Tennis Shoes To Wear With Dress Pants (Everything You Need to Know!)

Maintaining stylish and classic incorporation of the tennis shoe trend can be very tricky so you need to know how to wear formal clothes with tennis shoes flawlessly without looking doggy. But before we continue, let’s first understand when exactly dress pants are.

Dress pants

Dress pants and sneakers

 These are a style of pants that are used as formal or semi-formal wear. They can either be made using polyester or wool or be designed to be worn with a matching jacket. Because of their tight-fitting nature, dress pants often form creases. You can wear them for any formal or semi-formal occasion and pair them with a shirt and no tie for a more relaxing style which can be considered to be smart-casual dressing.

Things to consider when wearing dress pants

Waist and seat

Dress pants should have a perfect fit around your waist so you won’t need a belt to hold them up. They should be around your high hipbone area or a bit higher and you don’t wear your dress pants at the same waist as your jeans which is usually lower because you don’t want saggy pants. The seat or butt area should hug your butt slightly, but not too tight or saggy. This means you shouldn’t feel like your pants are going to split because they’re too tight, or there is some loose fabric around your butt because they’re too loose.


You should be able to pinch at least ½ inch of fabric around your thighs so if it’s less it means your pants are too tight, but if it’s more you should take them to your tailor to slim the thighs. If you’re thin or regular built, your pants should have a slight taper so that they get narrower around your ankles to give you a great body size. However, if you’re thicker or wider, your pants should have a straight cut down from your knees to your ankles like the same way your jeans should fit you to nicely balance your proportions.

Hem and cuff

Ensure your pants are hemmed to leave a slight break to give it a sharper and polished look than having a full break or no break at the hem. These pants aren’t for wearing every day and a slight break works for everyone. A nice trick would be to have your tailor hem your pants and leave it slightly longer at the back so that when you’re walking it shows less of your socks and when you stand still, it falls nicely on the front and back of your shoes. On occasion, you would cuff your dress pants, but it’s not necessary no matter your body type.

How to wear formal clothes with tennis shoes or sneakers

Keep it simple

If you’re not sure about the combination, keep your formal look simple by wearing simple tennis shoes to give your dress pants an edge without looking doggy. Combining the classic black and navy will be very effective in helping you achieve a formal look without looking like you’re disregarding the dress code.

Great tailoring

Before you even think about wearing your tennis shoes with your dress pants or any formal clothes, you should make sure your dress pants are well-tailored. This means they should be well-fitting and not sagging and if you’re going to put on a blazer it should take the natural shape of your body. A slim-fitting outfit and complementing tennis shoes will give you a sleek and streamlined look that will be trendy.

Everything in proportion

A balanced proportion of your overall look that includes the type of tennis shoes you wear should pair well with your dress pants. If you’re looking for a specific look, you can try out different styles to see which one appeals to you and gauge how it looks before you wear it. A turtleneck top will go well with a bold blazer or take your simple outfits and dress them up with bright-colored tennis shoes or trainers. Avoid wearing shoes with slim soles so you don’t look under-dressed or thicker styles or avoid looking bulky.

Experiment with different materials

A simple and quick way to dress up your formal attire when wearing sneaker tennis shoes is to find tennis shoes that are made with a more luxe material to complete your formal look. Leather tennis shoes can give your formal clothing an edge. Various materials like suede, leather, and velvet are known to be more versatile when it comes to formal dressing.

Tennis shoes to wear with dress pants

Peak men’s lightweight running tennis shoes

These are comfortable and functional lightweight designed with a breathable knit upper that will keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. They have a stylish design that will give your dress pants that youthful look. They have a slip-on design with an elastic topline that makes it easy for you to put them on and take off. The cushioned EVA midsole helps to reduce the weight of the shoes to give you a light soft feel when you’re wearing them so your feet are comfortable and you can walk properly.

The heel counter is padded for added comfort so you’re comfortable if you’re wearing the shoes all day. At the top of the heel, there is a pull ring which comes in handy when you want to wear your shoes and you’re in a hurry. The non-slip outsole ensures that you’re safe when you’re walking.

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Asics men’s gel-dedicated 6 tennis shoes

These manmade Asics tennis shoes will not only give you a powerful performance on the court thanks to their advanced technology, but you can also pair them nicely with your black dress pants.  They will provide you with comfort and support with an EVA midsole that absorbs shock and an EVA sock liner that contours to the shape of your feet to provide superior comfort underfoot. The gel technology in your forefoot will provide cushioning and comfort the whole day while the Trusstic system under your midfoot gives your feet extra stability and helps to torsion. These are sleek tennis shoes that will not only look great on your feet on the court but even for formal dressing.

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Adidas men’s advantage tennis shoes

These white classy Adidas tennis shoes will give you a very sophisticated and polished look when you pair them with your well-fitting dress pants and a blazer. They give you a clean look with the smooth leather upper and 3-stripe perforation details at the sides of the shoes. They have a cushioned sock liner that will ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day. The synthetic sole offers excellent support, cushioning, and stability so that you can walk confidently without any feat of aches, pains, or slips and falls.

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Adidas men’s grand court tennis shoes

These classy shoes take you back to the 70s flamboyant style that is still trendy even today. These shoes have a suede upper that will match very well with your dress pants for any formal or semi-formal event you’ve been invited to. The clean finished look of the suede has an elegant and polished style that will change your simple formal outfit in an instant. The plush midsole cushioning ensures you’re comfortable with every step you make while the rubber sole gives you a soft but stable feel when you’re walking.

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It can be confusing to find the right tennis shoes to wear with dress pants, but if you have well-fitting pants, you can match them with almost all flat-soled tennis shoes.


What shoes do you wear with a summer suit?

A pair of suede bucks will make an excellent choice to match with your summer suit. You can also wear loafers and white sneakers.

Can you wear boots with dress pants?

Yes, you can. To dress up boots with pants, wear the pants right over the ankles. If you want to show off your boots for a more casual look, you can cuff the pants.

What shoes do you wear with a linen suit?

For a casual relaxed look, go for tassel loafers or brown penny, boat shoes or brogues. Keep the colors light like tan, white, or light brown. You can also wear sneakers for that youthful look, but avoid wearing bright colors.

What color of shoes goes with everything?

Stick to shoes with neutral colors like brown, black, navy, gray, and white, or you can go for the blush and metallic tones if you want a more practical option.

Can you wear skinny jeans with tennis shoes?

While skinny jeans look better with heels and sandals, most people also wear them with sneakers. The right pair of sneakers to wear with skinny jeans should have thin soles because bulky shoes may spoil the entire look.