Saucony vs Asics vs New Balance (Everything You Need to Know!)

 All of these companies have been making shoes for many decades now. They have been around for a long time and are now one of the most notable and reputable companies in the shoe industry. All three companies make all types of sports shoes including running shoes, tennis shoes, baseball shoes, basketball shoes, soccer cleats and many others.

These brands have been competitors and each year, or sometimes after two years, they release new shoes for their fans. All have loyal fan bases who truly believe in their preferred brand of choice. All three companies make shoes for everyone including children.

Because they are all different and independent companies, these shoes vary in price, design and construction. In the section below we are going to look at these bats in depth. But to do this, we will pick a specific shoe from each brand to review.

Saucony vs Asics vs New Balance

Saucony Triumph ISO 5

Saucony is a running shoe brand owned by a larger shoe company known as Stride Rite. It is an American company that first started in 1898 in Pennsylvania and was named after a river nearby known as Saucony Greek. The first Saucony running shoe started manufacturing in 1958.

For easy comparison, we are going to compare one of the best running shoes Saucony has released with one of the best Asics and New Balance shoes. The Saucony Triumph ISO 5 is one of the best releases by the company. It is a long distance running shoe built for marathons.

Just by looking at the shoe, you might fall in love with its love look. It has a distinct orange and blue color, with nice fiery design patterns. The shoe will definitely stand out on the track. The shoe also features additional colors such as black and white, blue and white and green and white colors.

Its outsole design makes it ideal for running although the shoe can be used for any field sport. They provide great support for the feet and are not high. It is considered the Rolls Royce of marathon shoes because of the quality and class it offers. The following are some of its best features.

Thick sole

The Saucony Triumph 5 features a thick rubber sole which is the perfect sole for running. First, the sole is made from rubber to protect the runner from impact while landing. The rubber sole absorbs most of the impact and cushions the feet of the athlete.

The sole is also thick for this purpose. With a thick sole, more impact can be absorbed. This sole also offers the runner a nice bounce effect that is really needed in long distance running. This is what makes it such a great shoe for beginners training for their first marathon.

Great comfort

The Saucony Triumph 5 is a very comfortable shoe. It fits the foot perfectly and provides great support both for the heels and midsole. The shoe has adjustable high quality shoelaces that allow the user to tighten or loosen the grip.

The thick rubber sole allows the shoe to hover at the perfect height meaning the shoe does not rise too high although the sole is thick. The insole is also appropriately thick and soft to keep the feet level and comfortable at all times. They are great comfortable shoes for long distance runners.

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Asics Frantic 6 Women’s shoes

ASICS Company has been making high quality sports running shoes for many years now. The company has existed for a long time. It was founded by a Japanese man known as Mr. Onitsuka in 1949. He first started with basketball shoes then slowly transitioned into other types of shoes.

Later in 1977, the company was named to what it is now, Asics derived from a Latin word meaning ‘of sound mind and body’. Since then, they have been designing and offering a full line of performance athletic shoes.

They have been creating designs based on comfortability rather than stylishness and because of this, they have some of the most comfortable sports shoes in the market. Asics shoes are designed to help the athlete achieve their very best. They are extremely comfortable and well-fitting for respective shoe sizes.

The following are some of the shoe’s best features

Gel Cushioning

Asics is known for utilizing get cushion technology in all their recent shoes. It is one of the most important features in running shoes such as the Frantic 6. The Asics frantic 6 does not disappoint. For the perfect run, Asics implemented the use of a rearfoot gel cushioning system.

This system as the name suggests uses gel to act as a cushion for impact. This serves two important benefits: the impact force is significantly reduced when landing and it allows a smooth transition to midstance while improving performance.

Value for money

With the amazing features this shoe has to offer, its price tag is quite fair. The price ranges between $40 and $120 depending on the size and the edition. The Asics Frantic 7 will last years and offer super comfort on and off the pitch.

Mesh-like body material

The body of this shoe is made from synthetic mesh-like fibers. The mesh fiber serves to increase air circulation in the shoe. This is in turn keeps the athlete feeling cool at all times. This feature also serves to improve the durability of the shoe as little sweat is absorbed by the shoe fabric. It also means that the shoes will dry fast after washing.

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New Balance 4040V3

New Balance Company has been making high quality sport shoes and cleats for many years now. The company has existed for a long time and its mission has been simple: to focus on research and development of sports shoes to create the best possible shoe for customers.

They have been creating designs based on comfortability rather than stylishness and because of this, they have some of the most comfortable sports shoes in the market. New Level shoes are designed to help the athlete achieve their very best. According to their website, this has been their mission and the reason why they do not do celebrity endorsements. They spend that money, rather, on research and development of their shoes.

The following are some of the shoe’s best features

Striking design

This shoe extends to cover most part of the ankle and this was not done by chance. At first glance, it may even appear to be a fancy basketball shoe until you see the cleats. With the upper extension coupled with the golden finishes on the cleats, this shoe is one of the nicest looking baseball shoes in the market.


The New Balance 4040V3 is available in a variety of colors: black, grey, red, and blue all mixed with extra black and white touches. They also offer special edition colors like pink and purple at an extra charge.

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All these three companies make some of the best sports shoes available in the market today. For running shoes, we recommend the Saucony brand as they have specialized in making the best running shoe for long distances. Asics make amazing tennis shoes and baseball cleats and we recommend them for these games. Nike makes the best all round shoes.