Nike Air Vitality Walk Women’s Walking Shoes Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

For your daily activities, comfortable shoes are quite a crucial aspect. This is because you will spend so much time in your shoes and you need them to be as comfortable and light as possible to run your errands comfortably. Nike has been known to make some of the best walking shoes in the market today.

The Nike Air Vitality is one comfortable shoe. It has been designed with absolute comfort in mind. If you have ever worn a Nike running shoe then you know they never disappoint. Nike has been releasing high quality walking and running shoes for many decades now. The Nike Air is just one of the many they have released. The Air brand is known for releasing the best all rounded shoes. They can be used for everyday training, races and daily activities. To achieve this amazing fete, the Nike Air Vitality for Women utilizes some of the greatest tech features.

What to expect from the Nike Air Vitality Women’s walking shoes

When considering a walking shoe, there are a few factors to look at in the shoe. These include the heel collar, the outsole, insole, midsole and toe protection box. Looking at the Nike Air for women, all these factors have been considered and implemented in the design of the shoe. First, the shoe has a gorgeous stylish design like most Nike shoes. The sole is thick and the upper body is streamlined with a large Nike logo on the side. This lovely design has been done to make these kicks versatile enough for both mornings jogs as well as daily errands. On top of this, the upper body is built from mesh material for breathability and freshness. It also has a thick insole to provide your feet with the cushioning they need and keep them safe from injuries such as sprains.

Because of the stretchable mesh material used to build the upper body, this shoe would be great for people with wide feet as they can stretch to accommodate different sizes. They offer arch support although they are not the best for this. When you buy this shoe, you should expect a stunning design as well as a comfortable shoe. The following section highlights the key features of these kicks.

Key Features

Nike has a reputation for making nice comfortable walking shoes for both men and women. The Nike Air Vitality Walk is another great walking shoe you can buy for your daily activities or evening walks with your dog. This versatility has been made possible by the excellent features installed in the shoe. The following are the key features of the Nike Vitality Walk for Women’s shoes.

The upper body is made from stretchable mesh material

Like many other walking shoes, the Nike Air Vitality Walk has an upper body built from a breathable mesh material. This was done to provide proper air circulation within the shoe and to cool your feet as they sweat inside. Another great perk of this material is that it can stretch. The stretching capabilities come through for people with wide feet. It is the reason this shoe has great customer reviews when it comes to width sizing. They also allow the feet to move about during intense movements such as jogging or running.

It has a tough and thick outsole

The outsole of the Nike Air Vitality Walks is quite thick and made from tough synthetic rubber. This is an important feature in running shoes since walking for long hours does quite a number on your soles. The thick sole ensures that the shoe is durable and can last as long as it should. Blown rubber is used on the forefoot and adds cushioning, traction and flexibility. These outsole materials are tough and durable ensuring that your shoe lasts long. They also provide a great grip and prevent slipping even when running on wet ground. The rubber sole absorbs most of the impact and cushions the feet of the athlete. The sole is also thick for this purpose. With a thick sole, more impact can be absorbed. This sole also offers the runner a nice bounce effect that is really needed in running. The downside to this fabric sole however is that it is very difficult to clean and absorbs dust much faster.

Stylish design

Nike rarely does any wrong when it comes to the general design of the shoe. This shoe is another stunner with the signature thick sole and large Nike logo on the side. It is streamlined at the front to with a thick rear outsole which gives it a stylish look. This was done to make the shoe as versatile as possible. It can be worn to a night out as well as a gym session, and this is what makes it such a stand out walking shoe.

It comes in a variety of colors

The Nike Air Vitality Walk shoes come in different colors. They include: white, grey, black, pink and a light green color. This ensures they can match with any of your outfits so you don’t have to compromise on what you will wear.


  • Thick outsole ensures durability
  • The insole is thick and soft for superior comfort
  • The upper body mesh material helps the shoe dry faster after washing
  • It has a toe protection box to protect the toes from injury
  • Looks stunning


  • The shoe has a small fitting meaning that you have to order a size larger than what you usually wear.

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Final Verdict

There is no doubt that the Nike Air Vitality Walk is a great choice for women. It is an all-round shoe and that makes it very unique. It offers great value for money because it is versatile enough to be worn on regular errands as well as sports activities such as jogging. The shoe can be found in online stores such as Amazon at affordable prices.