What Tennis Shoes Have The Best Cushioning? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Tennis is a sport that requires agility, which means you should have a firm footing so that you can control your moves and still be fast. There are different surfaces on tennis courts. There are the hard, clay, and grass surfaces and if you’re playing on the hardcourt, you need to wear shoes that will provide good comfort and cushioning.

Stability means that the shoes you wear should be able to handle rigorous moves on the court making it easier to for you to make quick stops, jumps, or fast pivots. Footwork carries the majority of what is involved in tennis, which means your shoes should have extra support, agility, speed, and endurance.

What you should consider in cushioned tennis shoes

Court surface

Tennis is played on either hard, clay, or grass courts, so you’ll need to choose the type of shoes that fit the surface you’re playing on. When playing on a hard surface like concrete, you’ll need shoes that have increased durability so that the outsoles of your shoes can withstand the wear and tear of the surface.

The shoes should have enough cushioning and support in the upper to keep your feet protected. On clay or grass courts the play is slower so you need shoes with lateral support and traction and soles that have grip but don’t leave marks of the court. If you play on all the courts, you can get the multi-court shoes which will save you the cost of buying each pair of shoes for each court.

Feet type

The type of feet you have influenced the way you move. Your feet type influences your shoe size and the way you walk or run which ultimately affects your performance. Three types of feet include pronated, ideal, supinated. If you’re not sure the type of feet you have, there are impression tests you can carry out and once you identify your feet type you can buy the perfect tennis shoes that suit your feet.

Playing style

You should choose tennis shoes that are perfect for your playing style. If you’re an aggressive baseliner, you need shoes with durable and strong soles to support you as you move from side-to-side and ensure you’re stable when you’re on the court. If you’re good at serving or volleying, the shoes you wear should have durable and strong toecaps with properly fitting and comfortable insoles to protect your feet from the forward and back movement as you play.

Why comfortable tennis shoes are important

It’s very hard to concentrate on your game if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes and this increases your chances of getting injuries or losing the game. Tennis shoes are not only designed for comfort but also to provide support and cushioning for every move you make on the tennis court. They ensure your body is properly supported and aligned as you move back and forth.

Tennis courts are very different from other fields used in other sports and each court surface comes with its specific shoes you should wear so that you can play without any hindrance or difficulty walking or running. Each pair of shoes provides enough traction for each court surface. The main aim of the shoes is to ensure your movements are comfortable. The movements you make are different from your normal running because you’re moving in all directions running, dodging, stopping and all these movements require your shoes to have maximum support for agility.

Different tennis shoes that have the best cushioning

Nike air vapor zoom X HC

tennis shoes have the best cushioning

These Nike tennis shoes provide excellent support and speed no to mention very fashionable shoes. The XDR rubber that makes the outsole has a spike pattern that ensures a firmer grip on the ground to prevent slipping and improve traction. The dynamic fit system and the full-length TPU foot frame helps to provide good grip and stability when you’re playing. The insoles are moisture absorbent so that your feet stay dry while the breathable open mesh fabric ensures you’re not sticky or wet when on the court.

The shoes come with padded heels to keep your feet comfortable and protected when making sudden quick movements that may strain your muscles. The phylon midsole has a soft and cushiony feel so that your shoes feel soft on your feet and prevent any discomfort. These shoes have a lightweight and responsive design that helps to add traction to the outsoles.

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K-Swiss court smash

tennis shoes

These are well-constructed tennis shoes with an attractive design and excellent cushioning. The Aosta II high-density rubber outsoles provide great grip and traction so that your feet don’t slip when making sharp turns. The EVA sock liner provides a cushiony and responsive feel, while the added cushioning at the back of the shoes and tongue gives your feet a comfortable fit.

The EVA sock liner makes every move you make on the court feel effortless because it’s light in weight and has a perfect fit that you don’t feel any weight on your feet. These classic cool-looking shoes have a high-quality synthetic leather upper with a lightweight mesh for comfort and breathability. These shoes are made with a very cost-effective design for improved performance and constantly deliver on comfort and support on and off the court.

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Adidas court jam bounce

tennis shoes

These tennis shoes are designed to deliver a powerful performance on the court. The sturdy outsoles can withstand the intensity of the game with flexible cushioning for comfort and support for your midfoot to give you a safe and better grip to ensure you’re making good shots. These lightweight tennis shoes have a breathable mesh upper made with TPU at the toe area increasing durability and synthetic material that ensures your feet are stable at all times.

The tongue also has extra padding to contribute to your comfort. The shoes are constructed with the Bounce technology helps to increase your comfort and cushioning while playing on the court. These are durable tennis shoes that you can use on all court surfaces.

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Asics gel challenger 12

tennis shoes

These are extremely lightweight men’s tennis shoes that are perfect for professional players. The outsole is durable with enhanced cushioning so that your feet are safe when you’re running and jumping from one side of the court to the other. The PGuard toe protector keeps your toes and feet safe and the gel forefoot cushioning system helps to reduce the shock impact, while the Trusstic System reduces the weight of the sole and provides advanced stability on even the most demanding court surfaces.

The Solyte midsole ensures that you have maximum comfort thanks to the gel cushioning system. The comfort level of these shoes is on an advanced level compared to other shoes. The upper provides a snug fit so that you’re able to move around easily while the unique Flexion fit helps in giving support to your heels. The rubber sole ensures you don’t slip by providing great traction.

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Asics gel court speed


These lightweight tennis shoes are extremely comfortable and help in improving your performance on the court. The shoes are very comfortable on any court surface and the support you get allows you to move your feet in any position without injuries or strain on your muscles. The cushioning system on the front and back of the shoes protects our feet from the shock impact while the excellent traction and support give you confidence on the court.  The shoes are well ventilated to absorb all moisture keeping your feet dry and avoiding unpleasant smells. Although the shoes are lightweight, they still maintain the integrity of the shoes.

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When you’re trying to answer what tennis shoes have the best cushioning, you need to realize some factors contribute to the shoes you can wear on each tennis court. However, your comfort, support, and stability are the best factors when buying a well-cushioned pair of tennis shoes to help you perform your best on the court.


Are tennis shoes good for walking?

Tennis shoes are a bit stiff and not designed for forwarding motion like running shoes. A running shoe has an elevated heel and a midsole with a convex shape to help with the forward rolling of your foot.

What is special about tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes are flatter than other shoes with patterns on the outsole depending on the court surface you’re playing on. They have a thicker and softer heel that reduces the weight of the shoes and help cushion your feet from the impact.

Should tennis shoes have a snug fit?

They should have a comfortable glove fit that will make it easier to move around. The heels shouldn’t be too tight but tight enough so that they don’t slip when you’re walking.

Should you buy tennis shoes a half size bigger?

You should leave at least half an inch between the end of your longest toe and the shoe, and the shoes shouldn’t squeeze the width of your feet. There should be enough room to wiggle your toes.

Are cushioned shoes better for running?

Some of the best-cushioned shoes provide more than half of the cushioning you will find in traditional shoes which is very helpful in providing better shock absorption.