A Buying Guide for the Best Tennis Balls (Everything You Need to Know!)

For many people out there, probably including you, a tennis ball is just that, a tennis ball. When you look at one, all you can see is a pretty ball of fuzz with bright colors, and it likely excites you that you can bounce it around. When buying tennis balls, most people look at things such as color and other aesthetic characteristics, and the price. These aspects are important, but did you know that there are different types of tennis balls?

These cute balls are specifically designed and made for tennis, and they differ by their bounce ability, court surface on which they can be used and even size. While all of them are ideally covered in fibrous felt, they have many different characteristics. Beginners and leisure players may not know these differences just by looking at the balls, but well-seasoned players can tell them apart from years of using them.

Over 200 tennis ball brands have been approved by the International Tennis Federation. These brands have managed to make balls ideal for use by different level players, and balls that can be used in specific courts.

In this article, we review a few tennis balls that have been approved by the International Tennis Federation, breaking down their characteristics and the level of play they are meant for. You shall also come across a buying guide that will help you know the kind of ball to pick the next time you go to buy one.

The Best Tennis Balls

This section reviews different tennis balls that we thought are of exemplary performance, some of which are used in international tournaments. We highlight and expound on their characteristics, pros and cons and where to find them.

Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Image for Wilson US Open

This ball is an incredibly tough and durable ball, and it has been the official ball for the US Open since 1979.


  • Made using a premium woven felt
  • Yellow in color
  • They are extra duty and ideal for use on abrasive courts
  • They are high altitude balls and can be used on surfaces 3,000ft above sea level.
  • Official ball of US Open
  • Approved by USTA and ITF for competitive games
  • A can weighs 2 pounds

The Wilson US Open Tennis Ball has been the official ball of use for the US Open Championship for the last 41 years. It is an incredibly hardball that is built to last, even on hard and abrasive courts.

They are made using high quality felt which makes the ball very thick and dense, adding further to the ball’s durability. Wilson made this ball to use in even extreme conditions and high altitude areas. The ball will be quite at home in high altitude areas and will deliver as much efficiency and play quality as it would in normal environments.

These balls will last you considerably longer, and most people will argue that they are fairly priced, especially considering their quality and longevity. They are highly responsive and give a good bounce. You will feel quite confident using these balls for your tennis games.


  • They are made using heavy duty material
  • They are highly responsive
  • They can be used in high altitude areas
  • They can be used in hard and abrasive court surfaces
  • They are affordable


  • They tend to lose their bounce on softer surfaces


Whether beginner, intermediate or professional, these balls are going to be ideal for you. They are hardy and are built to last. You will love their responsiveness, and you will feel like you are playing in the league of champions. They are also quite affordable, so you need not worry about the cost.

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Penn ATP World Tour Regular Duty Tennis Balls

Image for Penn ATP Regular

These balls give a near perfect bounce. They are conveniently visible, owing to their tournament grade felt.


  • They are made using natural rubber
  • Their outer surface is made using interlocking wool fiber
  • They are approved by USTA and ITF
  • They are regular duty balls
  • A case weighs 12.5 pounds and contains 72 balls
  • Made using Smart Optik Felt for better visibility

Constructed using interlocking wool fiber and natural rubber, these balls will produce an incredibly precise bounce. They are quite fuzzy on the surface, and are 19% brighter than regular felt balls, making them easy to see as they bounce across the court.

The bounce of the balls is initially too intense, especially in the first and second sessions of use. This, however, does not last. The ball’s pressure balances out and becomes more controlled. They become quite responsive, and their bounce gives them more spin and precision.

This ball is ideal to use on hard and soft court surfaces. They last quite a bit of time for regular duty balls and can withstand very intense sessions, especially on soft courts


  • They are durable
  • They are USTA and ITF approved
  • They are 19% brighter than regular tennis balls for better visibility
  • They are quite responsive


  • Initial bounce is a bit intense
  • No drawbacks


With its natural rubber core, brighter felt and incredible bounce, this ball is set to make you a champion. You will be able to use it for a considerable amount of time, especially on a soft court.

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Slazenger Wimbledon Official Tennis Balls

Image for Slazenger Wimbledon oficial de ping pong Balls- 3 tubos 12 Bolas Por Slazenger

If you like a bit of glamor and are not afraid to spend some cash on nice stuff, you are reading the right review. The Slazenger Wimbledon Tennis Ball is beautiful, extremely hardy and expensive.


  • They are made using Hydro guard technology for water resistance
  • The felt has Ultra Vis dye technology for better visibility
  • They are made for hard court surfaces
  • They are USTA and ITF approved
  • Compact fuzziness for longevity
  • They come in a pack of 24 balls

These balls are quite prestigious pieces. Made for official use in Wimbledon tournaments, they are the stuff of champions. They are quite appealing to look at, but these balls pack a mean punch. They are built to be incredibly hardy, making them durable even after use on the hardcourt.

Slazenger uses their patented Hydro guard technology on the felt to make it water resistant, repelling up to 70% more water than regular tennis balls. Visibility is improved by the innovative Ultra Vis dye, making easy for both players and spectators to track the ball across the court.

You are going to love the consistency of these balls. They are incredibly responsive and have a good bounce. The response quality remains uncompromised even after several games owing to the sturdy construction of the ball.


  • They are strong and durable
  • They are more visible due to the use of Ultra Vis dye
  • Hydro guard technology resists up to 70% more water
  • They are consistent in their responsiveness


  • These balls are quite expensive


The Slazenger Wimbledon tennis balls are quite hardy and deliver consistency in their bounce and responsiveness. With increased visibility and water resistance, you are going to have a ball playing with these balls. They will cost you a pretty penny though.

