New Balance MRW760 Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

New Balance has been manufacturing great sport shoes for many decades now. With their New Balance MRW760 kicks, the company does not fall below its reputation. It is a light shoe designed with the needs of a jogger or runner in mind. The shoe has also been designed for long walks for both the treadmill and the ground. The New Balance MRW760 is an excellent choice for running as it is created for maximum stability and balance, both of which are great features for running shoes. This running shoe does not compromise on its looks like most of the other running shoes. The shoe has a stunning and stylish design that makes it versatile and multipurpose. You can wear these kicks to run errands as well as hitting the treadmill at the gym. With heel support and cushioning, the New Balance MRW760 goes a long way to ensure the runner is well protected from strains and injuries during their workout.

The shoe is available in online shops such as Amazon. The following is what to expect when you buy these kicks.

What to expect from the New Balance MRW760

The New Balance MRW760 is a great running shoe and generally good all round shoe. It boasts all great design features that a proper running shoe should have from heel support to arch support. It is available for both men and women with small differences in styling and finishes. The shoe is available in two main colors: white with black touches and black with little white touches. Its upper body is made from fully synthetic mesh material for breathability as well as cooling for the athlete. This also doubles as part of the reason why this shoe is light. At only 204 grams in weight, the athlete is able to run freely and comfortably. The heel drop measures 6mm which is quite little to ensure the foot is angled well enough to prevent injury. It is flat enough for forwarding acceleration. The stretchable material used on the upper body ensures the shoe is well adjustable for people with wide and huge feet.

The New Balance MRW760 is one of the best and affordable running shoes in the market. This has been made possible by the great features it has. The features include the following.

Key Features

The New Balance MRW760 comes in two main colors: black and white. Both these versions have touches of yellow on them for stylishness. This was done to make the shoe as stylish and versatile as possible to go along with any of your outfits. It also comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate everyone. The sizes are indicated in both UK and US formats for worldwide shipping and easy picking.

The following are the features that make it a great running shoe and generally a good all round shoe.

The upper body is made from mesh material

Like many other New Balance shoes, the upper body of the MRW760 is made from a synthetic mesh material. This is done for breathability and cooling for the feet. It ensures your feet are kept fresh and cool throughout your workout period. The mesh material is also stretchable to accommodate wide feet which is a great plus. This means that the shoe has a larger fitting. This synthetic mesh material also ensures that the shoe dries faster after being washed.

The New Balance MRW760 uses N-ergy Technology

The N-ergy technology is a design feature used in some New Balance running shoes. What this technology is simple but goes a long way in making this shoe as comfortable as it could be for the athlete. The N-ergy technology is applied to the heels of the shoe to provide resilience to the sole but more importantly, to attenuate shock when running and provide the forward bursts of acceleration during running. This technology increases responsiveness and provides an excellent ride for the athlete.

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It utilizes Abzorb FL Midsole foam

The midsole is an important part of any sport shoe as a bad midsole can cause great problems and injuries for the athlete. With the New Balance MRW760, a special Abzorb midsole is installed to provide amazing comfort and in turn improving the performance of the runner. What makes this midsole effective is that it is made from a special rubber known as isoprene rubber. It is the rubber responsible for providing cushioning support for the middle part of the foot.

Stability Web Technology

Stability web technology is responsible for optimum arch support. This ensures that people who suffer from high arch support can wear these shoes when jogging or running. Arch support makes sure that your foot does not strain. This is because arch support is rigid while still being light in weight. It ensures the midfoot is safe from sprains and injuries.

Walking Strike Path Outsole

The outsole of the New Balance MRW760 is made from tough rubber that is light and resilient. New Balance called this features the Walking Strike Path due to the strong nature of the outsole. The outsole of this shoe is specially designed to provide utter stability for the athlete and improve balance in high intensity situations.


  • Very light in weight providing the runner with freedom and comfort when running
  • Made from a mesh material that is breathable and stretchable
  • The synthetic mesh material ensures the shoe dries very quickly after washing
  • The N-ergy technology provides great responsiveness and provides a spring during runs
  • It is stylish to go with any of your fits


  • The shoe’s durability is questionable
  • No toe protection feature

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The New Balance MRW760 is the ultimate shoe for your morning runs and evening walks with your dog. It can also be worn when running errands due to the comfort it provides. If you’re looking for a new gym shoe, then this New Balance shoe might the one for you.