Tennis Shoes To Wear With Khakis (Everything You Need to Know!)

Khakis can be worn in almost any situation just like your favorite denim jeans, but they have an upgraded style and class. Khakis come in a variety of different designs and materials, so if you don’t like the classic khaki slacks, you can opt for the khaki denim or other materials that you find better for you. The business world is changing and the company dress codes are becoming less strict to accommodate a more relaxing working environment where the dress code is smart casual or business casual. This means you have more flexibility with your work clothes and khakis can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Khakis convey a sense of attention to detail and fashion in a respectable way. You can pair your khakis with flat colors or just about any color that you can match with the right hue. Remember, khakis are versatile and you can wear them with a wide variety of shoe styles, but they aren’t suited pants. To be successful in wearing khakis, you should avoid shoes that are too dressy or too casual.

How to wear khakis with style


You should avoid wearing baggy khakis, high waist, or pleated, instead go for the ones with a more modern style that has a straight leg, flat front, a bit tapered from the thigh to ankle, and a more fitting and tailored look. Although khakis are meant to be a bit roomy than other pants, they shouldn’t be baggy. They should give you a more relaxed and athletic look with a mid-rise fit around your hips instead of over your belly button.


Nowadays, you will find khakis in just about any color, but the most traditional color is brown. You can opt for the darker brown instead of the golden wheat that is mostly associated with the school uniform, as it’s more versatile and gives you a sharper look. Navy is also a very classy color you can pair well with a button-down shirt and a sports coat. If you want to experiment with bolder colors, you should know what you’re doing to be able to pull off the perfect look.


Generally, khaki pants have for pockets, two in front and two at the back and a small coin pocket on more casual khakis. The side pockets turn your khakis into cargo pants that you should wear outdoors and they add unnecessary bulk to your trousers giving you a less streamlined and sharp look.


If your khakis have tailored cuffs, they can add weight at the bottom of your pants, draw attention to your shoes, and look more conservative and formal. If you’re short in stature, avoid cuffs as they make your legs look shorter. Going cuffless has a more versatile look, but either way, your khakis should either graze the top of your shoes, fall just 1-2 inches over your shoes, or crease a bit at the hem. However, if you’re wearing khakis for a formal look, get the hem that is a little longer. If the hem is too long, you can roll them up which has become trendy if you want to show off your sock or shoes or you want to go sockless. Rolling up your khakis works better on khakis with a slimmer fit or tapered, but don’t make too many rolls.

Dress khakis up or down

You can wear khakis with just about everything from a t-shirt to a blazer or a sports coat, but if you’re looking for a more formal look, get khakis that are lightweight and trouser-like tailored tapered to the ankles with details like cuffs. Khakis pair well with less structured, more casual jackets like corduroy, a leather belt, and loafers, suede oxfords, or leather boots. If you’re going for a more casual look, get khakis made with a more rugged thicker fabric and have a more relaxed militaristic style. You can pair your casual khakis with striped or plain t-shirts, sweaters, polos, or denim button-downs with canvas sneakers, leather boots, or boat shoes. To achieve that summertime look, put on your casual khakis but go sockless with your sneakers or boat shoes.

Different tennis shoes to wear with khakis

Zocavia men’s tennis shoes

This lightweight, fashionable tennis shoes made with a breathable knit mesh upper to keep your feet dry and cool and comfortable throughout the day. These shoes give you a feeling like you’re walking barefoot because they’re ultra-lightweight. The laces allow you to adjust the tightness of the laces to provide more support while the flexible rubber sole allows for easy movement of your feet which helps to avoid fatigue so you don’t have to worry about aching feet at the end of a busy day. The flexible grooves in the outsole allow you to walk safely on any surface and ensures your stability while the insole provides arch support to your midfoot so that you’re well-supported as you walk all day.

The rubber sole is very light and durable so the shoes don’t add weight to your feet and you don’t feel tired when walking. You can also get them in blue, light brown, black and white, navy, or green which are all colors you can pair with any khaki pants in your wardrobe.

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Gesimei men’s tennis shoes

These men’s tennis shoes are lightweight, breathable, and very comfortable to walk in the entire day, plus the gray color will go well with most of your casual khaki pants. These comfortable fashion sneakers have a full mesh stretchy upper design to keep your feet cool and dry all day and laces to provide better support for your feet and ankles. The shoes are made with a flexible MD outsole that is super light and durable with excellent traction and shock absorption. So you can walk over long distances and not feel tired or have painful feet. The pull tab at the back of the shoes makes it easy for you to put them on and take them off. The PU synthetic heel panel gives you a steady grip and stability with every step you make. You can get these shoes also in dark grey and black.

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Impdoo men’s running tennis shoes

These are very lightweight and comfortable sneakers you pair with black or gray casual khakis, a blazer, and a denim button-down. They have impact cushion heels that are very responsive to provide the support your feet need every time you put them on. The breathable and lightweight design gives you great comfort and the air cushion design provides both cushioning and support for your feet. These are great shoes you can wear all seasons and can make a great addition to your shoe collection.

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RomenSi men’s tennis sneakers

These are stylish air cushion sports running shoes that can be worn by both men and women. These shoes have great cushioning, support, and traction to ensure you’re safe, protected, and comfortable as you walk. This is a very attractive shoe for casual wear if you want to still look classy as you take a stroll and not get fatigued feet. These shoes are very comfortable thanks to the air cushion sole and breathable mesh upper that combines comfort and support for very comfy and lightweight shoes. They’re durable and well-constructed with a genius design where the cushioning on the inside and shock absorber on the outside and extra cushion at the heel to ensure every step you take is comfortable.

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You can get tennis shoes to wear with khakis and pair them well to give you a sleek classic and trendy look if you have the correct color combinations. Whether you’re dressing professionally or casually, khaki pants and tennis shoes can improve the way you dress and give you a fresh look.


Are khakis business causal?

Yes, they are. Business casual dressing includes khakis or slacks, blouse or dress shirt, polo or open-collar shirt, a sports coat or tie, skirt or dress that is knee-length or below, sweater, tailored blazer, and dress shoes or loafers that cover most of your feet.

Can you wear khaki pants to a wedding?

It’s appropriate for men to wear a suit and a tie or you can wear khaki pants with a tie and sports coat. Unless the invitation says formal wedding, stay away from dark colors when going for a day wedding.

What can I wear with khaki cargo pants?

You can pair your khaki cargo pants with pretty much anything that is toned down. For a simple everyday look, you can wear them with a simple plain white t-shirt.

What colors go with khaki pants?

Khaki pants are versatile and you can pair with any shirt. You can wear them as formal or casual wear and match them perfectly with a shirt that is green, blue, black, white, purple, maroon, red, peach, pink, contrast brown, and gray.

Can I wear sneakers with khakis?

Yes, you can wear casual khakis with sneakers. If you’re wearing nicer khakis, you should invest in non-sneaker shoes.

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