Tennis Shoes To Wear With Scrubs (Everything You Need to Know!)

Shoes are very important in the life of a nurse and wearing the right shoes can save you a lot of back and foot pain and discomfort all day. Tennis and athletic shoes are an excellent choice when it comes to comfortable shoes to wear if you’re looking for an alternative to the nursing clogs and typical nursing shoes. Tennis shoes will provide you with better leg and feet support, shock absorption, and an overall comfortable feel.

Points to consider when looking for tennis shoes to wear with scrubs

However, there are some important things you should put into consideration when looking for tennis shoes to wear with your scrubs.

Identify your needs

When looking for tennis shoes to wear with your scrubs, you should identify the specific benefits that these shoes offer like for example, a good pair of tennis shoes can work effectively and comfortably on hard surfaces, but hiking shoes are better on uneven surfaces. If you work as an EMT, you want to look for shoes that can handle different terrains that you come across daily.

Your healthcare facility dress code

Each healthcare facility has its dress code when it comes to the type of shoes you should wear with your scrubs. The healthcare facility you work for may recommend that you only wear shoes with certain colors like white, blue, or black to go with the color of your scrubs. The shoes also have to be comfortable, supportive, and protective at all times. This will also depend on the kind of environment you work in.

Support and stability

Nurses or other healthcare professionals, spend long hours on their feet so you need shoes that will provide good support and stability. This is important for both your comfort and health. The shoes should be able to provide support for your back and ankles when you’re working to help reduce or eliminate back, leg, and foot pains. Factors like the design of the shoes, materials, shape can affect how the shoes perform.

Comfort and weight

Tennis shoes can be a bit heavier than other sports shoes, but you can get a lightweight design that will be very suitable when walking around all day with less weight on your feet. If you’re going to wear shoes for long hours, the weight of the shoes is very important. Heavy shoes can affect your comfort levels not to mention your performance and productivity.

Slip resistance

Slip resistance is a major factor when choosing the shoes you’re going to wear around the hospital or healthcare facility. Many healthcare facilities have hard floors that are easy to clean but can be very slippery and wet. Nursing environments include slippery floors caused by liquids, bodily fluids, and spills. Depending on the shoes you’re wearing, they should offer a good grip and slip resistance to keep you safe throughout the day.

Go for function instead of design

Decide on the shoes to wear based on the function of the shoes instead of how it looks since you’ll be spending most of your time walking and standing. While having a sleek-looking fashionable pair of shoes is more appealing, remember that your feet’s comfort and support outweigh looks when it comes to nursing shoes.

You also save yourself a lot of problems with your back and feet in the long run. However, if you can get shoes that combine both function and design all the better for you. Go for shoes with neutral colors to blend well with your uniform instead of standing out and drawing attention to your feet. If you’re into fashion, you can dress in a nice scrub top and pants and shoes with neutral colors.

Identify your foot arch

Identifying whether you have normal arches, flat feet, or arched feet can save you a lot of problems and pain as different arches will react differently to different shoes you wear based on their arch support and design. If you buy shoes with less arch support than your feet need, you can return the shoes and get a pair that has the arch support you need or get supportive inserts to avoid back foot, and joint pains in the future.

Tennis shoes to wear with scrubs

New balance women’s WX608v4

Tennis shoes to wear with scrubs

These are designed to be training shoes, but they’re perfect for nurses who are on their feet all day. The thick outsoles provide excellent support and comfort when you’re standing. These are comfortable walking shoes that will offer great lateral support and keep your feet perfectly on the ground at all times. This excellent support is perfect for people with plantar fasciitis. They come with an internal shank and a shock-absorbing Abzorb technology. The IMEVA midsole will ensure you’re comfortable on your feet.

The dual-density collar uses both a soft density foam to provide cushioning for your feet and a firmer form for your support so you’re comfortable as well as supported during your long hour shifts. They have laces which makes it easy to put them on and take off and also allows you to make easy adjustments to your preferred tightness.

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Asics gel resolution 6

tennis shoes with scrubs

These are highly functional women’s tennis shoes that will perform well on the court and also when you’re walking or standing in your workplace. They come with a rubber outsole that is non-marking and abrasion-resistant that helps to improve traction and durability to withstand the wear and tear. The shock-absorbent gel helps to reduce foot fatigue so that you’re more comfortable on your feet for long periods.

These lightweight shoes have a flexible construction with a form-fitting supportive midsole that keeps your feet securely in place reducing unwanted twisting and utilizes the compression with every step you make. The shock-absorbing rear and forefoot gel cushioning system helps to protect your feet with every step you make on the hard floor.

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New Balance MC806

tennis shoes

These are stylish and highly functional men’s tennis shoes that you can wear for your ward rounds and they won’t disappoint. They’re made with Abzorb cushioning technology so they won’t fail you when it comes to comfort and support. They’re great nursing shoes if you have narrow or wide feet, so if you have trouble finding well-fitting shoes because of sizing, you can try these NW tennis shoes. They come with a rubber outsole is non-marking with a herringbone pattern that provides good traction and support on any surface.

The C-cap midsole is very durable and much lighter than other midsoles which give the shoes a lightweight feel. You can easily put them on and take them off thanks to the lace-up design and a reinforced toe that has perforations at the toe box and side panels to keep your feet cool and dry during your long hours on your feet.

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K-Swiss bigshot 3 lite

tennis shoes for nurses

These are popular lace-up women’s tennis shoes because of their stability and support which makes them ideal if you will be spending most of your time on your feet walking or standing in the hospital. The rubber sole delivers great traction and shock absorption so you don’t have to worry about slipping or falling on the slippery or wet floors. The cushioned collar and tongue provide additional comfort and ankle support.

These durable tennis shoes will serve you for a long time before you can think about getting a replacement. The upper is made of a lightweight mesh and synthetic material that provide good support and breathability, especially during the hot days. The CMEVA midsole and sock liner take your comfort and support to a whole new level.

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Tennis shoes are not only good for playing tennis on the court, but they can also provide you with the necessary comfort, support, and stability you need when walking, running, or standing on hard concrete floors for hours. This way you can focus on your patients and not your feet.


Can nurses wear sneakers?

Yes, they can. The requirements on most healthcare centers may vary, but generally, nurses are required to wear closed-toe shoes with a covered heel that has good foot protection and slip resistance.

Can you wear scrubs in public?

Some people think if you wear scrubs in public you will carry harmful bugs back to work. However, you can wear them in public if you can be sensible and apply good judgment.

Are scrubs supposed to be buggy?

Buggy scrubs can interfere with your work and make it difficult for you to do your job properly. Scrubs shouldn’t be too tight or they will be uncomfortable, so proper fitting scrubs will allow you good movement and you will feel confident.

What can you wear underneath your scrubs?

Long sleeves are acceptable as long as they’re rolled or buttoned above your elbow. Tight enough tees or collared shirts under your scrub tops are very appropriate as they’re more comfortable and help to keep you warm.

Are crocs bad for your feet?

According to some podiatrists, crocs provide nice arch support, but they lack in most areas. They don’t adequately secure your heels when you’re walking.