New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

New Balance is a renowned footwear designer/manufacturer and has been putting out clean-cut, ergonomic tennis shoes for some time now. If you are in the market for some new tennis sneaks, the New Balance MC 996v2 Men’s Shoes are a decent choice for the court.

The New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe comes officially in dark black/sea foam or white shade. It is, rather remarkably, New Balance’s first ever tennis shoe to come featuring a knit, nylon-infused upper. Comfortable yet sturdy, with rubber on its sides to give maximum support and stability when engaged in vigorous activity, the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe comes highly recommended in sporting circles for support, and makes the promise of taking you to the next level. The New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoes not only bear a striking design that could go with any attire, they ensure that your feet are constantly lateral and consistently supported.

What to Expect From the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe

On reception, you will notice that the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe has a tread pattern not quite similar to other brands or versions. It also has a decent, conventional heel cup that seems to be decent, which in conjunction with a lace locking knot, ensures that even in the most volatile and vigorous conditions, your foot is securely fastened. You also need not worry about the shoelace coming off during activity, it is made, designed, and fixed firmly and secure.

Key Features of the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe

The New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe adopts not only the efficient PROBANK stability technology to assist in sharper horizontal cuts, it possesses superior flexibility for sprinting up and down overly terraced courts and terrains. If you get the specific version of the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe, the MC 996V3, you will be impressed by its optimal performance, It is a hard-court tennis shoe that will ensure that you are provided with a versatile design that is not too dense and not too physically insignificant that it does not provide the much needed protection.

Here are more of its features:


At 330g, the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe is right at the sweet spot: not too light nor too heavy. The New Balance MC 996v2 improves greatly in its form and structural firmness. It contains a full foot TPU cage which is precisely fitted to offer improved support for lateral movements. The empirical experience of wearing the MC 996v2s is widely reported as feeling very stable. Not only is its grasp of feet significantly more superior than in the previous versions, the non-dense yet protective feel remains the same, making the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe one of the swiftest shoes around. The firmness might mean that the break-in period will extend for a bit longer than most people are used to, but this is a small price to pay for long lasting structural integrity.


In addition to the already comfort-skewness that characterizes the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe’s design, it goes the extra mile to use REVLite innovative foam cushioning which stacks on the much-needed durability, responsiveness, and stability to the entire sole system. All this, in an impressively lightweight package. Also, to equip the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe with even more durability (because there is no such thing as too much durability) and without taxing the already existing comfort and support, there is a superior Ndurance (patented) rubber compound fitted in the more vital wear-prone areas of the shoe. The midsole of the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe contains an extra pad of REVLite innovative foam that provides the vital responsiveness needed. This sophisticated technology was painstakingly innovated to make sure that that you will get a lightweight ride without sacrificing the integrity of construction or underfoot stability.


Of all the unique design features of the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe, the nylon-Infused knitted Upper (which provides a highly breathable and durability-assuring shoe) takes the day. The upper utilizes a form-fitting fabric design which is heat-ingrained to ensure maximum strength and durability to assist in supporting you during intense match play. That being said, it is widely reported that the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoes do take some time to break in, seeing as how the interior makes use of a stiff plastic, fitted with the benevolent intention to prevent your feet from sliding over the shoes. Depending on the size and version of New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe you anywhere between 2 and 5 days to fully break them in before they adapt to your feet. Also, its ventilation could be better. In hot areas especially, as the temperature rise, it might feel like your leg is suffocating under the heat, even to the point of pain.


  • Impressive structural durability.
  • Impeccable traction
  • Comes in various styles and colors
  • Adequate support in shoe’s base
  • Offers the wear decent breathability
  • Reasonably priced


  • Comfort is hindered by too little breathability
  • Not enough mesh to provide adequate ventilation
  • Has a long break-in period
  • They’re somewhat narrow
  • Not dependable in the summer


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There is no doubt that the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe has upped its predecessors in terms of design, variety, and the accompanying tools in the package it arrives in. However, it’s important to note that if you live, work and play in a relatively hot area, your initial experience may be less than ideal, given some of its inadequacies in matters ventilation. Also, make sure that you pay attention to the amount of cushioning as it the shoe might wear faster than you are used to. Short of that, and its inconvenient break-in period, the New Balance MC 996 Men’s Shoe is definitely worth the hype. Most importantly, it is worth what it stipulates on its price tag.