Where To Buy ProSpecs Shoes (Everything You Need to Know!)

If you are getting into walking or need a new par to support your power walking habit, then you have come to the right place. Any seasoned walker knows how important a good walking shoe is, so we created a guide for all walkers interested in ProSpecs. Even if you are new to walking, this guide will help to show you where you can find ProSpecs, and provide a great option for anyone looking for advanced high-tech walking shoes that integrates various technologies into various elements of the shoe.

Who are the manufacturers?

Not familiar with ProSpecs shoes? Not to worry: they are an athletic shoe manufacturer based in Seoul, South Korea. This company isn’t limited to only athletic footwear, in fact, they also manufacture running clothes. That aside ProSpecs has a longstanding history in footwear design and manufacture spanning over 30 years. Within this time, they have matured their footwear designs and evolved them into the ideal walking tool for the power walker, or even casual walking. These designs are made for men and women, retro or modern, all made to suit various feet and feet conditions.

What people like about these shoes

Most people do not appreciate the importance of finding the right shoe for the right task. When wearing the right shoes for running for example, your body weight and how it shifts are properly supported, ensuring unnecessary stress isn’t placed where it doesn’t need to be. ProSpecs are made with unique formulations to ensure they are the best quality option for every walker out there.

Advanced ergonomic technologies incorporated into the design of these shoes not only give them a unique look but also help maximize the effect of waking exercises. These technologies help to support different walking styles and control or even correct the way you walk into a more proper form.

They deliver a written guarantee. When you purchase electronics or other high value technologies, you often require a written warrantee stating that these walking devices are functional as they should be.

Above everything else, these shoes are quite comfortable. According to most buyers, these are among the best walking shoes they have tried.

Finding ProSpecs

If you do not live in South Korea then you might think finding these high tech shoes is difficult. Absolutely false! In fact, with the right tools, anyone can access the ProSpecs of their dreams.

Online shopping sites and malls

If you remember your Hangul (Korean script), then you can maneuver through the websites for various malls and online shops that carry the ProSpecs you desire. There are several such credible stores and online shops that carry a large variety of these shoes. You will only need to wait for them to arrive from their shipping destination.

Websites in English

Many stores, online, carry ProSpecs shoes, however, mostly new or popular models. When you decide to purchase these shoes from these online store websites, it important to do research on 2 main things: First, how credible the store is and how credible the shoes they carry are. Simply put, you don’t want to purchase nonexistent shoes or even fake versions of what you really wanted. These sellers find their stock from various sources including the ProSpecs USA website.

ProSpecs USA website

This is the official ProSpecs USA online store that carries 13 styles of this brand with all sorts f colors in men, women and unisex models. This website carries important ProSpecs information that should help with current and future models from this manufacturer. In terms of sizes, ProSpecs are available for women in sizes 6 to 11 (half sizes included), and sizes 8 to 13 for men (also includes half sizes). Often, these shoes retail for around 150 dollars.

Alternatively, if you cannot find the USA website, then you can

visit the USA based online stores we discussed in the previous section which carry similar sizes and models of these shoes, but the variety might be somewhat limited compared to stores based in South Korea.

Where to buy ProSpecs shoes

Tips for shoe shopping online

Before you rush t to your laptop and start purchasing different ProSpecs designs, there are some things you need to know about shopping online.

Know your foot size

While it might seem like an obvious thing but the wring size could ruin all the effort you put into finding the right ProSpecs for you. Feet change as you age to accommodate changes in your weight or even body type. If one of your feet is slightly larger than the other, go with the larger size, ensuring you have enough room for your foot to wiggle around and feel comfy without feeling oversized.

Comfort is key

You must never compromise comfort for anything else. Because when you are comfortable, performing any task for unknown periods of time becomes possible. Luckily, you can find a variety of designs incorporated into their models for maximum comfort.

Do not be afraid of a variety

Most people are usually afraid of brands that offer too many options as they tend to be confusing. However, variety is a good thing. Because of how different feet are and all the various requirements people have to feel comfortable or supported, you cannot just have one or two shoe makes. And sure these shoes do not come with one particular type of foot in mind, however, they do incorporate different elements into separate designs in order to solve a variety of issues and offer support to a wide group of people.

Check as many reviews as possible

Information from verified buyers is important first hand unadulterated consumer feedback. With it, you have the actual performance of the shoe, apart from all that the manufacturer promises. Luckily, these shoes perform as well as they advertise.

In case you find them at a local store consider yourself lucky because often, these are purchased immediately they arrive at the store or even ordered before they arrive/ immediately they are advertised.

Final words

The best walking shoes are those that support your type of foot and adjust to your walking style. They should help maximize the effect of walking as an exercise. ProSpecs do just that for their clients, and on top of that, incorporate other designs for maximum comfort and support. With the tips on this guide, you should be able to find a nice authentic pair of ProSpecs without issue.