it is a tennis shoe, it can be used in many other field sports. As everything in sports gets better, from the rackets, nets to the balls, it is important that the shoes also get better. And with the New Balance 996v3 Women’s shoe, everything is better.