Tennis Shoes To Wear With Suits (Everything You Need to Know!)

Suits and tennis shoes were once a forbidden combination that was associated with students or overworked office employees, but now it has become a thriving athleisure trend with different interpretations of individual styles and a daring attitude. Celebrities like David Beckham and Will Smith have been seen on different occasions wearing a suit paired with stylish tennis shoes or sneakers, but without the advice of a celebrity stylist, your dressing would be a mess.

How to wear a suit with tennis shoes

 Before you think about trying this tricky combination, there are a few things you should keep in mind that will help you achieve the best look.

Check the length of your pants and cut

When wearing your suit with tennis shoes, it’s a good idea to wear your pants shorter at least ½ or 1 ½ inch above the top of your pants so that there is no break on your pants like taper pants that have a short hem. Although you don’t want all the attention on your tennis shoes, getting the right proportion in your pants can make them the center of attention in your whole formal outfit and a great complement to your dressing.

Perfect tailoring

Before you even think about wearing your tennis shoes with your suit, you should ensure that every inch of your suit is perfectly tailored. That means your pants should fit perfectly and not be baggy and the blazer should take the natural contours of your body. A slim, well-fitting suit will work better with tennis shoes to give you a well put together a sleek look that is trendy instead of tacky.

Keep it simple

If you’re not sure about the combination, to be on the safe side keep your formal look simple and just wear a simple pair of tennis shoes with your suit to give an edge to your whole formal look without the fear of messing it up. A combination of the classic black and navy is effective in sustaining a formal look without disregarding the dress codes.

You don’t need a tie

To be successful in sporting a suit and a tennis shoe combo, the button-down and tie combination isn’t your only option. Some of the most popular alternatives would be basic t-shirts, slim-fit polos, and even light sweaters or a turtle neck if you’re going for a more casual look. If you work in an office with a business casual dress code, putting on less traditional formal clothing provide a nice contrast to your tailored suit.

Keep your outfit proportional

A good proportion of your overall look is key even with the type of tennis shoes you decide to pair with your suit. Try out different suit combinations and styles to see how they all come together before putting them on. You can get a good balance from pairing a turtleneck top and a bold blazer or a simple outfit with bright more colorful trainers. However, avoid going for the slim soles as it will give you that underdressed disproportionate look and also the thicker styles will give you a bulky look.

Abide by the dress codes and formalities

Don’t disregard the dress codes and formality which means you should know when it may be inappropriate to try wearing your trendy outfit. If you’re experimenting with new looks, know when you can include your tennis shoes in your outfit and when you should maintain a dignified look. You can use the subtle approach when incorporating your trendy look by wearing black or darker tennis shoes and wear bright colors on the appropriate occasion.

A polished look is required

Proper grooming and well-trimmed hair when trying out a new trend make you look more put together and gives you a more polished look. Try a sleek blow-dry and a nice hair cut for a refined look that will give you that classic youthful edge.

Tennis shoes to wear with suits

Qansi men’s sneakers

shoes to wear with suits

These are lightweight men’s gym tennis shoes designed with a fashionable knit mesh upper that is both supportive and breathable. You can wear them with a suit, as casualwear, exercise, or on any occasion. They have a cushioned insole with good arch support to your midfoot so that you’re comfortable when walking and breathable lining for added comfort and to keep away moisture and foot odor. The flexible rubber sole gives your feet more freedom to move easily and has enough buffer between your feet and the ground to reduce aches and pains to your joints.

The elasticity of the sole has a slip-resistance texture with flexible grooves that increases the shoe’s grip which prevents you from sliding or falling on any surface. The grooves on the soles also make the shoes bend easily which gives you a more natural feel when walking in these shoes.

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Adidas men’s advantage

stylish tennis shoes

These tennis-inspired shoes have a clean look that will go great with your suit to give you that sleek look. They’re made with a smooth leather upper that has perforated 3-stripes detail on both sides of the shoes. The cushioned sock liner will ensure that every step you make is comfortable while the padded tongue and collar add to your comfort and cushions your feet for maximum support throughout the day. They have a seamless look and sleek look that will give your formal outfit a stylish polished finish.

The synthetic sole provides great cushioning and support when walking on any surface and provides a good grip to ensure you’re stable anytime. They come in white and dark blue colors that are perfect if you’re being careful with your trendy look.

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New balance men’s MC806

comfortable tennis shoes

These are stylish men’s tennis shoes that you can pair with a suit and they won’t disappoint. They have a lace-up design so you can easily adjust the tightness of the shoes with perforations at the toe box and sides to ensure you’re feet are well ventilated throughout the day. They come with a light and durable C-Cap midsole that makes the shoes have a lightweight feel so you don’t have to feel like you’re drugging a heavyweight on your feet all day.

The rubber outsole is non-marking so you don’t have to worry about leaving marks on your polished office floor. These shoes are great for people with wide or narrow feet and you can easily pair them with black and navy colors.

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Cole Haan men’s grandpa tennis sneaker

shoes to wear with suits

These lightweight sneakers are a beautifully-designed and well-made shoe for the dapper gentleman who wants to make a statement in his formal outfit. These shoes come in a variety of uppers depending on the color you choose with perorations at the sides to breathability and a lace-up design that holds the shoe’s shape to give you that slim look. The padded tongue and collar add to your all-day comfort while the fabric sock liner and padded insole work well to keep moisture and sweat at bay so you don’t have smelly feet and your feet are well-cushioned.

The rubber sole gives them a well-finished look and keeps your feet properly cushioned when walking. These well-made shoes have a different texture than other tennis shoes which makes it unique. You can pair them with a fancy sports coat to a formal event and still look classy.

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Camel crown tennis shoes

tennis shoes

These men’s tennis shoes have fashionable designs and are available in black, gray, and blue colors that you can pair with most suit colors. They’re made with a wide toe design that will give your feet a comfortable feel and reduce fatigue at the end of the day. These breathable sneakers have a comfortable lining that is carefully stitched for that smooth and soft feel.

The outsoles are made with elastic MD material which provides cushioning on any surface and is non-slip so that you’re safe and stable at all times when walking. The moisture-wicking insoles eliminate the sweat on your feet keeping you dry. These sneakers are perfect for multiple occasions which can be sport-related, daily wear, or even formal events.

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Tennis shoes can be worn with a suit, but you have to be very careful about how you pair the shoes. So, you can find several pairs of tennis shoes to wear with suits to give you that classic trendy look.


What shoes do you wear with a 3 piece suit?

The right and most appropriate pair of shoes to go with your 3 piece suit would be simple unadorned oxfords.

What color of shoes goes with everything?

Neutral colors like white, black, navy, or brown will always go well with almost everything in your wardrobe. Metallic and blush tones are also a practical choice.

What color of shoes goes with a grey suit?

The most popular color is brown, but also any shoe color can go with a suit. Grey suits match well with colors like black, camel, or light brown.

Do shoes have to match the outfit?

If a color is present in your outfit, you can wear shoes of the same color. However, if the shoe color isn’t in your outfit, you should rely on the matching values of light with light, deep with deep, etc. and other color theories.

Should your shoes match your pants?

Your shoes should be darker than your pants which means the darker your suit is, the darker your shoes should be. You can wear brown shoes with brown pants, but they should be darker than your pants.

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