Nike Shox R4 Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

The Nike Shox R4 was first released in 2000 and has been revamped with new and better features since then. It has been recently released and brought to life by Nike Company in new colorways. When the Nike Shox R4 was first released in 2000, it was intended to be a running shoe. It was even classified as a running shoe. However over time, the shoe has undergone much design and build changes so much that it can be used as a running shoe or just a regular shoe to run errands in. The new designs have made it stylish and fashionable to be worn with your favorite outfit. The ‘Shox’ name came about due to the amount of support the shoe provides for the heels. The heel support is thick and full resulting in split opinions regarding its general look. Some absolutely love the design while others do not like it at all.

With that said, we need to know how these Nike sneakers fair on in terms of usability, comfort, style and cost. In the next section, we are going to look at what to expect from this sneaker.

What to expect from the Nike Shox R4

The Nike Shox R4 is a high quality men’s running shoe equipped with all the nice features a great quality running shoe would have. It is a fully synthetic shoe with a tough rubber sole that can last for many years. Like all other sports shoes, it is laced to ensure perfect fitting for the athlete. Its full length REVlite RC midsole design ensures the foot stays level at all times for maximum comfort. The Nike Shox R4 has a unique shape. Its upper part is long to cover the ankle and ensure it perfectly grips the foot. Because of this, it is larger than most other running shoes. This makes them the perfect fit for people with wide feet, or generally huge feet. The cleats look amazing with their nice golden finishes and the company branded logo. This was done to make them as professional as possible and ensuring a superior grip.

As is everything in games get better from the batters, pitchers and to the bats, it is important that the shoes also get better. And with the Nike Shox R4 sneaker, everything gets better.


The Nike Shox R4 is available in three main colors: pure white, black and red, and a blue and pink combo color. This makes it more stylish, fashionable. The diverse colors also offer versatility to go with any of your clothes. This sneaker also comes in a variety of sizes to feet of all sizes. The sizes are indicated both in UK and US formats since they are imported all over the world.

The Nike Shox R4 is well cushioned by the rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning systems. These are proprietary cushioning systems that are employed by Nike to attenuate shock during landing impact and allow easy lateral movement.

The exterior design of the shoe is fantastic. There are nicely designed patterns and beautiful computer designed stitches. The sole is also designed with swirls and curves that make it look stylish. Contrary to what many people may think of Nike, the Nike Shox R4 is fairly priced. Depending on the size, the price varies between $95 and $300 on Amazon. Other than these, the show boasts more features as listed below:

PU Foam Midsole

The midsole of the Nike Shox R4 is designed to be energy-returning. This means that it provides the athlete with an upthrust force when running. The foam midsole also features a spring cushioning that is fitted through the four rounded springs above the outsole. This provides the runner with great bounce and support thus improving stability which is a great feature in running shoes. The stability of the Nike Shox is unmatched.

Thick outsole

The Nike Shox R4 has a thick and wide outsole to increase stability and improve the runner’s balance. It also has tough circular rubber treads to provide grip for the runner. The treads together with the thick sole work together to greatly improve stability for the runner. It is also comfortable because of the wide sole and this makes it great for walks too. The thick sole also works to improve durability since it takes quite a long time to wear out.

High quality upper body

nike shox features

Nike is known for making the best quality sneakers in the world and the Nike R4 is no exception. The upper body that contains the laces, the tongue and the insole is made of a variety of materials from rubber to synthetic material. Because of this, the shoe is not stretch in nature. For many this is a letdown. We recommend that if you have big feet, get a size that is one size larger than your original size. These materials are however high quality and will ensure you use the shoe for a long time.


  • The thick sole ensures durability since it takes a long time to wear out
  • The foam midsole provides good support, bounce and stability for the runner
  • It is made from high quality durable materials
  • The thick insole provides great comfort when walking or running
  • It is energy-returning


  • The shoe has a smaller fitting than usual
  • It is not stretchable therefore can be uncomfortable for people with large feet
  • It is relatively expensive

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Final Verdict

The Nike Shox R4 is undoubtedly one of the most unique running shoes you can buy today. It has a unique fancy design and is a high performance shoe. It is a great sneaker that will meet both your lifestyle and running needs and this is why we recommend it. However, if you’re looking for an exclusive running shoe, it might not be the best choice for you. For purely lifestyle needs, it is a great shoe for walking, dancing and running errands.