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Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Image for Porta pelotas de tennis Wilson

These balls come as a pack of 72 and are quite durable. You will enjoy their longevity and responsiveness on the tennis court.


  • They are made for use on hard courts
  • They are made using compact Dura Weave felt for durability
  • They are pressurized
  • They come as a pack of 72 balls

The Wilson Extra Duty Tennis Balls are mainly made for tournaments. For this reason, they are quite hardy and fit right at home on hard tennis courts. They have been used in more than 45 tournaments globally, including the Fed Cup, Davis Cup and the Australian Open.

The balls have a premium felt, made using the Dura Weave technology. Nylon wool has also been incorporated, making the ball easy to manipulate and control. The core of these balls is pressurized, making them maintain their integrity even after different sessions out on the hardcourt. This means that they can withstand even the most intense passes and contact with the rackets.

Though they are made for tournaments, they will be a good fit for use in practice and friendly matches. They are also reasonably priced and are USTA and ITF approved.


  • They are hardy and durable
  • They are highly responsive
  • They maintain their integrity even after several games
  • They can be used for tournaments and recreational use


  • They are a bit pricey


The Wilson Championship Extra Duty balls will give you excellent service, whether you are a pro or recreational tennis player. They are quite durable, and you will enjoy consistent bounce and response even after several games.

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Dunlop Championship Tennis Ball

Image for Dunlop – Pelotas de tenis de Campeonato duro corte

These balls are cleverly constructed for use by recreational and professional players. They are also ideal for use on hard courts as well as clay courts.


  • They are USTA and ITF approved
  • They are made using fine felt
  • The felt has MaxGlo coloring for better visibility
  • Ideal for use on hard and clay courts

The Dunlop Championship Tennis Ball is uniquely constructed to make them ideal to use on both hard surface courts and clay courts without compromising on their quality, bounce and response.

The felt on the outer surface of the ball is quite compact and strong, and makes the ball more visible as a result of the Max Glo coloring. It makes the ball easy to see for both players and spectators.

Much as they will not last you as long as other extra duty brands, such as the Wilson Open Extra Duty tennis balls, they will allow you to practice and play for a number of days before you have to replace them. They do quite well for their caliber.


  • They are cheap
  • They are more visible due to the Max Glo coloring
  • They are considerably durable for their caliber
  • They can be used on hard courts and clay courts


  • Their packaging is only satisfactory


If you are looking for above average quality and affordable tennis balls, these will be ideal for you. You can use them on hard courts and tennis courts, and they will be good for a number of sessions.

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Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls

Image for Tourna Grip pelotas

These balls are perfect for beginners who want to develop their aiming and striking skills. They are ideal for use in tennis ball machines.


  • They come in a portable mesh containing 18 balls
  • They are pressureless
  • They are durable and strong
  • Their size is regulated, making them ideal for all court surfaces

If you are a person interested in learning tennis, these balls will be ideal for you. Better yet, if you have a tennis ball machine, these balls are the best to buy. Their clever construction makes them maintain their bounce throughout, no matter how much you use them.

They are pressureless balls, making them last much longer than their pressurized counterparts. This aspect, however, results in considerably less bounce. This makes for a less intense game, which makes the balls ideal for beginners. The balls allow the learner to pay more attention to the coordination between their hands and eyes.

The felt of these balls is specifically built to resist wear, making these balls last a long time. They can even be a chew toy for your dog. The pressureless feature and good construction make the balls also a favorite of professional players.


  • Their pressureless feature makes them maintain their bounce
  • They are strong and durable
  • They are ideal for tennis ball machines
  • They are USTA and ITF approved
  • They come in a portable mesh bag


  • They give considerably less bounce


These balls will make beginners feel like champions. The clever construction makes them quite durable, and the fact that they never lose their bounce is an added bonus. They also come in a portable mesh bag.

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Buying Guide for Tennis the best balls – What you should look out for

  • Type of tennis balls

Tennis balls are usually constructed for different levels of exercise.

Professional level tennis balls typically have the word ‘PRO’ printed on the casing. Most are highly pressurized and hardy. They are meant for intense play and offer good spin, bounce and speed. These characteristics make them ideal for use in competitions and tournaments.  These balls are however not meant for us over a long time. They tend to lose their bounce over time.

Intermediate level tennis balls have characteristics that place them between professional and beginner tennis balls. They are ideal for use in friendly tournaments, and everything about them yields moderate results. They have middle range bounce and spin, making them good for players who are not yet professionals but are more advanced than beginners.

Beginner level tennis balls are designed for much slower games. They are not pressurized, giving them consistent bounce even after long use. They are also constructed to be strong and durable. They are also good to use in tennis ball machines, especially for people who do not have partners to throw the balls at them. They are good for players who want to improve their hand-eye coordination.

  • Pressurized and Pressureless Tennis Balls

Pressurized tennis balls are ideal for use by professional players. They give an intense bounce and are highly responsive. They are most ideal for tournaments because of their fast pace. They are not ideal practice balls, especially for beginners and intermediates because they lose their bounce over time.

Pressureless tennis balls are usually very hardy. Their outstanding characteristic is that they do not lose their bounce, no matter how long they are used. They, however, give less bounce and are less responsive, making for a slower game. They are, therefore, ideal for use by beginners and intermediates in their practice.

Final verdict

Tennis balls are tiny objects that are cute to look at and bounce around. A tennis ball will bring out the inner child in you no matter how old you are. Cute as they are, they are incredibly strong and are the heart of the tennis sport. They are what spectators draw pleasure from watching as they bounce across the net on the court.

Choosing a good tennis ball is the difference between an enjoyable match and a nerve-wracking experience. Pick the right ball and play your days away on your tennis court of choice.