Best Tennis Bags (Everything You Need to Know!)

As a tennis player, it is imperative to find a bag that can fit as many of your essentials as possible. You could be the kind of player that only needs to carry your racket, a tennis ball or two, your attire and shoes. Or you could be the kind of player that cannot leave home without 12 rackets, three sets of attire, shoes, balls, and other personal effects. In either of these cases, finding the right backs is important.

Tennis bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some come as tote bags, backpacks, some have wheels and some have a combination of characteristics. It is possible to find bags that are small and easy to carry and that fit minimal luggage. There are also large tennis bags that can fit up to 15 rackets, shoes, balls, attire, personal effects and a larger than life personality.

Before buying a tennis bag, knowing the items you are going to be carrying often will help determine the size you need. Other important aspects are the materials used to build the bag and the weight of the bag. You do not want to get a bag that is already heavy when empty.

This article highlights and reviews some of the best tennis bags for light and heavy use. You will also find a brief guide on how to identify a good bag that will be suitable for you.

The Best Tennis Bags

This section reviews several tennis bags we found to be strong and practical, and convenient for both light and heavy use.

Babolat Pure X6 Tennis Bag

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This bag is a favorite of the legendary Raphael Nadal. It is a premium accessory that boasts quality and clever compartmentalization for you can keep different items in separate sections of the bag.


  • It is made using innovative Ice Cool Gear
  • It measures 75x32x48 inches
  • It can carry up to 6 tennis rackets
  • It is compartmentalized for different purposes

The Babolat Pure X6 Tennis Bag is a unique bag that is quite stylish. It is built to last using synthetic fiber. The bag has two main compartments and a smaller one that you can use for your smaller items such as keys and phone. The compartmentalized sections of the bag are lined with isothermal protection and the material used to achieve this is called Ice Cool Gear (ICG). This innovative technology ensures that your gear and other items are protected from impact and heat and wetness. The isothermal protection is an important feature that protects your rackets from losing the appropriate string tension.

You can be able to carry up to 6 tennis rackets in this bag. You also have ample space for a pair of shoes, tennis balls and apparel. There are also exterior tunnel pockets that are well ventilated for carrying your sweaty shirts in. The sides of the bag are semi-rigid for extra structure and support, and they offer a bit more room for extra items that you may want to throw in.

The bag is ergonomically constructed and features retractable straps that are reinforced with foam pads to cushion your shoulders. The feature that facilitates the retraction of straps is the Intelligent Strap System (ISS). When you put the bag down, the straps automatically retract. It makes the bag a lot less bulky and helps with easier opening and closure. The ISS also ensures a firm grip as you carry the bag. This tennis bag also has two strong grab handles.


  • It is compartmentalized for easier packing
  • It has ventilated pockets for carrying sweaty clothes
  • It has isothermal protection that keeps your items from being damaged by heat and moisture
  • Retractable and padded straps for easier carrying
  • The bag is strong and durable


  • If you carry long rackets (27.5 inches), you may have to squeeze them in.


A bag that can fit most of what you need to carry and protect it from damage is always an ideal bag. The Babolat Pure X6 is this and more since it is also quite strong and durable.

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Wilson Tour V15

Image for Wilson Tour V 15 Pack Tennis Bag

This massive bag combines style, functionality and durability to give you an easy time as you carry your items around.


  • It is made using waterproof material and Thermo Guard 2.0
  • It measures 76 x 38 x 34 inches
  • It can carry up to 15 rackets
  • It has 3 large compartments

If you need a bag that can carry an assortment of rackets, tennis balls, shoes, apparel, your personality and then some, this is the bag for you. You are going to love its sheer size and the fact that it looks sleek. The Wilson Tour V15 has three main compartments that can comfortably fit 5 rackets each. These compartments are big enough for your shoes and other apparel. There are also 4 other smaller sections that you can use to carry your phone, keys, hankies and other personal effects.

The outer body is made with waterproof material called Silica Gel Desiccant that ensures your equipment stays dry no matter the weather. This material also makes the bag easy to clean as all it needs is a wipe-down and you are good to go. It also stretches for better accommodation. You are also going to love the Thermo Guard 2.0 feature used to line the bag. It acts as protection for your rackets and other equipment from extreme heat and moisture. There is a tunnel section in the bag that is used to keep items that need aeration such as your tennis shoes and sweaty shirts.

The bag has a really convenient frame, and when set on the ground or any other flat surface, particularly on its belly, it does not collapse. You can either carry it with its strong handles or you can carry it using its sturdy and reinforced straps as a backpack these straps are also adjustable. It is also possible to strap it on just one shoulder, but this method is not as comfortable as carrying it on your back is.


  • The bag has three compartments
  • It can carry up to 15 rackets
  • It is waterproof and easy to clean
  • It is durable
  • It has several sizeable exterior pockets


  • This bag is quite expensive


If you are a tennis coach or a player who generally carries many rackets and other apparel, this bag will be a big asset to you. The combination of practicality, strength, durability and style will bring ease to your days. This is a bag you do not want to pass up.

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Wilson (RF) Federer DNA 12 Pack Tennis Bag

Image for Wilson Federer DNA 12 Racquet Bag 1

This simple yet stylish bag is made very similar to the one used by Roger Federer, and each one of these bags has his signature on it.


