Skechers vs New Balance (Everything You Need to Know!)

Wearing comfortable shoes that fit your feet perfectly is crucial. Whether you are trying to have a walk, performing in sports or athletics, you need the right pair of shoes. Shoes not only need to be comfortable, lightweight and stylish but they also need to be functional. Choosing a good shoe is an important part of getting the right level of comfort and functionality you need. Some shoes are created strictly for walking while others will handle right about any athletic activities and sports.

Brands like Skechers and New balance have been around for a fairly long time and are dedicated to creating new tech shoes for their consumers. In this article, we examine the differences between the two brands and compare them to answer the question ‘which is a better brand’

Skechers vs new balance


Skechers is a famous footwear brand that has been around since 1992.  It is based in California on Manhattan beach. Skechers is one of the most famous brands when it comes to casual, athletic, stylish and comfortable footwear.

The main focus by Skechers is to create performance and lifestyle footwear. For years, Skechers has been producing supportive and comfortable footwear. Skechers the memory foam soles that provide extra cushioning for the foot. the shoes are breathable and flexible which makes them great for walking and other light athletic activities.

Skechers are manufactured in various factories the main ones being in Vietnam and China. Skechers has a production team responsible for quality control and high standard products.

New Balance

New Balance is an American brand that was Established in 1906 that offers a variety of footwear options. The brand is a popular choice for comfortable sneakers for different needs. They also offer different sports apparel, equipment and gear. Since the brand debuted the Trackster, the first running shoe featuring a rippled sole for improved traction, it has developed great popularity globally.

New Balance shoes offer impressive comfort and support, which makes them well suited for exercise and other needs. The range of features available with New Balance shoes includes foam padding, sturdy leather builds, arch support and heel cushioning among others.

New Balance shoes are also very trendy and often feature a very attractive finish. The stylish aesthetic, ergonomic build and comfortable fit make them well suited for a variety of needs. Some New Balance shoes may be made for specific needs, but most options will work well for different uses.

How do the two shoes compare?

Skechers vs new balance


Skechers is known for its famous memory foam technology. Nasa was the original creator of this temperature and pressure sensitive material.  These properties allow the material to mold into a certain shape. The memory foam will mold into your foot to increase your comfort level while you walk. Skechers have a layer of memory foam on the shoe for extra cushioning. This makes the shoes extremely comfortable.

When it comes to tech, New balance takes the lead. New balance uses a number of technologies on their shoes for different purposes. Some of the famous tech used on the shoes include ABZORB, ENCAP and RevLite. The ABZORB is a superior blend of rubber, compression set and foam to produce high quality and comfortable cushioning. ENCAP technology allows for support and durability by providing a soft cushioning EVA at the midsole of the shoe.


Skechers is famous for its array of styles and colors when it comes to shoes. All Skechers lines feature a variety of models that come in many colors and styles. They come in uncountable hues and color patterns as well as fabric. With Skechers, you have a huge choice for style

New Balance is known for continuously coming up with great releases. While to most people, the colors and designs may not be as up to date as Skechers, there are a number of people that appreciate the designs.  The NBI Customize by the New balance gives you the freedom to pick different color choices and even pick the exact location for the color on your shoes. You also get to pick the material of the shoe.


Skechers shoes are created for comfort. They are cushioned with thick memory foam that contours to your foot and increases the levels of comfort. They have a wide fitting style that ensures your toes do not feel cramped against the shoe while walking.

New Balance is dedicated to providing its users with the comfort they need during training, walking, sports and athletics.  The shoes have premium materials on the sole unit as well as the upper portion of the shoe. The brand is centered around an understanding that people have different feet. New balance caters to support and cushioning on an array of feet. They have countless types of cushioning and support systems which makes it easy for most people to find ideal shoes.


One of the biggest concerns many people have when it comes to walking and athletic shoes is the overall quality of the shoe, stiff suede and leather materials can be restricted on any kind of surface. New Balance shoes are created with some of the best quality materials and still come at affordable prices.

Unfortunately, there are a number of concerns that question the overall quality of the shoe when it comes to Skechers. The lack of stability in the midsole to counteract the heel of the shoe will lead to excessive roll-ins.  Skechers use the same density of memory foam from the hoe to heel and this can interfere with the overall support of the foot.


So, which one is better between the two?

Skechers are created to be stylish, comfortable and fun. Most people love Skechers for their stylish sense rather than their functionality when it comes to sports, athletics and other vigorous activities. For most people, Skechers are the perfect pair of sneakers when you are looking to have a comfortable short time out.

New balance takes the win by a long shot. They are able to provide fun, stylish, comfortable shoes without taking away from its functionality. New balance also hands down has the best customization program compared to all other shoe brands.