  • It is made using matte polyethylene that has infrared properties
  • It has to main compartments
  • It can carry up to 12 rackets
  • The compartments are lined with Thermo Guard 2.0 that protects the equipment from extreme heat

 The Wilson (RF) Federer DNA 12 pack is quite stylish and simple. Its close resemblance to the one used by Roger Federer makes it a must-have piece for his fans. It is made using matte polyurethane material that also has infrared properties. The bag has two main compartments that can comfortably fit 6 rackets each, making it possible for you to carry 12 rackets at a go. There is also quite a bit of room for your shoes and apparel. The compartments are lined with Thermo Guard 2.0 which gives the equipment and apparel protection from moisture and extreme heat. Between the two compartments is a smaller pocket ideal for your accessories and other personal effects. More storage is available on the bag’s exterior as there are 2 side pockets.

You can carry the bag using its straps which are padded or using carrying handles attached to the bag. The handles also have a sternum strap and extra padding for your back.


  • The bag has a strong build
  • It is big and can carry many rackets at a time
  • Thermo Guard 2.0 keeps the contents of the bag from damage in case of moisture and extreme heat
  • It has padded that make it easy to carry
  • You get a free Roger Federer signature
  • It is quite affordable


  • It is quite heavy


The combination of style and simplicity is always appealing. This bag has both of these qualities, along with durability and functionality. It will be a worthy buy, and you also get to have Roger Federer’s signature wherever you go.

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Yonex Pro 6 Pack Tennis Bag

Image for YONEX Pro Racquet 6-Pack (Deep Blue)

This bag has a smaller build and is ideal for players who have no need to carry too many items. It is simple and strong.


  • It is made using heavy duty synthetic material
  • Eva Foam padding adds extra support and acts as protection for the equipment in the bad
  • It measures 31x11x14 inches
  • It can carry a total of 6 rackets
  • Has a special pocket for carrying wet t-shirts

The Yonex Pro 6 Pack Tennis Bag is built to last a good length of time using heavy duty synthetic material. The outer shell is quite sturdy and protects the gear from damage. It boasts very good support, and it does not collapse when setting down. The bag has two main compartments that can carry a total of 6 rackets. There is also a separate section for shoes and other apparel and it can be accessed from the end of the bag. A provision has been made within the bag that you can use to keep your sweaty t-shirts and shoes.

There is a large pocket on the bag’s exterior that is ideal for carrying other accessories. You can carry this bag as a backpack using two straps that are padded and adjustable. You can also carry it using two grab handles attached in the middle and at the end of the bag.


  • It has a strong build that keeps the contents protected
  • It is durable
  • It can fit 6 rackets even with its compact size
  • It has adjustable straps
  • It can be carried two ways


  • It is a bit expensive


This bag is ideal for players who do not need to carry a lot of equipment to the tennis court. It is compact and easy to carry around, and its construction style ensures your equipment stays in tip-top shape.

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K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag

Image for K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag 1

This bag is quite the rule breaker as it does not look anything like the bags reviewed in this article. If you do not fancy the shape of regular tennis bags, this is the bag for you.


  • It is made with heavy duty ballistic nylon
  • It measures 28.5 x 12 x 12 inches
  • It has dedicated compartments
  • It has 2 designated bottle holders
  • Separate shoe compartment

This racket bag is quite big and can carry 3 tennis rackets and up to 5 badminton rackets. It is made using ballistic nylon which is heavy duty, making the bag quite durable. The length makes it quite ideal to carry long tennis rackets that reach 27.5 inches. The dedicated compartmentalization makes packing quite easy. There is a separate compartment for shoes and other apparel.

The bag has two strong straps that have movable padding that makes the bag ideal to carry on the shoulders.  There are two water bottle compartments on the front of the bag that make it easier to remove your water as opposed to opening the entire bag to have a drink.


  • It is quite spacious
  • It is durable
  • It has many compartments


  • It cannot be carried as a backpack


This is a bag that is ideal for people who like their luggage well organized. This is a perfect bag for maintaining your items in the order and for ensuring you keep your items separate and tidy.

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Buying Guide for the best Tennis Bags

Finding the right tennis bag for your constant use can be something of a tall order. There are quite a number of companies that make tennis bags in the market and picking one bag out of the myriad can be hard. This section below will give a few tips that can help you pick a quality bag.


The amount of space in a bag determines the number of things you can fit in it. If you intend to carry many rackets, shoes and apparel, you need a bag that is big and that has several compartments. Look out for bags that have ‘tunnel storage’ for carrying soiled shoes or sweaty t-shirts.

For a recreational player, a smaller compact bag is ideal. There are bags that can fit 2 or 3 rackets along with shoes and apparel. Find a bag that has sturdy material that will last you a long time and that will keep the items in your bag in good shape.


A tennis bag is essentially an item you carry with you to your tennis practice and games all the time. The ease by which you can move with it is key regardless of whether you are a professional or recreational player. Tennis bags that can be carried in multiple ways are very convenient.

The straps should also be adjustable and padded for comfort. The way in which a bag is compartmentalized is also important as it determines the weight distribution. Good weight distribution will make carrying the bag easy and convenient.


Tennis equipment such as rackets and balls can cost a pretty penny. It would be a shame if the bag you chose to carry them in did not protect their quality and integrity. Quality bags have molded outer shells that are strong to prevent them from collapsing. The inner compartments are usually lined with material that protects the equipment from extreme heat and moisture.


High quality tennis bags ought to be durable. Remember that you are going to spend a substantial amount of money on the bag, and you do not want to keep replacing it due to fast wear and tear. Choose a bag that is made with durable material that can withstand extreme conditions, especially if you travel a lot.

Final verdict

The essence of a tennis bag is to help you carry around the items and equipment you need for your tennis games. There are bags that are of exceptional quality, but they will cost you a good amount of money.

However, it is possible to find practical, stylish and durable bags for a reasonable price. Do not hold yourself back from a good treat though. This is the bag that will be carrying your valuable equipment after all.